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The Best Dashboard Cleaner 2021

Best Dashboard Cleaner

Car dashboards are exposed to years of dust or dirt build up as well as UV rays. In order to clean and maintain it, you will require a dedicated dashboard cleaner that is safe to use.

The best dashboard cleaner is the KevianClean Interior Defense, which clean, conditions and polishes the surface without leaving a greasy residue behind.

The cleaner that you use must leave a non-shine finish that restores the original factory finish to the dashboard. Many premium option will also act as a protectant, which will act as a protective barrier against UV, ozone and smog.

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Car Dashboard Cleaner Comparison

Dashboard CleanerTypeProtectant
KevianClean DefenceSprayYes
Armor All CleaningWipesYes
Sonax (283200)SprayNo
Chemical Guys InnerCleanSprayYes
EcoTouch Dashboard ProtectSprayYes
Nextzett Cockpit PremiumSprayYes
Mothers 05324SprayYes
CarGuys Super CleanerSprayNo

There are hundreds of dashboard cleaners on the market but there are only a few that provide effective results. We highly advise spending slightly more on a product that not only clean but also protects against the damaging UV rays. Cleaners are available as a spray or wipe where both provide excellent cleaning qualities.

Below is a list of the best dashboard cleaners for your car that are suitable for a range of different surfaces and protect against UV rays.

The Best Dashboard Cleaner

1. KevianClean Car Dashboard Cleaner

The KevianClean is a premium option that is made in the USA and not only cleans but also protects the surface. It’s a biodegradable formula that contains no harsh ingredients and comes in a large 24 oz bottle that goes a long way.

The inclusion of carnauba wax means that it’s able to protect the dashboard against UV rays, which prevents cracking and aging.

Other features of the KevianClean Dashboard Cleaner include:

  • Not oily or greasy
  • Clean, conditions and polishes
  • Suitable for car or home usage
  • No harsh ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • 24 oz bottle capacity

Although the KevianClean cleaner comes at a premium price, it’s a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint. It’s a 3-in-1 product that saves you the hassle of using separate formulas and is made from a high-grade organic formulation in the USA.

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2. Armor All Cleaning Wipes

Rather than using a dashboard cleaner spray, wipes can be a far more appealing option. They are easier to use and you don’t need to worry about over spray. These cleaning wipes by Armor All are the most popular with maximum cleaning power on all auto surfaces.

Unlike other wipes than can dry out in a matter of minutes, the brand guarantee that these will remain moist for far longer.

Other features of the Armor All Cleaning Wipes include:

  • Produce a matte finish
  • Removes dust, dirt and grime with ease
  • Doesn’t leave any greasy residue
  • Lint free construction
  • Provides UV protection
  • Suitable for use on the dashboard, fabric or carpet
  • 25 wipes per container

If you prefer to use wipes, the Armor All product is the best option that safely and effectively cleans the car dashboards. Compared to cheaper wipes, the brand promises they remain moist for peace of mind.

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3. Sonax (283200) Dashboard Cleaner For Cars

The Sonax (283200) is a highly rated dashboard cleaner that is both silicone and solvent-free. It’s designed for all plastic car parts and it leaves a fresh scent behind once used.

An issue with many cleaners is that it can leave the dashboard feeling harder due to the toxic formula. However, Sonax specifically state that this cleaner will leave the dashboard feeling softer and it renews the matte and structured surface.

Other features of the Sonax (283200) include:

  • Prevents electrostatic charges
  • Repels dust forming upon the dashboard
  • Silicone and solvent-free formula
  • Leave a fresh scent behind
  • 10.1 oz bottle capacity
  • Suitable for all plastic car parts

Overall, the Sonax (283200) car dashboard cleaner is a safe and effective product that leaves a matte finish to dashboards. It’s not the cheapest product on the market but it’s highly effective and bring the dashboard back to its factory finish.

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4. Chemical Guys InnerClean Cleaner Protectant

Chemical Guys are a highly reputable brand in the detailing industry and their InnerClean formula is an excellent option. It’s an all purpose cleaner that cleans, conditions and protects in a single application of the product.

Compared to other all purpose cleaners, the InnerClean provides UV protection, which makes it one of the best options for cleaning the dashboard.

Other features of the Chemical Guys InnerClean include:

  • Cleans, conditions and protects
  • Provides an OEM factory finish
  • Advanced UV protection
  • Baby powder or pineapple scent
  • Quick and easy to apply with a microfiber towel
  • Available in 16, 64 or 128 oz bottles

The InnerClean by Chemical Guys is the best dashboard cleaner protectant that comes in the form of an all purpose cleaner. The advanced UV protection and anti-static technology makes it a versatile formula that maintains the OEM factory finish to the dashboard.

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5. EcoTouch Dashboard Cleaner Protectant

The EcoTouch formula is both a dashboard cleaner and protectant that is suitable for use upon vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces. It’s a plant derived formula that allows you to wipe away dust, grime and dust with ease.

The brand state that it provides a UV protective barrier upon the dashboard that is non-greasy and restores the original luster to the surface.

Other features of the EcoTouch Cleaner Protectant include:

  • Non toxic and solvent-free
  • Provides UV protection
  • Leaves behind no greasy residue
  • Suitable for the dashboard, console, door panels and trim
  • Restores the original color and luster
  • Available in a 24 or 128 oz bottle
  • Made in the USA

The EcoTouch is an excellent all-round dashboard cleaner protectant that won’t disappoint. It does come with a premium price tag but it’s safe to use on a wide range of materials and bring the best out of the dashboards surface.

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6. Nextzett Cockpit Premium Cleaner

The Nextzett Cockpit Premium is a popular formula that is safe to use on the dashboard, steering wheel, instrument cluster and other surfaces. It removes all dust and light dirt whilst leaving behind an anti-static shine free finish.

Included within the formula are sun blocking agents, which the brand state will provide long term care and protection when used regularly.

Other features of the Nextzett Cockpit Premium include:

  • Removes dust and light dirt
  • Shine-free finish
  • Anti-static qualities that repels dust
  • Suitable for multiple automotive surfaces
  • Leaves a fresh citrus scent
  • Silicone-free with zero residue left behind
  • Available in a 16.9 or 338 oz bottle

Overall, the Nextzett Cockpit Premium is an affordable dashboard cleaner for cars that can be used regularly for maximum protection from UV rays. It provides a satin smooth finish that not only looks great but leaves behind a fresh citrus scent.

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7. Mothers 05324 Cleaner Protectant

Mothers are another highly reputable brand in the USA and their formula is designed to protect the dashboard from UV rays. The brand state that is can provide superior protection for up to 30 days from a single application of the product.

As well as being able to resist UV rays, the brand state that it can also withstand ozone and smog exposure for maximum protection.

Other features of the Mothers 05324 include:

  • Preserves and protects for up to 30 days
  • Restores the dashboard back to its original finish
  • Wipes clean with zero residue
  • Superior UV protection
  • Suitable for other plastic, vinyl or rubber surfaces
  • Available in 16, 24 or 128 oz bottles

If you require a dashboard protectant instead of just a cleaner, the Mothers 05324 is the best option. The superior protection against UV rays, smog and ozone ensures that the dashboard remains protected regardless of the outdoor environment.

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8. CarGuys All Purpose Super Cleaner

The CarGuys formula is an all purpose cleaner that we highly rate for cleaning the interior. Unlike other all purpose cleaners, this product provides a clean finish with zero gloss, which makes it a great option for the dashboard.

The brand state that you can use the all purpose formula on the dashboard, door panels, carpet, engine bay and many other car parts.

Other features of the CarGuys Super Cleaner include:

  • Multi surface product
  • Clean without any glossing agent
  • Wipes clear with no greasy residue
  • Available in a 18 or 128 oz bottle
  • Fully adjustable nozzle for controlled spraying
  • Professional grade bottle that can be reused

It’s important to note that the CarGuys Super Cleaner is just a cleaner and doesn’t provide any protection. Therefore, you may want to purchase an additional dashboard protectant if you intend to use this cleaner for the dashboard.

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The car dashboard is prone to becoming dusty or dirty due to the elements inside of the car being trapped by the windshield. However, by investing into a car dashboard cleaner, you are able to keep on top of cleaning the dashboard in a matter of minutes. They are available as a spray or pack of wipes with many premium options also being a protectant.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of different budgets and are safe to use on all car dashboards. If the dashboard is constructed of a luxury leather instead of a plastic, we highly recommend using a leather cleaner for cars instead.

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