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The Best Car Detailing Brushes 2021

Best Car Detailing Brushes

Owning a quality set of car detailing brushes allows you to take your cleaning to the next level. Attempting to get between all the small gaps such as badges, lug nuts, doors or interior pieces can be impossible with a regular wash mitt.

The best car detailing brushes is the Detail Buddy Set, which includes 3 brushes that use solvent resistant bristles to gently remove dirt.

Using a car detailing brush to remove dirt may seem excessive but it’s what makes the difference between beginners and professionals. Unlike a standard brush, they are safe to use and there are specific brushes for interior or exterior cleaning.

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Best Car Detailing Brushes

Car Detailing BrushBristlesBrushes
Detail Buddy PremiumSynthetic3
Chemical Guys GoatBoar Hair1
Detail Factory Ultra-SoftSynthetic2
Master Detailing SetBoar Hair5
COCODE Auto SetSynthetic5

Using a standard household brush for detailing can cause scratches and you will want to avoid using them. Detailing brushes are designed for scratch-free cleaning with no metal parts or long bristles, which could cause damage.

It is highly recommended that you purchase exterior and interior brushes to avoid mixing harsh chemicals such as wheel cleaners. It is also advised to wash the brushes after usage to prevent the spread of contamination.

Below is a list of the best car detailing brushes that allow you to clean deep or tight spaces without causing scratches.

Detail Buddy Automotive Detailing Brushes

One of the most popular detailing brush sets are by the Detail Buddy brand. Each of the brushes included use solvent resistant bristles that can stand up to the toughest of cleaners and can be easily washed.

Other features of the Detail Buddy Detailing Brushes include:

  • 3 different brush sizes
  • 2 inch long bristles
  • No metal parts
  • Suitable for interior and exterior
  • Can be used around the house

Overall, the Detail Buddy automotive detailing brush set tick every box in terms of value for money and performance. From cleaning inside the lug nuts to the dust in your air vents, these brushes will not disappoint.

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Chemical Guys Boar’s Hair Detail Brush

Chemical Guys are a highly reputable detailing brand and produce a range of car wash brushes. These detailing brushes use boar’s hair bristles and considered to be one of the most high quality brushes on the market.

Other features of the Chemical Guys Auto Detailing Brushes include:

  • Chemical resistant 10 inch long handle
  • Soft boar hair bristles
  • Works great for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Can be hung via the small hole in the handle
  • Scratch-free bristles

The brand do not offer a detailing brush set, which means you will have to purchase multiple at a time. We strongly recommend purchasing one for interior detailing and the other for the exterior.

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Detail Factory Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush Set

If you require thicker detailing brushes that are ultra-soft, the Detail Factory detailing brushes are the best option. They come with an expensive price tag but they are a premium example of what is available.

Other features of the Detail Factory Brushes include:

  • Ultra-soft synthetic bristles for delicate surfaces
  • Textured and balanced grip area
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Chemical resistant handle
  • Metal free construction

Although expensive, these detailing brushes are the softest available that are best for cleaning delicate surfaces. The ergonomic handle, small hole for being hung in storage and thicker diameter are other additional features that are highly beneficial.

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Master Detailing Automotive Brush Set

Another popular car detailing brush set is by the Takavu brand and it offers the most value for money compared to the alternatives. Included is five detailing brushes and a high quality microfiber towel.

Other features of the Takavu Automotive Detailing Brush Set include:

  • Long bristles for a bigger reach
  • No metal parts to prevent scratching
  • Suitable for interior and exterior
  • Money back guarantee
  • 5 different sizes to suit your requirements
  • 9 inch plastic handle

Overall, they are an affordable automotive detailing brush set that is suitable for both interior and exterior cleaning. The addition of a microfiber towel and storage box make it even more of a bargain when compared to the alternatives.

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Cocode Auto Detailing Brush Set

The Cocode Auto Detailing Brush Set includes 5 brushes that are ideal for cleaning wheels, emblems, interior and exterior components. Each of the brushes have different diameters for tackling certain cleaning tasks.

Other features of the Cocode Auto Detailing Brush Set include:

  • Combination of board hair and synthetic fibers
  • No metal parts that could cause scratches
  • Gentle and soft bristles
  • 5 different sizes
  • Handle holes for hanging
  • Suitable for a range of applications

Overall, they are excellent all-round car detailing brushes that are safe and effective to use. They can be used for wet or dry cleaning and with five brushes to choose from, you will not need to mix interior or exterior dirt.

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Car Detailing Brush Buying Guide

Attempting to clean deep or tight spaces can be near enough impossible with a standard microfiber towel or wash mitt. Investing into a set of quality automotive detailing brushes can transform the way you clean your car.

The brushes are available in several different forms but before using any of them, you want to ensure they are designed for detailing. Failing to perform this check can result in severe scratching of your car.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding car detailing brushes.

Best Car Detailing Brush

Brush Construction

Unlike a standard brush that you may use around the house, detailing brushes differ. The main difference is that there is zero metal used within the construction because it can cause scratches. The metal can also react with cleaning chemicals, which may result in corrosion and the breakdown of the brush.


The two main types of bristles that are used within car detailing brushes are either boar hair or synthetic fibers. Both provide similar performance but the boar hair bristles are often more expensive. Choosing between the two is a matter of preference but the synthetic fibers have improved over the years and are just as soft.

Multiple Brushes

Most brushes for detailing come as a set of 2 or more but we highly advise that you purchase even more. The benefit of having additional brushes means that you will not be mixing dirt from one area of the car to the next.

You may also be using a car interior cleaner with one brush that you do not want use upon the dashboard. You can keep cleaning the brush but this can become a time consuming task if you intend to clean the entire care.


The handles of detailing brushes vary in length and are mostly made of a chemical resistant plastic. Many brand also include holes at the top part of handle, which makes them ideal for storage purpose as they can be hung with string or on a hook.

The design of the handle often differs with some brushes having an ergonomic grip that is textured for additional grip and to reduce fatigue.

Usage Tips

As mentioned above, owning multiple brushes is the best option to improve your cleaning method. For example, if you have been removing residue from a car wax, you will not want to reuse the brush on your leather seats.

Depending upon the surface that you are cleaning, you will always want to start from the top and push the dirt down. Gravity pulls dirt, grime or dust downwards and you will want to push the dirt in that direction.

If you notice large piles of dirt, you should always use a car vacuum cleaner before brushing it. This prevents the bristles of the brush becoming dirty too quickly.


All of our recommendations include brushes suited for interior and exterior cleaning. You should never attempt to use a household brush as this can cause scratches and marring of your paintwork, which will require a rubbing compound to remove.

If you are looking at improving your detailing techniques, detailing brushes are the next best step. They are relatively affordable and when each brush is regularly washed, they can be long lasting.

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