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10 Best Presents For Car Lovers 2018

Buying presents for car lovers can be tough as they can be expensive or something the receiver will not enjoy or like. Whether it is a car related Christmas present or a random gift, there is thousands of car gifts available online.

Clearly, if you are not a “car” person yourself, you will most probably not have the slightest clue of which car accessory to buy.

To save you the time and hassle that will ensure you receiver will enjoy their gift from you, below are the best presents for car lovers.

GoPro HERO5 Black With Accessories

GoPro HERO5 gift to car lovers

The GoPro has been around for a few years now with the latest being the Hero 5. It is able to produce 4K video at 12MP and being very durable and waterproof. I personally own a GoPro HERO5 and use it for holidays or activities such as track days or out on the boat.

The GoPro is a great present for car lovers because it can be used as a high resolution dash cam as well as a body camera. So this means you can connect it to the window or dashboard of your car and go driving. Many people also stick it to the outside of the vehicle to film elsewhere such as the exhaust.

However, the GoPro HERO5 is a great gift but many people forget one vital part. It needs accessories to use it to its full advantage.

car pieces for your gopro

The Accessories for the GoPro are very cheap but make owning the GoPro much more pleasurable. Included are straps for your chest, head and other body parts. For car use, there are mounts, 3M sticking pads and plenty of hooks.

Combining both the GoPro itself and all the accessories is one of the best gifts for car lovers without a doubt. However, this present may be too expensive for some people that lets it down slightly.

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PORTER-CABLE 7424XP Polisher Machine

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP Buffer Machine Review

If you are looking for the best gift for car lovers that like to clean their car, then you should take a look at polisher machines. If the receiver is constantly polishing their car without using a machine then complains that a scratch is not coming out, BINGO. You have just found the ideal presents for them.

We have written an in-depth complete buying guide to polishing machines but our best buy is the Porter Cable 7424. It combines both value for money, ease of use and features all into one great package that is perfect for detailers of all levels.

If you are feeling really generous, you can also buy polish to use with a buffer machine like the Porter Cable so that they can get straight to work. Overall, for detailers without a polishing machine yet, this is the best gift.

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Z-Edge Z3 2K Ultra Full HD Dash Cam

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam Review

The GoPro HERO5 is a great dash cam but its also expensive and not dedicated towards that type of functionality. The Z-Edge Z3 is a dedicated dash cam that is the best buy dash cam for value for money.

Avoid going cheap with dash cams, otherwise the receiver will never use it due to quality issues. This dash cam records at 2K HD (30FPS) at a resolution of 2560x1080p with a 145 degree vision. With a G sensor integrated inside, it will also record if there is a collision detected. With an 18 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee, you cannot go wrong with this gift.

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BlueDriver OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner for iPhone & Android

best bluetooth OBD2 reader for iphone and android

For the car lovers that are into their technology, the BlueDriver is currently one of the best Bluetooth OBD2 readers that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Any car guy would love to receive lots of information about their car and to be able to scan it is a great plus too.

Compared to many other OBD2 readers, the BlueDriver is great value for money compared to others that cost 10 times as much. This model in particular even gives a live feed or real time data straight to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

For a car guy into their tech, you cannot go wrong with this gift and they will be very impressed with your research!

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Ferrari Enzo Controlled Via An iPhone

iphone or ipad controlled rc car

Sadly its not the real thing but its a remote controlled car that is controllable via an iPhone or iPad. It uses the G Sensor of the iPhone or iPad to move the car i.e. Tilt forward to go and Tilt backwards to reverse, Tilt left to turn left and vice versa.

There is also feedback from the Ferrari Enzo itself through vibrations and noises transferred to the iPhone/iPad. There is even options to turn on the lights, indicator and more. It is a great R/C car for any car guy.

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Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

Meguiars Detaililng Kit Ideal Gift For Car Lovers

The polishing machine might be too much for someone that rarely details their car in the first place. However, if they have no products to detail their car with, you can buy a complete detailing kit by Meguiar’s.

Everything is there to wash your car and detail it fully from the bodywork to the tire shine. Sometimes it can be impossible to buy gifts for car lovers but if you are all out of ideas or they have got everything already, the Meguiar’s complete detailing kit is a winner.

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LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

best lego gift for car lovers

Everyone loves the old Volkswagen Type 1 Camper and if the receiver loves Lego, you have a great match with this Lego car. Unlike the hundreds of other Lego cars on Amazon, this one measures 11.8″ long and 5.5″ high with 1334 pieces of Lego in order to construct it.

It is huge compared to other models and contains all the exterior and interior features of the VW T1 camper. Due to the complex Lego design, it is aimed for the ages of 16 and over, so do not buy this model for your toddler!

Overall, it is one of the best Lego car kits for adults and will keep your car lover entertained for a very long time.

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Haynes Build Your Own V8 Engine

build your own engine kit gift

With over 100 parts and real motor simulations that features an ignition, spark plugs that light up and engine sounds, this is the best “build your own” engine kit. Ideal for the ages of 14 and over, you get the chance to build your own V8.

I personally had one of these “Build Your Own” Engine Kits for Christmas a few years back and it was great fun to make. The fact that you can see it working after you have created it is a great bonus rather than simply creating it and that is it.

There is over 100 parts and it will require 3 AA batteries for the movement to be powered. It is fairly tricky for a young child to create, so its always useful to have a car lover around to help build it!

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Car Key Chain Light

best torch for your key chain

The final gift idea for car lovers is a key ring torch so that comes in handy when you need it. If you are a driver of cars without a remote control locking system, finding the key lock in the dark is fairly annoying. This key chain torch will prevent that problem occurring again.

It is a cheap and cheerful gift for a car lover that will not break the bank. It is made from Zinc alloy and uses an ultra bright LED for maximum brightness.

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  1. I bought the Meguiar’s Detailing kit for my husband for Christmas. Lets hope he will use some of those products on my car haha!

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