Best Trailer Tires

The Best Trailer Tires 2019

Trailer tires are often neglected and can become dangerous without replacing them in time. Choosing tires that are designed specifically for your trailer load will ensure that you have the best possible towing experience. The best trailer tires are the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Tires, which use a 8 ply construction and are available in […]

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Best Underhood Work Light

The Best Underhood Work Light 2019

An extendable underhood work light is the best method of lighting up your engine without having to hold a standard light. They securely attach to both ends of the hood with protective hooks and are available as corded or cordless unit. The best underhood work light is the Milwaukee M12 Kit, which produces 1,350 Lumens […]

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Best Double Din Head Unit

The Best Double Din Head Unit 2019

The double din head unit is more desirable than a single din head unit as you will have access to additional functionality due to the larger screen size. They also look more aesthetically pleasing and choosing the best available will add value to the car. The best double din head unit is the¬†Touchscreen Pioneer AVH4200NEX, […]

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Best Work Light For Mechanics

The Best Work Light For Mechanics 2019

Using a LED work light as a mechanic allows you to illuminate work areas that have poor lighting. Whether you are fixing your car during a dark night or inside a garage, using a light will allow you to work more efficiently. The best work light for mechanics is the Astro Pneumatic Tool 40SLMAX, which […]

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Car Dollies

The Best Car Dollies 2019

If a vehicle is refusing to start but needs to be moved, a car dolly is the best method of moving it around. They act as wheel skates and once you have jacked each wheel onto a dolly, it is far easier to move the car to where it needs to be. The best car […]

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Racing Helmet

The Best Racing Helmet 2019

If you take part in any type of legal car racing on the track, you will be asked to wear auto racing helmets for safety reasons. In the case of a crash, the helmet you choose may make the difference between life and death. The best car racing helmet is the Conquer Full Face Auto […]

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The Best Undercoating 2019

Undercoating exposed areas of your car will act as a barrier against moisture, salt and other harmful elements. It is a rubber or wax-based substance that works best when sprayed to the underbody of a vehicle but it can be used elsewhere. The best undercoating for cars is the 3M 0358 Rubberized Formula, which provides […]

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Best Towing Mirror

The Best Towing Mirrors 2019

Using towing mirrors that can be clipped onto your vehicle will ensure you are able to see beyond the trailer load. It is a legal requirement to use mirrors when towing any loads that are wider than the rear of your towing vehicle. The best towing mirrors are the Fit System 3891 Deluxe, which is […]

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plastic restorer

The Best Trim Restorer 2019

Black bumpers and trim can become damaged from UV rays, rain, grime, strong car wash soap and oxidation. However, by using a plastic restorer, you are able to permanently restore the defects back to black with ease. The best trim restorer is the Gtechniq C4, which chemically bonds with the cars plastic trim to ensure […]

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Best Automotive Sound Deadening Material

The Best Automotive Sound Deadening Material

Investing into quality sound deadening material for cars will not only reduce road noise but also improve the audio quality. Methods used to reduce background noise include butyl rubber, covering mats, dampening sprays and foam insulation. The best automotive sound deadening material is the Stinger Roadkill Expert, which uses a self-adhesive butyl rubber membrane with […]

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