Transmission Additive For Hard Shifting

The Best Transmission Additive 2019

Slipping transmission or hard shifting are very common issues, which can be expensive to fix. However, using a transmission additive may be an affordable solution that solves the issue and is far cheaper than replacing your transmission. The best transmission additive is the Lucas Transmission Fix, which cleans and lubricates sticking valves for proper shifting. […]

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Oil Additive For Older Engines

The Best Oil Additive 2019

Servicing your car with quality motor oil is essential but between and after servicing, you can use an oil additive to keep your engine protected and running smoothly. It achieves this by improving the lubricant performance of the engine oil. The best oil additive is the Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier, which can be […]

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car led headlights

The Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs 2019

Replacing your OEM headlight bulbs to a more powerful halogen will provide you with far better visibility for night driving. Replacing halogen headlight bulbs is a straight forward task and can transform your car with the desirable xenon white look. The best headlights bulbs are the Philips Diamond X-treme Vision, which are available as a H4 […]

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Aftermarket Fog Lights

The Best Aftermarket Fog Lights 2019

Driving in foggy conditions can be challenging as your headlights may reflect light from the fog. However, upgrading your fog light bulbs or installing aftermarket fog lights can increase  your visibility dramatically. The best LED fog lights are the Philips X-tremeVision Kit, which is a direct replacement for halogen bulbs and produces a 6,000K bright […]

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Synthetic Motor Oil

The Best Synthetic Motor Oil 2019

Synthetic motor oil is the best possible oil that you can provide a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. Oil is the most important auto service product that requires regular replacement to ensure that the motor continues to perform as expected. The best synthetic motor oil is Mobil 1 94001 5W-30 with its outstanding wear protection due […]

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Wheel Wax

The Best Wheel Wax 2019

If you have just refurbished your wheels, you will want to give them the best protection possible. This can be achieved by using a quality wheel wax, which is often referred to as a sealant that protects the wheel from dirt and debris. The best wheel wax is the Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Sealant, which […]

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bluetooth fm transmitter

The Best FM Transmitter 2019

The purpose of a FM transmitter is to broadcast a signal from a portable device such as a smartphone to a stereo system. Most FM transmitters will feature Bluetooth that enables a wireless connection to your audio device without the needing an aux cable. The best FM transmitter is the upgraded Nulaxy Bluetooth Transmitter, which has additional […]

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best convertible roof cleaner and wax for beading

The Best Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant 2019

The convertible soft top roof is either constructed of a fabric or vinyl material that requires regular maintenance. Simply washing the roof is not good enough and eventually it will become covered in dirt, moss and other defects. The best soft top cleaner and protectant is the Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit that includes a cleaner, […]

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Bug and Tar Remover For Cars

The Best Bug Remover For Cars 2019

Avoiding bug splatter buildup upon the paintwork or windshield is pretty much impossible. No matter what you use, preventing bug sticking can be hard. However, you can arm yourself with a bug remover for cars that makes removal far easier. The best bug remover for cars is the McKee’s 37 Road Kill, which effective removes […]

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best adhesive glue for spoilers and bodykits

The Best Glue For Plastic Car Parts 2019

For installing car spoilers, bumpers or body kits to your vehicle, you will need strong adhesive to ensure that it is securely stuck to the car. Both the cars interior and exterior require certain types of glue for car parts. The best glue for plastic car parts is Tiger Seal U-Pol Adhesive, which will permanently stick […]

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