Dan Richard

Founder & Main Author of ProCarReviews.com

Dan Richard ProCarReviews

Hey - I'm Dan, the founder and main author of ProCarReviews. Ever since a kid, I have been fascinated with cars and as soon as I was able to drive, the passion grew to an entirely new level. With over 10 cars (and increasing!) that range from old-school classics to an AMG GT, I have a vast amount of experience with a wide range of vehicles.

Unlike many other automotive websites, we take great pride in being true automotive enthusiasts. As a team, we own our very own home garage car lift and go out of our way to research and test the products where possible. With the most amount of cars out of the team, most of the parts or products are used on my very own cars!

If you would like to contact me directly, please get in touch via [email protected]. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our Instagram page where we are most active or our Facebook page.

Why Did I Start ProCarReviews?

After many months of toying with the idea, I decided to create ProCarReviews in March 2016. The goal was to create a trusted automotive website that's written by a group of enthusiast.

Although there are some similar sites, you could tell that they weren't written and this really bugged me. This was the main motivation to setup the site and provide product reviews and guides that you could rely on.

What Do I Do at ProCarReviews?

Although I initially founded ProCarReviews, the team has gradually become bigger. However, I still produce the majority of the content found upon the website, perform a lot of the research and test products where possible.

For more information about myself or the rest of our team, please visit our about page.