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The Best Tow Strap 2021

Best Tow Straps

When it comes to towing your car on the roadside or off road, you will want to invest into a heavy duty tow strap. Rather relying on a weak tow rope, these straps have been designed to withstand large amounts of force and all weather conditions.

The best tow strap is the Smittybilt CC330 Recovery Strap with its range of pulling ratings from 20,000 to 40,000 lbs as well as extreme durability and strength.

Recovery straps have a range of uses, with the main use being vehicle recovery or off roading. However, they can also be used for moving objects such as boats, trees, machinery and more. Some of the strongest tow straps are relatively affordable and can be a lifeline.

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Recovery Strap Comparison

Tow StrapBreak StrengthLength(s)
Smittybilt CC33040,000 LB20 - 40 Feet
RHINO USA31,518 LB8 - 30 Feet
Motormix Complete Kit30,000 LB30 Feet
Sunferno35,000 LB20 Feet
GearAmerica Recovery45,000 LB8 - 30 Feet
Neiko 51005A10,000 LB20 Feet
Grip Heavy Duty20,000 LB30 Feet

Many drivers will not have been towed behind before and this will mean the strap will be under more pressure than usual. Novice drivers will give the tow strap too much slack and if the strap isn’t durable, it will simply snap leaving you without a tow rope.

Recovery straps have seen a huge improvement over the years with the load limit being raised quite significantly. This means you are able to tow with additional pulling power and many also come with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Below is a list of the best tow straps for recovering vehicles on the road side or off road and moving heavy objects.

The Best Tow Straps

1. Smittybilt CC330 Recovery Strap

Smittybilt is a highly reputable brand among off road enthusiasts and this CC330 tow strap is by far the most popular option. It’s available in a range of configurations that includes a width of 2 to 4 inches, length of 8 to 30 feet and a pull rating of 20,000 to 40,000 LB.

To maximize the tow straps durability, it has a double stitched webbing with a double hoop design, which further improves its strength.

Other features of the Smittybilt CC330 Recovery Straps include:

  • Double stitched webbing
  • Double hoop design for additional strength
  • Weather resistant and highly durable
  • Bright yellow strap for visibility
  • Pull rating options between 20,000 to 40,000 LB
  • Includes a 5 year warranty

The Smittybilt CC330 are the best tow straps for the money that provides excellent pulling performance and durability. Compared to similar priced alternatives, it’s built to much higher standards and comes with a five year warranty for peace of mind.

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2. RHINO USA Recovery Tow Strap

The Rhino USA tow straps are another popular option that has a heavy duty construction with reinforced loops ends. It even comes with a draw string bag that allows you to keep the tow straps secured and safe whilst not in use.

Unlike many of the cheaper alternatives, these tow straps have been tested within a laboratory for verification. This means that the 31,518 LB break strength is the exact rating.

Other features of the Rhino USA Tow Straps include:

  • 31,518 LB break strength
  • Triple reinforced loop ends
  • Strong poly/silk webbing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

The Rhino USA towing straps tick every box and there are various forms to choose from such as a smaller straps to hitches. It’s an excellent all-round option and has a superior build quality compared to similar priced alternatives.

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3. Motormic Complete Recovery Strap Kit

The Motormic is a complete kit for recovering vehicles and moving other heavy objects from tricky situations. The kit includes two straps, hitch receiver with pin, D-Ring shackles and a storage bag, which can be easily kept in your trunk.

Other features of the Motormic Recovery Straps include:

  • 100% polyester construction
  • Reinforced eyes and protective sleeves
  • 30,000 LB breaking
  • 30 feet long and 3 inches wide
  • Weather resistant and highly durable

Overall, if you are looking for a little bit more than just the tow straps, the Motormic tow straps are ideal. Although it does come with a premium price tag, everything about it is high quality from the straps to the ring shackles.

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4. Sunferno Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap

The Sunferno tow strap has an impressive break strength of 35,00o LB and comes with an affordable price tag. Unlike many of the alternatives, it’s fairly unique as it will stretch to help assist with the recovery of a vehicle.

You could easily connect this tow strap to an electric winch and pull the majority of heavy objects with the break strength capacity of this strap.

Other features of the Sunferno Recovery Strap include:

  • Only available as a 20 foot long and 3 inch wide strap
  • Reinforced eye loop and stronger shackle grips
  • Protective sleeve
  • Weatherproof
  • High visibility bright green strap
  • Includes a storage bag

The Sunferno is built to the highest of standards but it’s only available in one configuration. However, if the 20 foot long tow strap is all that you require, it’s an excellent all-round option and one of the strongest available.

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5. GearAmerica Heavy Duty Recovery Tow Straps

GearAmerica are a specialist brand that focus on produces heavy duty recovery tow straps and accessories. These straps in particular are available in multiple configurations that include 3 or 4 inches wide and lengths ranging from 8 to 30 feet.

The brand state that these straps can be used as a recovery, tree saver or winch extension strap, which makes it highly versatile compared to some alternatives.

Other features of the GearAmerica Straps include:

  • Break strength of 45,000 LB
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Reinforced eyes and protective sleeves
  • Withstands extreme temperatures (-40°F to 215°F)
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • Suitable for multiple applications

The GearAmerica tow straps have been designed to withstand the toughest of environments and demanding towing tasks. The high quality polyester and military grade webbing are long lasting and the brand even provide a lifetime free replacement for peace of mind.

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6. Neiko 51005A Heavy Duty Tow Strap

An affordable tow strap is the Neiko 51005A, which only has a break strength of 10,000 LB but it’s more than ideal for towing vehicles. It’s constructed of a polyester webbing that is highly visible and designed for all weather conditions.

Compared to similar priced tow straps, these come with drop forged and heat treated metal hooks for maximum durability whilst towing.

Other features of the Neiko 51005A include:

  • 10,000 LB break strength
  • Polyester webbing construction
  • Solid metal hooks with safety buckles
  • Classic woven pattern
  • 2 inches x 20 foot in size
  • Weather resistant

The Neiko 51005A tow straps are a cheap option that is ideal for storing in the trunk for roadside emergencies. They aren’t the strongest with a break strength of 10,000 LB but they will do a great job at towing regular passenger cars on the road.

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7. Grip Heavy Duty Recovery Strap

The Grip tow strap is another affordable option that is constructed of a heavy duty polyester webbing. In terms of its pulling performance, the brand state that it has a working capacity of 6,666 LB and breaking capacity of 20,000 LB.

Other features of the Grip Tow Strap include:

  • Abrasion and weather resistant
  • Doesn’t tear or rip
  • Reinforced loop ends
  • Breaking capacity of 20,000 LB
  • 4 inches wide and 30 feet long

Overall, the Grip Tow Straps offer excellent value for the money when you consider the extra length and width of the strap. Due to the low cost, you are able to purchase multiple and tie them together for even further length.

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Car Towing Strap Buying Guide

The majority of tow straps are constructed of a heavy duty polyester with hooks or loops on either end. The main purpose of these straps is to help recover a stuck vehicle or one broken at the roadside. However, they can also be used in an array of other applications and it’s worth investing into the best possible strap available.

Considering that the cost of a recovery truck service will cost a couple of hundred dollars, it’s worth purchasing a set of tow straps. Whether you use them with an off road winch or just for road side emergencies, there is a wide range to choose from.

Best Recovery Strap

Types of Tow Straps

There are two main types of tow straps that includes a no stretch strap made from a spectra synthetic material. It doesn’t contain any electric properties and suitable for towing or engaging in various different types of water sports.

The low stretch alternative is made from a nylon or polyester construction. They usually are designed to have approximately 3% elasticity at the most. However, for pulling cars out, this type of strap is one you want to avoid.


The length of a tow strap required will highly depend upon how you intend on using it. If its simply being used for pulling out cars, then the standard length is perfectly fine. You will want to keep approximately two car lengths between you and the towing vehicle to be on the safe side.

However, for those that take part in off roading, you may require a much long recovery strap. For example, if you have taken a bad route and found yourself stuck in a ditch, the tow strap will need to be able to reach the pulling vehicle that is on solid ground.

Breaking Strength

Breaking strength is one of the most important factors when deciding on which recovery strap to purchase. If you choose a strap with a low breaking strength, the risk of it breaking when pulling a heavy vehicle is highly likely.

We always recommend that you choose a tow strap that more than exceed the minimum amount of weight you intend on pulling. Thanks to the advancements in synthetic material technology, the breaking strength has seen a huge improvement. They are now being used as winch rope for those that need to drag vehicle from tough terrain, which is an example of how strong they really are.

Best Tow Strap

Hooks and Handles

The hooks and handles of a tow strap can make a huge difference to how easy it is to safely use the straps. These are the areas where the strap attaches to the vehicle needing recovery and attaches to the vehicle that is going to be rescuing it. The hook and the handles should be durable, strong, safe and they should be well tested.

If you need to secure a load instead of towing, the best option would be to purchase some ratchet tie down straps. These are very similar to tow straps but include hooks and ratchets that tighten the strap to secure it to the car or trailer.

Durability and Waterproofing Qualities

Durability is fairly important and the tow strap needs to be heavy duty and survive even the toughest of conditions. This means the ability to be under extreme pressure within any temperature and weather conditions.

Being subjected to water is fairly common and its important the the tow strap is waterproof. Most are constructed of a polyester material, which means they are waterproof and resistant to moisture and other bad conditions.

Ease of Use and Storage

When it comes to using tow straps for pulling out cars or off roading, you will want them to be easy to use. This means that they are lightweight, do not tangle and the hooks and handles are easy to setup to your requirements.

Most people will attach the hooks and handles too either the trailer hitch of the pulling car or towing eye. However, you will want to check that the hooks and handles are compatible before purchasing.

When the straps are not in use, we highly recommend putting them away in a storage bag and out of the way from UV rays or moisture. Keeping them clean and allowing them to dry before being put away is also recommended.

best recovery straps


A heavy duty tow strap for recovering vehicles is not the first thing you would think of buying. However, it makes a great investment and you will be glad you had bought one when you did. It’s rare for local stores to stock them but the best tow straps mentioned above will certainly aid your towing efforts.

All of our recommended recovery straps within this article cover a range of breaking strengths and budgets. Whether you require them for recovery or off road use, there is a tow strap to suit your requirements. We highly recommend replacing the old tow rope with some of the improved straps that provide extra performance and safety.

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