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5 Best Tow Straps For Pulling Cars 2019

Towing your car with proper tow straps is much easier and safer than a thin piece of rope. Many people trust weak straps to tow a car weighing a few ton but once under tension, it can break easily and could leave you stranded once again.

The best heavy duty tow straps is the Smittybilt CC330 Recovery Strap with its range of pulling ratings from 20,000 to 40,000 lbs as well as extreme durability and strength.

Tow straps have a range of uses, with the main use being towing or recovering cars but also for moving heavy objects such as boats, trees, machinery and much more.

Best Heavy Duty Tow Straps

Tow StrapsMax Pull RatingOur Rating
Smittybilt CC33040,000 lbs4.9
RHINO USA31,518 lbs4.8
Motormix Complete Kit30,000 lbs4.7
Sunferno35,000 lbs4.7
Kooyaoo30,000 lbs4.6

Many drivers will not have been towed behind a car before and this will mean the strap will be under more pressure than usual. Novice drivers will give the tow strap too much slack and if the strap is not heavy duty enough, it will simply snap leaving you without a tow rope.

Apart from an uncomfortable ride and potentially whiplash, with a heavy duty tow strap that has a high weight capacity, you can be the worse person to tow and the strap will still not break.

Finding heavy duty tow straps with all the shackles, clips and hooks can be hard with so many available. Below is a list of the best tow straps for towing a car without breaking under heavy loads.

Smittybilt CC330 Recovery Strap

Many car enthusiasts that are within the 4×4 and off road community will recognize the brand Smittybilt. They produce a range of high quality car off road equipment and their tow traps are highly rated.

You have the choice of a 20,000 lbs to a huge 40,000 lbs weight capacity for those that are serious with regards to their straps. The straps themselves are double stiched webbing with double hoop design for quality towing.

They are highly durable under intense pressure and are weather resistant. You will not find high quality tow straps such as the Smittybilt straps and they are the best tow straps you can buy.

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RHINO USA Recovery Tow Strap

The Rhino USA towing straps are very popular across the US for its heavy duty construction that has reinforced loops ends. It is capable of towing heavy objects up to 31,518 lbs and this has been tested in the lab for verification.

Included is a draw string bag that will keep the strap rolled up and easy to store away when not in use. The toughness comes from the strong poly/silk webbing material that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Overall the Rhino USA towing straps tick every box and there are various forms to choose from such as a smaller straps to hitches. It is the best tow strap for the money and is very high quality compared to similarly priced alternatives.

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Motormic Complete Set Recovery Kit

This is a complete kit for recovering vehicles and moving other heavy objects from a range of situations. Included are the 3 inch 30 feet strap, hitch receiver with pin, D-Ring shackles and a storage bag, which can be easily stored in the trunk of your car.

The tow strap has a breaking point of 30,000 lbs and uses 100% polyester designed to withstand high pressure. The ends have additional padding and have protective sleeves to reduce the risk of damaging the cars bodywork.

Overall, if you are looking for a little bit more than just the tow straps, the Motormic tow straps are the best buy and include everything you need for a range of scenarios.

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Sunferno Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap

The Sunferno has an impressive weight capacity of 35,000 lbs where the strap is 20 feet long and 3 inches wide. There is a 10% maximum stretch and it has reinforced eye loops for a stronger shackle grip compared to many competitors.

You can easily connect this tow strap to a winch and pull the majority of heavy objects with this weight capacity. The Sunferno is very high quality but lacks the options compared to the Rhino USA straps in terms of lengths and additions.

However, that is not to say it is not one of the best because it certainly is. The Sunferno is one of the strongest tow straps you can buy and will assist you with all your pulling requirements.

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For those looking for a cheap tow strap that is strong, the Kooyaoo offers exactly that and has a weight capacity of 30,000 lbs. It uses the heavy duty U-Ring shackles that hook onto the towing eyes when towing cars.

As with the more premium tow ropes, this also has a durable double loop design at both ends. It is made using 100% polyester that is weather resistant and built to last.

Overall, the KOOYAOO Tow Rope is a best cheap tow rope that is strong enough for a range of different scenarios. Many people will tow cars very rarely and spending as little as possible on a tow strap seems a logical decision.

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Car Towing Strap Buying Guide

There are times when a person will find themselves and their car stuck in a tight situation. If a person lives in a cold climate and it snows often they may find their car is stuck in snow. Mud is another common thing for cars to get stuck in. This is fairly common for enthusiasts that enjoy offroading and will use tow straps as well as off road winches.

There are even times when a person swerves slightly off the road and will find themselves stuck in a ditch. The driver will need to call a tow truck to help them out and pay a large sum of money for this service. A tow strap can help a person out of their situation. They will not have to pay for a tow service and can get their car on the road again in no time.

A tow strap is basically a very thick polyester fabric strap. This strap will have a hook on the ends. One end will connect to the vehicle and the other one will connect to the vehicle that is going to pull it out. Before purchasing a tow strap it is important to know how much weight they can pull. If you purchase a strap that is not able to pull all of the weight that they need it can break and they would have wasted their money.

Types of Tow Straps

There are two main types of tow straps that a person should look at when they are looking to make a purchase. There is a no stretch strap that is made of a material that is known as spectra. It does not stretch and does not contain elastic properties. This strap can be used for towing and it can also be used to hold on to when engaging in water sports.

The low stretch tow strap is the one that most people are familiar with. This tow strap is made from a nylon or polyester and only has around three percent elasticity at the most. This is ideal for people that will be need to tow their boat behind them or will need to tow another car. This strap is waterproof which is an added benefit and will make the strap easier to use in all types of conditions including the rain and the snow.


The length of the tow strap is very important and it will depend on what it is going to be used for. If a person is going to be pulling a broken vehicle with the tow strap, the standard length will work just fine. If a person is looking to use the tow strap for fun activities such as wakeboarding the length is going to be a huge factor. The strap does not have to be too long. All that is required is that there is enough to hook it on to the stuck vehicle and the vehicle that will be pulling it out.


The capacity is one of the most important factors when a person is looking to purchase a rescue strap. The capacity is also known as the breaking capacity, which is measured in pounds. The weight of the vehicle will depend how many pounds that the strap should be able to handle without breaking. You should check the weight of the item they are going to be pulling or towing and compare this to the weight of the strap.

Hooks and Handles

These are two of the most important parts when looking at tow straps. These are the areas where the strap attaches to the vehicle needing recovery and attaches to the vehicle that is going to be rescuing it. The hook and the handles should be durable, strong, safe and they should be well tested.


Durability in fact is the most important factor when selecting a tow cable. It needs to be heavy duty and be able to hold enough weight to support the vehicle that needs to be towed. A person should consider if they are pulling the vehicle uphill or downhill. If they are pulling up hill they are going to need a strap that will hold additional weight. It is best to check the pound capacity before making a purchase.


This is something that is often overlooked when a person is purchasing a tow strap. Most tow straps that are made of a polyester material are waterproof and they stand up to moisture. In addition to being waterproof a person should look for a strap that is weather proof as well. The strap should be able to be used in the snow as well as strong heat as both of these conditions can lead to the break down of the tow strap.

Ease of Use

When using a tow strap, all that a person should have to do is attach the hooks and give it a pull when safe to do so. The strap should be able to handle the weight without any confusing setup.


A good tow strap should be easy to store when it is not in use. There are some tow straps that will come with cases so it can stay in the trunk and will not take up a lot of space. If a person needs to they can store this case at their home as well.


The strap should be strong and durable but also be light enough so that it can be moved without any issues. If the strap is too heavy than a person will not be able to use this strap for its intended function. This is something that should be taken into consideration when selecting a tow strap.


A heavy duty tow strap for recovering vehicles is not the first thing you would think of buying. However, it makes a great investment and you will be glad you had bought one when you did. Its very rare for local stores to stock them but the best tow straps mentioned above will certainly aid your towing efforts.

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