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The Best Ride On Cars 2021

ride on cars for toddlers

Many kids dream is to drive an exciting car but of course, they are not going to be able to do this until they reach the legal age. However, buying a ride on car moves their dreams into reality with various truck, car and super car replicas available.

The best ride on car is the Moderno Kids Mercedes Benz, which has the ability to travel between 3 to 6 MPH and has many authentic features for a stylish appearance.

Electric ride on cars have the extra fun factor and interaction compared with some of the best RC cars. The ability to actually drive around as a toddler or infant with various features such as LED headlight or a MP3 player is great fun.

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Kids Ride On Cars Comparison

Ride On CarsSpeedWeight Capacity
Moderno Mercedes SLS 12V3 to 6 MPH66 LBS
ZH Mercedes G Wagon 12V4 MPH60 LBS
Moderno Ferrari Spider GT 12V2 to 5 MPH66 LBS
Rollplay Chevy Silverado 12V2.5 to 5 MPH130 LBS
Rollplay MINI Cooper 6V2.5 MPH77 LBS

There are various speeds that they can reach but as these are designed for toddlers and young children, we recommend that they are not too fast. The majority of ride on cars for toddlers have a top speed of below 6 MPH in forward and reverse gears.

Weight capacity is a metric that is often overlooked but if your kid weighs more than is stated, the electric motor may not perform as expected. It will also be under more stress, which can cause premature breakdown of the motor components.

The majority of electric ride on cars are designed for kids between 3 and 8 years of age with some having space for two riders for extra enjoyment. Below is a list of the best ride on cars that will provide hours of fun for your kids.

The Best Ride On Cars

Moderno Kids Mercedes Benz Car For Kids

The Moderno Kids Mercedes Benz is one of the most stylish ride on cars for kids. If you are looking for a luxurious electric car for kids, this is an incredible option that will impress all their friends and makes a great gift option for Christmas or birthdays.

The construction is incredibly detailed and it has a variety of safety features as well to ensure that your child is playing safely. Here are some of the notable features of the Moderno Kids SLS AMG Mercedes Benz car.

  • Leather interior seats and stroller-style seat belt
  • LED headlights, tail lights, and fog lights
  • Has a horn and makes real engine noises
  • Parental remote control allows
  • Maximum speed of 3 to 6 MPH
  • Built-in MP3 player that plays files from a USB or SD card
  • Electric brake system is sensitive and effective
  • Rubber traction band wheels

Overall, the Moderno Kids Carbon Black Mercedes Benz car is the best ride on car that toddlers and kids will love. As a car enthusiast, you’ll get a kick out of your kids riding in a Mercedes, and your child will love all of the detailed, realistic features.

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ZH Mercedes Benz G Wagon Kids Electric Ride On Car

The ZH Mercedes Benz Toy Ride On Car is a small replica of one of the most popular trucks, which of course is the G Wagon. It’s stylish while also looking tough and cool, and the authentic look and feel will be very appealing to your children.

Here are the most notable specs of the ZH Mercedes G55 Toy Ride On Car.

  • Electric 12 volt rechargeable battery
  • Maximum capacity of 60 LBS
  • Maximum speed of 4 MPH
  • Comes with a remote control with two speed options
  • Textured rubber tires
  • MP3 player input as well as musical steering wheel
  • Simulated wheel, brakes and headlights

This electric car for kids provides a very authentic experience, but the slow speed and remote control keeps your kid safe while you supervise them. If you are looking for a stylish ride on car, the ZH Mercedes Benz G55 is a great choice.

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Moderno Kids Ferrari Kids Electric Car

The Moderno Kids Ferrari Spider GT is a flashy ride on car that any child will be thrilled to experience. Moderno Kids is a top brand in the ride on car industry, so you can count on quality, authenticity, and safety when purchasing from them.

The 4 color selection makes it a good choice for both boys and girls, and the stylish convertible design will leave even the adults in the room with some envy.

Some of the specs of the Moderno Kids Ferrari Spider ride on car include:

  • 12 volt engine with authentic sounds
  • Doors open like a real Ferrari
  • Three speed remote control driving for safe, supervised play
  • 4 color options: black, red, pink, and carbon black with red
  • Every color includes authentic details that you would see on a real Ferrari
  • Comfortable padded leather seat and seat belt for safety
  • Maximum speed of 2 to 5 MPH
  • Sound effects as well as an auxiliary cord for music for a more intense ride

The Ferrari Spider is the perfect choice for a bold ride on car. It allows both kids and their parents to live out their sports car fantasies while playing safely. The details are incredibly authentic and appealing for any young child.

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Rollplay Chevy Silverado Ride On Truck

If your child loves trucks, then consider the Rollplay Chevy Silverado ride on Vehicle as an option that they’ll love. It has the design of a real Chevy Silverado that will make them feel all grown up, but has safety features that will give you peace of mind while you’re playing.

Here are some of the features of the Rollplay Chevy Silverado ride on Vehicle.

  • Maximum weight of 130 LBS and supports 2 riders
  • 12 volt engine with an integrated battery life indicator
  • Realistic engine noises
  • Speed options of 2.5 and 5 MPH going forwards
  • 2.5 MPH going backwards
  • Opening doors, chrome rims, MP3 player, speakers, and LED headlights
  • Rubber traction strips on the wheels for safe riding anywhere

It’s important to note that this ride on vehicle does not come with a remote control, although there is a speed lockout option for younger drivers. Therefore, you will need to monitor your child very closely while they are using the device.

However, the Rollplay Chevy Silverado ride on Vehicle makes an excellent option for older drivers who are ready for a more exciting driving experience.

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Rollplay MINI Cooper Ride On Car

The MINI Cooper is one of the most iconic cars on the market, and the Rollplay MINI Cooper makes one of the cheapest ride on cars for toddlers.

The cute and quirky design is very true to the real vehicle, and there are plenty of safety features to keep kids from getting into accidents. It is one of the slower ride on cars on the market, so it’s a good first ride on for your child while they’re still learning.

Here are some of the notable specs of the Rollplay MINI Cooper 6-volt ride on.

  • Maximum speed of 2.5 MPH
  • Rechargeable 6 volt battery that runs for up to 2 hours
  • LED headlights, horn, engine noises, mirrors and windshield
  • Weight capacity of 77 LBS

The Rollplay MINI Cooper is one of the best ride on cars for toddlers and would make an excellent gift. The Rollplay brand makes a variety of toy car options that are very detailed and safe, and this is no exception. The design is so adorable that you will be just as thrilled as your child.

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Ride On Car Buying Guide

ride on cars make incredible gifts for your children, particularly if they are interested in driving. A good ride on car is one that is fun and exciting to use, but still keeps your child safe. When searching for a ride on car, you will want to take into account your own personal stylistic preferences, but also consider a variety of other factors as well.

Exterior Design

Of course, the first thing you will want to look at when deciding which ride on car to purchase is the exterior design of the ride on car. Every car has its own unique look and feel, and you will want to choose one that suits your child’s preferences in terms of color and size, as well as the real-life car that it is based off of. Some kids prefer trucks, while others would love a sleek sports car, and there are options for all of those on the market right now. Chances are, if you are looking for a specific car model, you will be able to find it online.

electric car for kids

Weight Capacity

Another helpful feature to look at is the weight capacity of the car. Your child is growing quickly, and you will want to make sure that they can fit in the car comfortably with enough support. Some cars only support one child, while others have enough room for two. If you have siblings that might want to play together, it’s helpful to look for a car that supports two children instead of just one. 

Battery Power and Life Span

Most ride on cars are powered by a rechargeable battery, usually of either six or 12 volts, but sometimes even more powerful than that. The more powerful the battery, the faster the car is going to be able to go.

You should also look at how long the battery lasts and how long it takes to recharge. It’s never fun for kids to start playing with a car, only to realize the battery dies within just a few minutes.

Authentic Features

Authenticity goes a long way to making a ride on car feel exciting and fun. The best ride on cars have features that mimic the experience of driving a real car. LED headlights and tail lights are good features, as well as a horn and engine sounds.

These little touches go a long way to making the driving experience more immersive for your child and more amusing for you as a parent.
 ride on cars

Remote Control

You will of course want to keep your little one safe while they’re driving and a remote control is one of the best ways to do that. Many come with a remote control and they are very effective for ensuring that your kids have fun without crashing.

When choosing a ride on car, look for an option with a remote control that’s easy to use. Many remote controls have both forward and reverse options, and some come with complete steering as well. You should also look at what kind of batteries the remote control needs to work.

Tire Traction

If your child is going to be using the car outside, you should look for an option that has tires with a bit of traction. Tire traction will ensure that the car stays safe, even on wet or rough surfaces. Many ride on car manufacturers will recommend specific surfaces for you to use the car on, and this is something that is also helpful to look at.

Maximum Speed

ride on cars for kids have limited maximum speeds to ensure that your child can’t go too fast. Most have a maximum speed of less than 10 MPH, and some are even as low as two MPH. Some cars even have multiple speed options that can be set.

Check the maximum speed of the car before you purchase it to ensure that you choose a car that you think is appropriate for your needs.

Seat Design

The interior design of your ride on car should be comfortable and safe for your little ones. Not only do you want a seat design that feels authentic, but it’s also helpful if the seat is supportive and appropriately sized for your child.

You should also ensure that the car comes with a functioning seat belt to keep them safe while riding around.


Your little ones have probably noticed you playing your favorite music in the car, so they’ll likely be overjoyed to be able to play their favorite music while riding around.

Many ride on cars come with an MP3 player connection, either through an auxiliary cord, a USB drive, or another mechanism. Some come with pre-loaded music as well, or even play music through the steering wheel. While it isn’t essential, this is a fun touch that your child is sure to love.


A ride on car makes the perfect gift for your little one. The driving aspect allows them to feel like a grown up, plus they get the fun of riding around your driveway or house. These cute cars also are a great way to make lasting memories with your child.

There are so many different ride on cars on the market, so you can choose one that matches your child’s favorite car, and you can pick a design and color that you know they will love.

It’s important to make sure that your child is safe while driving around, so you should look for high quality options with safety features installed. The options listed here make excellent choices if you aren’t sure where to start.

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