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The Best RC Cars 2021

RC Cars

RC cars provide great entertainment for both kids and adults with a variety of different vehicles available. Whether you want to pull of impressive drifts or crawl rocks, there are a range of remote control cars available to best suit your requirements.

The best RC car is the Traxxas Rustler RTR, which is able to reach speeds of up to 35 MPH in all terrain and weather conditions.

Depending upon your budget will determine the quality of the remote controlled car you choose. There are many cheap options but if you are serious about RC cars, there are many premium options that provide superior performance.

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RC Cars Comparison

RC CarsTypeMax Speed
Traxxas Rustler RTRStandard35 MPH
Redcat Racing EPXDrift30 MPH
IMDEN All TerrainStandard30 MPH
Redcat Everest GEN7 ProRock Crawler10 MPH
Hosim Off RoadStandard30 MPH
Traxxas XO-1Fastest100 MPH
Exceed Drift StarDrift15 MPH
QUN FENG LamborghiniStandard10 MPH
BCP LamborghiniStandard5 MPH
Liberty Imports AE86Drift8 MPH
Axial SCX10 IIBuild YourselfN/A
Tamiya Lancia DeltaBuild YourselfN/A

Due to technological advances, the majority of RC cars available are powered by advanced electric motors. Gas powered alternatives used to be very popular but they simply cannot keep up with the superior performance of an electric remote control car.

RC cars are also available in multiple different types to best suit your requirements. These include cars designed for maximum speed, drifting, rock crawling, off-roading, classic replicas, low cost fun and even self-build projects.

Below is a list of the best RC cars that are suitable for both kids or adults and provide hours of enjoyment with advanced batteries.

The Best RC Cars

1. Traxxas Rustler RTR RC Car

Traxxas are one of the leading brands in the RC cars industry and are mostly suited to adults requiring the best performance. The Rustler RTR is one of the most popular options they provide, which is able to reach speed of up to 35 MPH.

It uses a Titan 12-turn 550 modified motor and XL-5 ESC to provide superior performance in all-weather due to the waterproof construction.

Other features of the Traxxas Rustler RTR include:

  • 2.4 GHz radio system
  • 7-cell NiMH battery with iD technology
  • 12V DC peak-detecting charger
  • Revo-spec torque control slipper clutch
  • Hardened steel gears
  • Aggressive rear tires for extra traction
  • Detailed 6 color ProGraphix body
  • 2.8 inch mirror chrome wheels
  • Available in blue or red

The Traxxas Rustler is an excellent hobby-grade RC car that is produced by the highly reputable brand. Due to the vast amount of modifications and spare parts available, you don’t need to worry about damaging crashes or broken parts too.

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2. Redcat Racing EPX RC Drift Car

Another RC car by the Redcat Racing brand is the EPX drift model, which is highly rated and easily upgraded if required. It’s powered by a 19T RC550 brushed electric motor with a waterproof ESC and power steering servo for maximum performance.

To best suit your drifting requirements, you can adjust the suspension, toe angle, camber angle and shock position with ease.

Other features of the Redcat Racing EPX include:

  • Available in blue or red
  • Drift specific tires
  • Aluminum capped coilover shocks
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Assembled and ready to drift out of the box
  • 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Reaches speeds of over 30 MPH

It’s the direct competitor to the Exceed Drift Star alternative but the Redcat model offers extra adjustable features and is more affordable. The EPX model is by far one of the best drift RC cars that can be upgraded and won’t disappoint both kids or adults.

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3. IMDEN Remote Control Car

Another fast RC car is by the IMDEN brand, which uses a 390 brushed motor to propel this monster truck to over 30 MPH. It’s powered by 7.4V rechargeable batteries that will last up to 20 to 30 minutes on non-stop operation.

The brand claim that the 2.4 GHz transmitter is able to provide a range of 260 feet as well as highly responsive steering and throttle.

Other features of the IMDEN RC Monster Truck include:

  • Heavy duty wheel to provide stable performance
  • Shockproof resistance with bouncing spring materials
  • Four wheel drive and four direction control
  • Includes 2 rechargeable batteries
  • All terrain traction
  • Adjustable front wheel alignment

Unlike the Traxxas alternatives, the IMDEN RC car is far more affordable and provides speeds of over 30 MPH. Although this remote control car is quick, it’s still easily control by a beginner and has the added benefit of a long lasting battery.

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4. Redcat Everest GEN7 RC Rock Crawler

The Redcat Everest Gen7 is different from your typical electric RC car because it’s designed for use on all types of terrain. It has a detailed, durable and powerful design that makes it one of the best off road RC cars available.

It’s a premium example that been built to last with features such as a 3 millimeter steel ladder frame, which has been powder coated for durability.

Other features of the Redcat Racing Everest GEN7 include

  • Suitable for unstable or rocky terrains
  • Interco licensed “super swamper” tires
  • 1.9 beadlock wheels
  • Waterproof crawler ESC
  • CVA front axles and steel skid plates
  • Ball bearing throughout
  • Adjustable wheel base with multiple shock positions
  • 550 brushed motor with a 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Three brake modes
  • Spare tire and scale accessories included
  • Includes 7.2V 3000mAh NiMH battery and charger

This off road RC car allows for various amount of fine tuning to best suit your requirements. From adjusting the wheel base to the suspension, you can adjust the Everest GEN7 model to work on all terrains.

Although the Redcast Everest GEN7 comes with a premium price tag, it’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret. It’s able to travel upon all terrains and has a detailed and durable construction that is designed to mimic a full sized off road car.

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5. Hosim High Speed Off Road RC Cars

The Hosim off road RC car is another high speed option that is powered by a 1,600 AH Li-ion-PO high capacity battery. The brand state that you are able to achieve 10 to 15 minutes of operation at the top speed, which is an impressive 30 MPH.

In order for the truck to accelerate at an impressive rate, it uses anti-skid heavy duty wheels with an all metal seal ball bearing design.

Other features of the Hosim Off Road RC include:

  • 2.4 GHz transmitter with a range of up to 262 feet
  • Two different speed modes
  • 4 wheel drive transmission
  • PVC anti-skid wheels
  • Easily climbs 45 degree slopes
  • Recharges in 2.5 hours
  • Two independent motors
  • IPX4 waterproof rating

The Hosim off road RC car is a highly rated and popular option that combines value for money and performance. It’s a great upgrade from the standard RC cars and is ideal for both kids or adults to use on the road or off road.

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6. Traxxas XO-1 AWD Fast RC Car

For those that want maximum speed, the Traxxas XO is the fastest RC car available. The brand state that it can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in as little as 2.3 seconds, which is highly impressive. It will also reach speeds that exceed 100 MPH.

It’s important to note that you will require 3s LiPo batteries in order to reach the maximum speed, which are purchased separately.

Other features of the Traxxas XO include:

  • Brushless “Big Block” motor
  • TQi 2.4 GHz transmitter with telemetry sensors
  • Extruded aluminum driveshafts
  • Sealed differentials
  • Computer optimized aerodynamics
  • TSM stability management to control the speed
  • Smartphone application to record data
  • AWD transmission with reinforced steel differential
  • Detailed ProGraphix construction

The impressive specification enables the ridiculous high speeds and it’s been designed specifically for racing. However, all of the reinforced components do come at a cost, which make it one of the most expensive RC cars on the market.

If you are seeking high speed from a RC car, the Traxxas XO is the best option but be prepared to pay the expensive price tag.

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7. Exceed RC Drift Star RC Drift Car

The Exceed RC Drift Star is a remote control car that is suitable for indoor or outdoor drifting. It’s designed specifically to drift without damaging the motor, which enables you to gain better control, speed and power whilst drifting.

The brand provide this RC drift car pre-assembled and is tuned to provide realistic drifting of a real drift car. A unique feature of this RC car is that it allows for fine tuning if required to best suit your requirements.

Other features of the Exceed RC Drift Star include:

  • KV 3300 brushless motor
  • 4-wheel drive allows for more drifting control
  • 5 millimeter chassis is light and aerodynamic
  • 4 GHz transmitter for powerful RC communication
  • Replaceable anti-skid drift tires
  • Max speed approximated at 15 MPH
  • Detailed construction

It’s the best RC drift car that has been specifically designed to pull off impressive drifts with ease. Exceed RC pre-assemble the RC Drift Star ready so that you can begin drifting straightaway and everything is included in the box.

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8. QUN FENG Lamborghini RC Car

The QUN Feng Lamborghini is an affordable option that is a gift for car lovers or beginners. It’s a licensed model car that is able to reach speeds between 8 to 10 MPH depending upon the terrain that the RC car is travelling on.

It’s powered by standard AA batteries (requires 6) and the brand include a screwdriver for assembling the RC car when it arrives.

Other features of the QUN Feng Lamborghini include:

  • Officially licensed Lamborghini RC car
  • Suitable for ages 8 and above
  • Available in green or orange
  • Dazzling light headlights
  • EN71, EN62115, ROHS and RTTE certified
  • Reaches speed up to 10 MPH

The QUN Feng Lamborghini is a cheap and user friendly RC car that is easy to operate for hours of enjoyment. It’s one of the the best RC cars for kids that is model after the desirable Lamborghini Aventador supercar.

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9. Best Choice Products Racing RC Car

The Best Choice Products RC car is a 1:24 replica of a Lamborghini Veneo and is the ideal RC car for kids. The brand state that it can reach speeds of 5 MPH and it can be fine tuned at the bottom of the car to best suit your requirements.

It’s an officially licensed RC Lamborghini that includes realistic elements such as the aerodynamic design, spoiler and carbon chassis.

Other features of the BCP Lamborghini Veneo include:

  • ASTM certified for safety
  • Max speed of 5 MPH
  • Functional headlights and taillights
  • Suitable for ages of 6 years and above
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Available in red, orange and green
  • Fine tune adjustment

The Best Choice Products remote control car is one of the cheapest RC cars that is worth buying. Unlike other cheap options, this RC car has a detailed designed with realistic features that make it far more enjoyable.

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10. Liberty Imports Super Fast Drift King RC

RC drift cars normally come at a premium price but Liberty Imports offer a far more affordable option. It’s available in multiple different replica formats but the most popular is the Toyota Corolla AE86 replica, which is a desirable classic car across the JDM communities.

It’s been designed to perform u-shaped or figure 8 drifts with ease and comes with spare tires to best suit your requirements.

Other features of the Liberty Imports AE86 RC Drift Car include:

  • Headlight, taillights, side lights and blue underglow
  • Adjustable front wheel alignment for advanced drifting
  • Includes 4 smooth and 4 extra rubber tires
  • Requires 6 x AAA batteries
  • ASTM & CPSC Tested and Certified
  • 5 different replica models available
  • Max speed of between 6 to 8 MPH
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The AE86 RC drift car is a cheap option that is actually able to perform long drifts. Many similar priced alternatives fail to drift, which defeats the purpose of it in the first place.

Liberty Imports even provide additional wheels with the AE86, which allows you to switch between drifting or straight line performance.

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11. Axial SCX10 II RC Rock Crawler

The Axial SCX10 II is an officially licensed scale replica of the Jeep Cherokee that is ready to customize with your own upgrades. It has been designed to include every detail of the “real thing”, which even includes the BFGoodrich all terrain tire.

In order to complete this kit, you will need to purchase a motor, LiPo battery, wrenches, ESC, remote control, receiver and a servo.

Other features of the Axial SCX10 II include:

  • AR44 Hi-Pinion axle
  • Plenty of ground clearance
  • Off road vanguard bumpers
  • Height adjustable shocks
  • Replica BFGoodrich KO2 tires
  • METHOD mesh wheels
  • Detailed instructions included

The Axial SCX10 II is an enjoyable and easy to build RC car that won’t disappoint. It does come with a premium price tag but it’s built to the highest of standards and is developed by a reputable brand. The SCX10 II also allows for plenty of upgrades or modifications to best suit your requirements.

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12. Tamiya Lancia RC Cars Series

For classic car fans or enthusiasts that appreciate detailed RC cars, the Tamiya Lancia Delta Intergrale is a great choice. However, it’s designed for those that want to build up their remote control car and only comes with the motor. Therefore, you will need to purchase a remote, receiver, ESC and a few extra components.

Although you need additional components to complete the kit, once you have built it up, it will be designed to your own specification.

Other features of the Tamiya Lancia Delta Intergrale RC include:

  • Modified to your own taste
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Reputable brand backing the kit
  • Includes a powerful motor
  • Clear Lexan body

If you are looking for your first RC car build, the Tamiya kit is perfect as it allows you to tailor the customization to your requirements. The great attention to detail by the brand make this Lancia Delta standout compared to the alternatives.

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RC Cars Buying Guide

There are hundreds of RC cars available but choosing the best can be difficult. Depending upon your budget will determine the quality and performance of the remote control car. They are available as standard, rock crawling, drift and many other types.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding remote control cars.

Types of RC Cars

The first thing to consider when searching for an RC car is what type of RC car you are looking for. There are many different types of cars available, and they all have different features and are designed for their own unique purposes. Here are the most common types of RC cars you will find, and the benefits of each one.

  • Racing cars: These cars are designed to go fast, and are built with powerful engines and aerodynamic bodies. They typically are reinforced with light metals for durability, and many of these cars are actually replicas of real racing cars on the market.
  • Sports car replicas: These are somewhat similar to racing RC cars in that they are designed to go fast and are built with a strong attention to detail. These cars are usually direct scale replicas of famous cars that are already on the market. They may not have quite as powerful engines or aerodynamic bodies as racing cars, but they are still very stylish.
  • Drift RC cars: These are race cars that are designed specifically for drifting. Drifting is a driving technique that many professional racers use for efficiency. These cars usually have anti-skid tires designed specifically for drifting.
  • Rock Crawlers: These are cars that are designed to go off road. They are usually replicas of real off road cars, and they have large, durable tires that can handle a variety of different types of terrain.

Range of Controller

Another factor to take into consideration is the range and quality of the controller. The longer the range is, the further you will be able to drive without having to run after the car. It’s also important that the controller doesn’t glitch or interfere with other electronic devices.

This is particularly crucial if you like to race your RC cars, because you don’t want your controller to interact with your competition’s controller.

RC Cars For Beginners

Engine Power

The power and type of engine is something else that’s important to look at. The more powerful the engine, the more efficient your car will be. You will be able to speed up and slow down faster, and more powerful engines tend to last longer as well.

When choosing a car, you should also find out if it uses a brushed or brushless motor. Brushless motors are much higher quality and are the best choice for a durable, high-quality RC car. They are much more efficient as well, so you’ll get much more distance out of your car with less energy. 

Max Speed

If you like to race, it’s important to find out the maximum speed of the remote control car you are interested in. Some racing cars can go as fast as 100 miles per hour, which is incredible for racing. However, if you are just looking for a sports car or a toy RC car, you may not need something that goes that fast. Faster cars can be more difficult to control as well, so they aren’t always the best choices for beginners. 


Everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to the design of their RC car, so it’s another thing that you should take a look at when shopping. Think about the types of real cars you like if you aren’t sure where to start when buying an RC car.

You’ll also want to look at the detail in the design. The more detailed a car is, the more value and enjoyment you will get out of it. Detailed cars are also more durable in many cases, because they use higher quality parts. 

RC Drift Cars


If you like to use your RC cars outside, be sure to check if the car is waterproof. Many RC cars come in waterproof models. Waterproofing allows you to use your car whenever you want with no limits, and there’s no avoiding puddles or anything else that could get the car wet. Some RC cars even have anti-skid tires that are made specifically for use in wet conditions. 

Battery Life

One of the most crucial factors when it comes to choosing your RC car is the battery life. Many cars don’t come with batteries, which allows you to choose the battery you prefer on your own. However, this can be quite inconvenient, particularly for new RC car users. If your car comes with a battery, you should always check how long the battery life is and how to recharge it. If the car is difficult to recharge, it can really get in the way of your RC car enjoyment.


With so many different types of RC cars available, it really just comes down to what type of car you are looking for and what features you need in your car. You can choose from anything from an entry-level car all the way up to the fastest RC Cars.

Regardless of what type of car you are interested in, it should be well-constructed, with a beautiful design and great performance. Durable parts are very important as well, as you won’t want to have to replace anything on your car. Our team at ProCarReviews are big fan of drift RC cars and they are certainly gaining popularity.

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