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The Best License Plate Frame 2021

license plate frame

Although the license plate design and font must be consistent upon your vehicle, the license plate frame can be as crazy as you want it to be.  They can add a touch of class to both the front and rear of your vehicle and they are simple to install.

The best license plate frame is the H C Hippo Creation Frame, which has over 1,000 hand embedded SS20 clear rhinestones onto a durable stainless steel frame.

There is a wide variety of designs available that include different sizes, design and texture to the frame. Considering that most car modifications can be fairly expensive, upgrading to a custom license plate frame is one of the cheapest.

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Best Custom License Plate Frames

License Plate FrameMaterialStyle
H C Hippo CreationStainless SteelRhinestone
TANGGIFTAluminumCarbon Fiber
SunplusTradeStainless SteelChrome
GoPlates CustomizedAluminumCustom Text
Grand GeneralPowder Coated SteelPlain

Old and dented frames can ruin the look of your car and considering they are a low cost modification to your vehicle, it is a no brainer to replace them. From as little as 10$, you can have a brand new license plate frame installed.

The frame is not only for aesthetics because it actually helps protect the frame from damage. From car washes to light parking damage, the frame will help keep the plate straight and prevent any dings.

From a simple black design to a custom carbon fiber license plate frame, there are a wide variety of styles available. Below is a list of the best license plate frames that are affordable and build to last many years.

H C Hippo Creation Luxury Bling Frame

For those that are looking to add some “bling” to their car, this is the best option. This license plate frame has an impressive 1,000 hand embedded SS20 clear Rhinestones that add a touch of class and produces a true colors.

Features of the H C Hippo Creation Luxury Bling Frame include:

  • Corrosion and scratch free
  • Stainless steel frame with grinded edges
  • All stones are made of natural rhinestone
  • Available in white, pink and champagne
  • Suitable for 12.25 x 6.25 inch license plates
  • Do not block registration tags
  • Includes all the mounting hardware

Although this is a fairly expensive frame, it does come with 90 days guarantee, 2 frames and all the mounting hardware required to install it. Overall, it is the best license plate frame for those that want to add a touch of class.

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Tang Gift Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

Although it is possible to use a vinyl wrap on the frame, it will never be as durable as a printed alternative. The Tang Gifts license plate frame has a carbon fiber print on an aluminum frame that is comparable to the real deal.

Features of the Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame by Tang Gifts includes:

  • Includes 2 license plate frames
  • Strong and rust free
  • UV protection paint
  • Slim design with multi-layer protection
  • 6.375 x 12.25 inches to fit all US/CA plates
  • Available in 6 different styles
  • Anti-theft design screw cap

Overall, it is the best carbon fiber license plate frame that looks like the real thing but at a fraction of the cost. There are others available but they are mostly made of plastic instead of a durable aluminum or stainless steel frame.

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SunplusTrade 2 Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

Simplicity is sometimes the best design and if you are looking for a direct OEM replacement that will last many years, the SunplusTrade 2 frame is ideal. It is a stainless steel construction that includes all the mounting hardware.

Features of the SunplusTrade 2 License Plate Frame include:

  • Slim design that does not block state tags
  • Rust free frame and hardware
  • 5.68 x 12.25 inch frame size
  • Easy installation and comes with a screwdriver

Stainless steel is by far one of the best license plate frame material options and this is an affordable choice. It is a durable and simplistic design that is suitable for a range of different vehicles from trucks to sports cars.

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GoPlates Heavy Duty License Plate Frame

GoPlate offers a heavy duty solution for customized license plate frames that is constructed from anodized aluminum. Unlike many of the alternatives, it has been laser engraved for additional durability.

Other features of the GoPlate Heavy Duty License Plate Frame includes:

  • Car wash, weather and UV resistant
  • 1 year colorfast guarantee
  • Choice of 6 colors
  • Customize text with 11 different fonts
  • Text on the top and bottom of the frame

If you use your vehicle for heavy duty usage such as off road or on dirt tracks, the GoPlate frame is ideal. The durable design that can withstand a range of weather and aluminum frame makes it a great option to choose.

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Grand General 60439 License Plate Frame

For those that want an affordable replacement license plate frame, the Grand General is the best option. In terms of the design, it is simplistic steel frame that has been powder coated to prevent any corrosion.

In terms of the features of the Grand General 60439 include:

  • Dimensions are 12 x 6.375 inches
  • Durable powder coated steel frame
  • Easy installation with existing license plate fasteners
  • Sleek design

Overall, there is nothing crazy about this license plate frame but it offers excellent value for money. It has been built to last for many years to come and tackle the toughest of weather conditions. It is a great option for those looking to use their existing plate fasteners and no complex installation.

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License Plate Frame Buying Guide

Upgrading your license plate frame on your vehicle is a simple and affordable modification that anybody can do. There is a variety of designs available from those full of rhinestones to a simplistic chrome finish. Regardless of the design you choose, it will always be better than a faded or dented frame.

Of course, not all number plates are the same and you will want to buy a frame that fits perfectly. Failing to do this can result in an irritating rattle. Below is a detailed buying guide discussing other factors that you should consider.

License Plate Holder

Mounting Style

When deciding on the type of frame that you want, you first must check the mounting style. US and Canadian license plates can either be mounted by 2 or 4 holes. Therefore you will want to have the same number of mounting holes in the frame and most manufacturers will offer both mounting styles.

Mounting Hardware & Tailored Fit

If you opt for a cheap license plate frame, you may find that mounting hardware is not included. Without the correct screws or washers, it can be difficult to achieve a tailored fit, which can result in irritating rattling. We highly recommend that you spend the little bit extra for a complete frame and kit.

Frame Material

Harsh weather can be fairly damaging to cheap materials such as plastic or chrome. Overtime they can become dull and the chrome or metal can even corrode, which will look terrible on your car. Choosing a powder coated steel, aluminum or stainless steel frame is advised and they will last many years to come.

Another benefit of a more durable license plate frame material is that it also protects the license plate itself. It prevents bends or dings that can occur from parking accidents or off road driving.

If you do not wish to purchase a new frame, you can even opt for a temporary fix by using a vinyl wrap. This will allow you to cover the frame in various different wraps such as carbon fiber. However, do not expect this to last very long as vinyl wrap does damage easily.

Custom License Plate Frame

Frame Sizes

When it comes to the size of most license plates in the US, they are usually 12 x 6 inches in dimensions. Therefore in order to fit properly, the frame must be slightly larger than the plate itself. To avoid any rattling or vibration of the plate inside the frame, ensure that the mounting kit includes washers or spaces. This will then secure the plate in place and avoid any issues.


Upgrading your license plate frame is an easy modification that can make a big difference to the appearance of both the front and rear of your vehicle. Installation of the frame requires no special tools and takes as little as five minutes.

When it becomes to choosing the design of the frame, ensure it compliments the design of your trim. Failing to do this can make the frame stand out in a bad way. All of our recommendations cover a range of frame materials, designs and mounting styles. If you find your perfect frame but it does not come with mounting hardware, you can purchase an aftermarket kit. However, you will want to ensure the mounting hardware is constructed of stainless steel to avoid any corrosion.

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