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The Best Sunglass Holder For Cars 2021

best sunglass holder for car

Using a sunglass holder that is designed for the car will ensure they are safe and in a known location when required. Simply leaving the sunglasses on the dash, glovebox, arm rest or elsewhere can lead to them becoming lost or damaged.

The best sunglasses holder for cars is the Superior Essentials Design, which is a universal fit for most sun visors or air vents and can hold two pairs of sunglasses.

Once you have found a pair of sunglasses for driving, you will want to ensure they don’t become broken or lost in the car. Holders can be placed on the air vents, visor, dashboard and other locations that are easy to reach.

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Best Sunglasses Holder For Car

Sunglass Holder for CarTypeSize
Superior Essentials ClipSun VisorDouble
Komake Rotational ClipSun VisorDouble
Lebogner CaseSun VisorSingle
ReadiSpex PadDashboardDouble
Clip N HangAir VentDouble

As some people have sunglasses for the day and night driving glasses for dark conditions, holders that can hold one or more glasses are very useful.

Rather than choosing the cheapest option, you will want to choose a holder that is easy to connect your sunglasses and doesn’t damage them.

Below is a list of the best sunglass holders for cars that allow you to easily store your sunglasses when not in use.

Superior Essentials Double Sunglass Holder

By far the most popular sunglass holder for cars is the Superior Essentials design. It is an easy to use holder that has no buttons or moving parts and you simply slide the sunglasses on and off the holder.

Other features of the Superior Essentials Holder include:

  • Securely holds 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • Can be attached to the sun visor or air vent
  • Universal fit for all cars
  • One handed operation
  • Mounts both horizontally and vertically

Overall, the Superior Essentials design is an excellent all-round sunglass holder for car sun visors or air vents. It also offers excellent value for money and even comes with a one year warranty for peace of mind.

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Komake Glasses Holder for Car

One of the simplest sunglass holders is the Komake clips that fits to the majority of car sun visors. To reduce any damage to the sunglasses, it has an internal soft sponge that securely holds the sunglasses in place without causing any damage.

Other features of the Komake Car Sunglass Holder include:

  • Universal design
  • Holds two pairs of sunglasses
  • Carbon fiber finish
  • Rotates 180 degrees to suit the sun visor
  • Doesn’t obstruct the view of the driver
  • Can also hold multiple cards

Overall, the Komake sunglass holder has a low profile design with a high quality construction that is built to last. It also has a unique carbon fiber finish and a universal fit, which means that you can move it between cars.

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Lebogner Car Sun Visor Sunglasses Holder

A premium option that completely covers and hides the sunglasses is the Lebogner holder. It attaches to the car sun visor and is designed to open or close easily without having to look up when driving.

Other features of the Lebogner Sunglass Holder for Cars include:

  • Suitable for a single pair of sunglasses
  • 7 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches in size
  • Made from the highest quality ABS material
  • Internals are made of velvet to prevent scratches
  • Attaches via a double snap clip design
  • Doesn’t block drivers view

Considering that some sunglasses can be very expensive, the idea of hiding them is highly recommended. The Lebogner car sunglasses holder is the best option that ticks every box but it does come with a premium price tag.

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ReadiSpex Sunglass Holder for Car Dash

A unique design that will mount to any surface is the ReadiSpex Car Sunglass Holder. It is designed primarily to be mounted upon the dashboard but there is no reason why it cannot be placed elsewhere in the car or house.

Other features of the ReadiSpex Car Sunglass Holder include:

  • Suitable for all sunglasses
  • Mounts to any surface
  • Super strong 3M adhesive
  • All-metal construction
  • Unique foldable design
  • Suitable for multiple applications

If you don’t want to attach anything to the sun visor or vent, the ReadiSpex is a great alternative. The ability to mount the sun holder to any surface on the car dashboard allows you to place it to suit your requirements.

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Clip N Hang Sunglass Holder for Car

A simple and cost effective solution to holding your sunglasses in the car is the Clip N Hang. It uses a clip that attaches to the air vent, which includes a large 1.25 inch ring that will accommodate the majority of sunglasses.

Other features of the Clip N Hang Sunglass Holder include:

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Compact design
  • Can fit multiple sunglasses within the ring
  • Universal fit for any vehicle
  • Cheapest solution

Although the Clip N Hang is an affordable option and can fit multiple sunglasses it may not be the best option. The main drawback is that once driving, the sunglasses will move and hit against the air vent. Another issue is that it may block the vents, which is passing through cold or hot air.

However, if you are primarily using it to store sunglasses whilst not driving, then it is still a great choice as the drawbacks will not be an issue.

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Sunglass Holder For Car Buying Guide

If you have ever lost or broken your sunglasses because you’ve had nowhere to place them, a sunglass holder for a car is a great investment. They are available in a range of different types suited to every car with some being able to hold more than one.

Car sunglass holders are not a factory fitted option is the majority of cars, which means the above recommendations are very popular.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding sunglasses holder for cars.

car sunglass holder

Why You Should Use a Holder

If you have ever damaged or lost your sunglasses in the car, you will understand how beneficial a car sunglass holder can be.

They provide an easy to reach solution for when you require them whilst driving and are far more convenient than the glove box.

They will also prevent them getting lost in the car or accidentally damaged which many people would have experienced.

Types of Holders

The three main types of car sunglass holders include a sun visor clip, air vent clip and a dashboard holder, which is stuck on using an adhesive pad.

Using a sun visor clip is the easiest option for many as it is easy to reach, convenient and out of the way from from any potential damage. There are several different designs available that are suitable for one or two pairs of sunglasses.

An air vent clip is another alternative that is convenient and easy to reach but it does have it’s drawback. The main downfall is that the sunglasses will rattle on bumps and sway from side to side whilst going round corners. It may also block the air vents of hot or cold air, which can be fairly frustrating.

Dashboard holders are less common but can be beneficial if the air vent or car sun visor clips are not suitable. Most will stick to the dashboard using a sticky pad and an include a ring or pocket for storing your sunglasses.


Many cheap car sunglass holder often tend to use cheaper materials that are not soft and could potential cause damage. Paying slightly extra for a design that includes padding can help protect your sunglasses from damage.


Not every sunglass holder will be compatible for your car due to the design of your sun visor or air vent. Just as important is whether the sunglasses will be compatible with the holder, which is possible for oversized lenses or abnormal frames.

Single or Double

If you own multiple pairs of sunglasses, the best option is to go for double car sunglass holder. Many are designed to hold two pairs at a time and even additional items such as cards, parking tickets and much more.


All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include the most common types of holders. Rather than risking losing or breaking your sunglasses, investing into a quality holder can be very beneficial.

We strongly advise that you avoid any holders that use tough materials or no padding. These can not only leave a mark on your sun visor but also scratch your sunglasses.

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