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The Best Gas Can 2021

Best Gas Can

Owning a quality gas can allows you to safely store gasoline for situations where you need to fill up fuel. Over the years, the design has improved to reduce spillages and ensure that they are completely safe to use.

The best gas can is the No-Spill 1405 2-1/2 gallon, which uses a push button control and a clever funnel spout to reduce spillages.

When purchasing a gas can, you will want to ensure they follow the latest EPA regulations. They will include a self-venting opening, permeation resistant container, automatic closure and other childproof related features.

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Best Gas Can

Gas CanCapacityColor(s)
No-Spill 14052.5 GallonRed
Surecan CRSUR5G15 GallonRed
VP Racing Fuels 35225 Gallon14 Options
GarageBOSS GB3101, 2 & 5 GallonRed
Wavian USA JC0020RVS4.4 GallonRed or Green
DuraMax Flo n Go14 GallonRed

The majority of gas cans range between 1 to 20 gallons in capacity with those smaller than 2 gallons being easily portable. If you wish to have a larger container for extra fuel, ensure that it has wheels for easy transportation.

Investing into a quality gas can that is easy to use and provides plenty of control is a worthwhile investment. There are many cheap and basic options but choosing the best possible container will reduce spillages and be more durable.

Below is a list of the best gas cans that are easy to control and are available in a range of capacities to suit your requirements.

No-Spill 1405 2-1/2 Gallon Poly Gas Can

By far the most popular gas can is the No-Spill 1405, which has a 2-1/2 gallon capacity. The “No-Spill” brand name gives you an idea to the reason for the popularity. It uses a push button that gives you complete control whilst pouring the gas content.

The brand also offer a range of different sizes that include anything as small as 1 gallon to a large 5 gallon gas can.

Other features of the No-Spill 1405 include:

  • 2-1/2 gallon capacity
  • 7/8 inch funnel spout
  • Attached dust cover
  • Integrated 20 mesh stainless steel screen
  • Push button control
  • Stops flow automatically
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes a 3 year warranty

Unlike a basic alternative, it has many unique features that make it standout. The No-Spill 1405 is available in a range of sizes but for all-round usage, the 2-1/2 gallon capacity will not disappoint.

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Surecan CRSUR5G1 5 Gallon Gas Can

The Surecan CRSUR5G1 is a unique gas can as it is the only one that dispenses gas from the bottom of the can. This means you do not need to awkwardly bend the can for aligning the spout with the fuel tank.

For maximum durability, this gas can has a 6 wall construction with a single layer dedicated to the removal of the gas smell whilst in storage.

Other features of the Surecan CRSUR5G1 include:

  • 5 gallon capacity
  • Rotating and bendable spout
  • Thumb trigger
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes a 1 year warranty

The clever spout and the fact it dispenses gas from the bottom of the can make it an excellent choice. Surecan offer other capacities but the 5 gallon gas can is ideal for most situations. The only drawback of this gas can is the premium price but it is a worthwhile investment that will make filling up much easier.

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VP Racing Fuels 3512 5 Gallon Gas Can

The VP Racing Fuels 3512 is designed to be the best with a high density polyethylene construction that undergoes a 15 point quality test. Although they come with a premium price, it does have an impressive 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

Pouring gas into a receiving tank can be uncomfortable and difficult to use at times. However, to ensure maximum comfort and control, this gas can has a contoured carrying handle and solid bottom grip.

Other features of the VP Racing Fuels 3512 include:

  • 5 gallon capacity
  • 14 different color options
  • Multipurpose cap with rubber gaskets
  • Includes a 3 year warranty
  • Level markings on the container

Overall, it is an excellent all-round gas can that is comfortable to use and offers great value for the money. The multiple color options also allow you to choose a container that matches the colors inside your garage or car, which is highly desirable.

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GarageBOSS Press ‘N Pour Gas Can

For those that simply want a cheap gas can for multiple situation, the GarageBOSS is the best option. It is available in a range of capacities that include 1, 2 and 5 gallon containers. Each size include a press and pour feature for simple dispensing.

To ensure dirt and other particles can access the can, the gas can includes a spout extension and dust cap.

Other features of the GarageBOSS GB310 Press N’ Pour include:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • CARB/EPA approved
  • Ergonomic spout grip and handle
  • Precision flow control
  • Fast flow rate
  • Press button spout

Overall, it is an affordable 1 gallon gas can that includes all the features you would expect from a premium alternative. The brand also offer a range of other sizes that include all the features of the smaller 1 gallon can.

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Wavian USA NATO Jerry Fuel Can

Jerry cans have been used by the military for many years and there is no reason why you cannot use them. The Wavian NATO Jerry can is the most popular and is available in a choice of red or green.

For maximum durability, the Jerry can uses a military grade rust-proof steel construction and is built to the highest specification.

Other features of the Wavian USA JC0020RVS include:

  • 4.4 gallon capacity
  • EPA, DOT and CARB compliant
  • Bayonet style quick release nozzle
  • Adapter to work with all fuel tanks
  • Seam welded for extra strength
  • Wide channel breather for smooth pouring
  • Made in Europe
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

Overall, it is the strongest gas can available that is still portable and easy to use. Unlike other cheaper alternatives, this is an authentic Jerry can that is built to the highest of standards.

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DuraMax Flo n’ Go Rolling Gas Can

If you require a larger gas can, the DuraMax Flo n’ Go is the best option. It has a huge 14 gallon capacity with a rolling wheel design that allows it to remain portable.

Unlike other gas cans, this design allows you to stand it upright and use the hand pump for maximum control and reduced spillages.

Other features of the DuraMax Flo n’ Go include:

  • 14 gallon capacity
  • Includes a fuel transfer pump
  • Auto shut off functionality
  • High density polypropylene design
  • Rugged wall construction

Using this gas can provides you with your very own gas station at your home. However, due to the large size, it may not be suitable for most people that require a portable gas can for emergency usage.

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Gas Can Buying Guide

Due to new regulations, gas cans have gradually changed over the years to improve safety. You can still use older containers but it is highly advised to replace them with new gas cans when you require a replacement.

Rather than using any old container to store gasoline, you will want to use the best gas can possible. Dangerous vapors and the flammability of the fuel require a specific type of container that is designed to handle the gas.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding gas cans.

Best 5 Gallon Gas Can

Complying with the Regulations

Due to the vapor and flammability properties of gasoline, the containers need to comply with regulations in order to be sold. The main changes that occurred in 2009 was that the gas cans could not vent on its own when in use.

Other changes included automatic closures, self venting openings, a permeation-resistant container and other childproof features.

There are also more regulations that some gas cans meet that include CARB, DOT and a few others. You will often pay a premium price but the additional safety is worth paying the extra amount.

Spout and Pouring

One feature of a gas can that differs between the brands is the spout design. Each brand will design the mechanism to work different in order to reduce spillages. This includes using a push operated button to dispense fuel and include features that automatically shuts off the flow of gas.

Another type of pouring mechanism is where the spout is located at the bottom of the tank, which is seen with the Surecan container. This provides you with additional control as well as being more comfortable to use.

Gas Capacity

Depending upon the usage of the gas can will determine the capacity that you require. To ensure that the container is not too heavy, you will not want anything larger than 5 gallons because it can weigh too much. Alternatively, you can opt for a much larger capacity where the design has rolling wheels for easy transportation.


The main two materials used within the construction of a gas can is either a plastic polypropylene or a galvanized steel. The plastic fuel cans offers a lightweight construction, which can become deformed when left in the sun. They can often crack at the bottom and it is advised that you check for any leaks. We recommend that before you put any fuel into the container, test it for leaks with water beforehand.

Metal gas cans are more expensive but offer superior durability that will not deform in the sun and can withstand far heavier impacts.

Portable Gas Can


Most gas cans are designed to be portable and you want to ensure you have an ergonomic handle for comfort. Without a comfortable grip, carrying the gas can will be difficult and made even worse when filled completely as it will be made even heavier.


If you are planning to store fuel inside of the gas can for long periods of time, the metal construction is the best option. This is because the plastic alternative tend to absorb particles from the fuel and will cause the can to change its shape. However, you can reduce the speed of the absorption by keeping the can out of the sun and in a cool location.

Importance of Colors

The color of the fuel container is not just for cosmetics but it also provides an indication to what is inside. Most brands will use red for flammable liquid such as gasoline, yellow for diesel and there are a range of other colors used.

However, there is nothing stopping you using whichever color you desire. Brands such as VP Racing Fuels offer plenty of color options to suit your requirements.


If you have ever run out of fuel, you will understand the importance of owning a gas can. They have improved massively over the years in terms of safety and usability. If possible, we recommend spending the small amount extra for the additional features.

All of the recommendations cover a range of budgets and sizes to suit your requirements. Before purchasing any gas can, you should ensure that it is EPA approved and comes with a warranty against any defects.

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