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The Best iPad Car Mount 2021

iPad Car Mount

Using an iPad within your car can provide a range of functionality but finding a place to put it can be difficult. However, by using an iPad car mount, you are able to use it for navigation whilst driving, general browsing or something to keep the kids busy.

The best iPad car mount is the iKross Headrest Holder, which is a universal fit to the majority of 2 post headrest configurations and can adjust in numerous directions.

There are a range of car phone holders that are great for many large phones and small tablets but not for iPad’s. However, there is number of ways that you can mount the iPad that include cup holders, CD slots, upon the dashboard and much more.

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Best iPad Holder For Car

iPad Car MountMountingSize
iKross Car Mount Headrest7 to 10.5 Inches
Kebelo M-CD2CD Slot7 to 10.5 Inches
Macally 2-in-1Cup Holder3.5 to 8 Inches
OHLPRO SuctionWindshield/Dash4 to 10 Inches
Inndise Leather CaseHeadrest7 to 9.5 Inches

When it comes to compatibility, you will want to ensure that the cradle is suitable for the width of your iPad. Most will be compatible with the full range of generations but the larger devices such as 9 inches and above may be too large for some mounts.

Installing a headrest DVD player for backseat passengers can be expensive and if you already have an iPad, there is no need for them. Simply purchasing an affordable mount can provide a great source of entertainment for passengers.

Below is a list of the best iPad car mounts that will securely hold your tablet in place and be adjusted in various directions to improve the visibility.

iKross Car Headrest iPad Holder

By far the most popular iPad car mount is the iKross, which connects to the headrest mechanism of the front seats. This makes in excellent choice to keep backseat passengers entertained. It can adjust and rotate in numerous directions so that it can be visible from a range of different angles.

Features of the iKross iPad Car Holder includes:

  • Compatible with most 2 post headrest configurations
  • 360 degree swivel ball joint
  • Rigid center extension arm
  • Ensure maximum stability
  • Suitable for the majority of iPads models

Overall, it is the best iPad car holder that connects to the headrests for backseat passengers and is very simple to install. The iKross holder is also compatible with a range of other tablets too that include Huawei, Lenovo and so much more.

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Kebelo M-CD2 Magnetic CD Holder For iPad

For those that have a CD player inside their car, using a mount that connects into the CD drive may be the best option. The Kebelo M-CD2 is a universal magnetic holder that is designed to securely hold iPad’s and a range of other tablets.

Other features of the Kebelo M-CD2 Magnetic CD Holder includes:

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Powerful magnetic plate
  • Suitable for a range of tablets
  • Blade inserts into most CD drives
  • Compact and sleek design

The main drawback of the CD mount is that it can get in the way of buttons, air conditioning and block the display from your double din car stereo. However, this is highly dependent upon where the CD player is located and whether it will make any difference. Apart from that potential issue, the Kebelo M-CD2 is an excellent choice.

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Macally Heavy-Duty Car Cup Holder Mount

The Macally iPad car mount is one that locates within the cup holder of your car. It is suitable for the majority of iPad’s and other tablets that are between 3.5 to 8 inches wide. We highly recommend that you take measurements beforehand for the most secure fit. The manufacturer recommends that the cup holder is between 2.5 and 4 inches in diameter for the most secure fit whilst using this mount.

Other features of the Macally Car Cup iPad Holder includes:

  • Collapsible to 10 inches
  • Swivel, twist or turn to any viewing angle
  • Clever design minimizes vibrations
  • Fits most standard cup holders
  • Compatible with the majority of tablets

Overall, the Macally iPad Holder is an excellent choice for those that have conveniently placed cup holders within their car. Not every car has cup holder in suitable locations for this iPad holder, therefore it is important that you take measurements beforehand.

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OHLPRO iPad Car Mount For Dash or Windshield

Using a suction cup makes the OHLPRO a universal iPad car holder, which can be mounted anywhere from the dashboard to the windshield. The suctions gels have been specifically designed for windshield and ensure maximum suction.

Other features of the OHLPRO iPad Car Holder include:

  • Suitable for windshield or dashboard mounting
  • Six powerful magnets that hold tablets from 4 to 10 inches
  • 360 degree swivel ball to rotate the iPad in any angle
  • Includes 3M adhesive

If none of the alternatives are suitable for your requirements, the OHLPRO can be mounted on your dashboard or windshield. Compared to other cheap suction mounts, this really doe secure and hold with maximum stability with 6 magnets.

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Inndise iPad Car Headrest Holder

The Inndise is a popular headrest iPad holder that comes with a one year warranty and can be easily installed to virtually any headrest. It conveniently holds your iPad within the leather case and even includes pockets for storing all your accessories.

Other features of the Inndise Headrest iPad Holder includes:

  • Suitable for a range of iPad’s
  • 27.5 inch long strap that wraps around most headrest
  • PU leather case for holding the iPad
  • No hard plastics and completely child friendly
  • Soft lining protects the iPad from damage

Overall, the Inndise iPad car holder is an excellent all-rounder that can be used on any type of car headrest. The strap is also far easier to install and not as fiddly as other headrest iPad holders.

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iPad Car Mount Buying Guide

Due to the vast amount of people that own an iPad, it makes sense that so many manufacturers are producing car mounts. They provide a range of benefits that include music, navigation, games and so much more.

Investing into a quality iPad car mount will ensure that it stays stable whilst inside your car and allows you to enjoy a wide range of benefits.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide regarding iPad car mounts.

iPad Holder For Car

Types of iPad Holders For Cars

Not every car is the same and you may want to choose a mount that is best fit for your car. There is a whole range of mounts available but within our recommendations we have covered the main four, which include headrest, CD slot, cup holder and the suction mount.

Headrest Mount

By far one of the most popular car iPad mount options is by connecting to your headrest. These are primarily beneficial to the backseat passengers and connect to the rear of the front seat passenger. Some connect to the 2 post configuration whilst others use a strap and can be connected to virtually any type of headrest.

The only main drawback is that it is clearly not designed for the front seat passenger but for keeping the kids entertained, its perfect.

CD Slot Mount

For those that have CD players inside their vehicle, using a CD mount may be a great option. It uses a blade that slot straight into the CD drive and is able to hold virtually any tablets using magnets upon the bracket.

However, the main drawback of this type of mount is that it obstructs the view of double din display or using the buttons upon your single din head unit. Depending upon where your CD player is located, it may also obstruct the air conditioning, hazard lights and much more.

Car Cup Holder Mount

Almost every car has a cup holder and it makes for a great place to mount your iPad because almost all are located in the center of the car. This means you can place it at the front of the car or between the two front seats for backseat passengers.

However, not all cars will have cup holder in convenient locations inside the car, which may make it an issue. Another problem that may pose an issue is the diameter of the cup holder, because not every manufacturer will use a set diameter.

Windshield or Dashboard via a Suction Mount

Finally one of the most common and cheapest methods is by using a suction mount. These will allow you to connect the mount to almost anywhere in the car but the most common areas are either the windshield or dashboard.

It is highly recommended to spend the little extra with these types of mount because low cost version are known to not provide enough suction. This will result in the mount falling off a lot whilst driving, which can be highly frustrating.

iPad Mount For Car

Compatibility With Your Tablet

Before purchasing any car mounts for your iPad or other tablets, it is important that you take measurements. Unless it uses a cradle-less design, you will have limitations to how wide your tablet can be in order to fit correctly.

Some mounts struggle to hold the larger screen sized tablets as the cradle does not reach that wide. Opting for a magnetic iPad car holder is great but if there is not enough magnetic power, the tablet can fall fairly easily from a bump in the road. We highly recommend analyzing the design and ensuring that the magnets are appropriately spread out and there are more than 4 magnets on the mount.

Benefits of Using a Tablet in Your Car

Some may think that using a tablet within your car can be a huge distraction. Of course, this is true if you are playing games or watching a video whilst driving, which of course is not recommended. However, mounting the iPad in a location that dose not obstruct your view can provide a range of benefits such as navigation, handsfree calling and much more.

Mounting your iPad within the rear provides excellent entertainment for backseat passengers. They will be able to play games, watch movies and a whole range of other functionality that the iPad provides.


There is nothing worse than using an iPad car mount that drops it under hard turning or braking and even bumps in the road. However, investing into a quality mount such as those recommended within this article can ensure that it remains secure.

When used correctly, iPads within your car can improve your driving experience and keep backseat passengers entertained. However, we strongly recommend that you use the iPad appropriately and not allow it to distract you whilst out on the road.

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