pressure washer for auto detailing

The Best Pressure Washer For Cars 2019

Over the past few years, the popularity of the car pressure washer has exploded as an all-round cleaning tool. Once you have used a quality pressure washer for cars, you will see exactly how effective they are at cleaning anything they are pointed at. The best pressure washer for cars is the Sun Joe SPX3000, which […]

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Best Steering Wheel Knob

The Best Steering Wheel Knob 2019

Using a steering wheel knob allows you to easily spin the steering wheel with just one arm. They are often called alternatives names such as a Brodie knob, spinner and even a knuckle buster. The best steering wheel knob is the AutoMuko Universal Knob, which uses a premium ABS and silicone construction and a flat […]

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Best Steering Wheel Cover

The Best Steering Wheel Cover 2019

The benefits of using a steering wheel cover is that it hides any defects but also provides protection against dirty hands. Investing into a quality cover can improve the aesthetics of the cars interior and can improve your grip of the steering wheel. The best steering wheel cover is the SEG Direct Leather and Microfiber […]

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best racing seats

The Best Racing Seats 2019

Installing aftermarket racing seats to your car will allow you to daily drive it as well as safely race on the track. They are designed to hold your body in place and provide you with better control around the corners. The best racing seat is the Sparco R100, which is compatible with the majority of […]

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Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel

The Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel 2019

Installing an aftermarket steering wheel is a popular modification with a wide variety available. You have the choice of wooden, racing and a range of other styles. During the installation, you will require steering hub to attach it too. The best aftermarket steering wheel is the Nardi Classic, which is made in Italy and is […]

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Strut Spring Compressor

The Best Strut Spring Compressor 2019

If you are planning on doing any suspension work to your vehicle that involves removing coil springs, you will need a strut spring compressor. The purpose of this compression tool is to reduce the size of the springs so they can be easily removed. The best strut spring compressor is the Performance Tool W89322 Professional, which […]

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Best Blow Off Valve

The Best Blow Off Valve 2019

For those with a turbocharged engine, you can install a blow off valve, which takes the load off the turbo as you stop accelerating. As a result, the blow off valve creates a distinctive and desirable flutter/hissing sound. The best blow off valve is the Go Fast Bits T9351, which uses a patented pilot actuated […]

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Best Topside Creeper

The Best Topside Creeper 2019

Using a topside creeper allows you to assess and work on an engine bay with ease. They are mostly used for SUVs or trucks due to the height because it reduces the need to awkwardly bend over the frontend of the vehicle. The best topside creeper is the Traxion 3-100 Foldable, which has an adjustable […]

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best quick release steering wheel

The Best Quick Release Steering Wheel 2019

The use of a quick release steering wheel is found in most racing cars but it is also a popular modification for street cars. If you have racing seats or a roll cage installed, the removal of the steering wheel makes it easier to get in and out of the car. The best quick release […]

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Best Boost Gauge

The Best Boost Gauge 2019

Installing a boost gauge allows you to monitor vacuum and compression levels of your turbo or supercharger. The majority will be able to measure up to 35 PSI of boost pressure but there are alternatives for those running more boost. The best boost gauge is the AEM 30-4406, which is a standalone system with a […]

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