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The Best Underglow Kit 2021

Underglow Kit

Adding lighting to your vehicle is an easy way of transforming its appearance during the night. Adding an underglow kit is a popular modification that not only looks great but is also practical as it provides extra visibility of the floor.

The best underglow kit is the OPT7 Aura All-Color Lighting, which includes many different modes such as SoundSync™ that allows you to visualize the beat.

Installing an underglow kit to your car or truck is fairly straightforward as its simply attaches to the chassis in most cases. They are available in a range of color outputs and some kits can even be controlled by a smartphone for changing the colors.

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Best Underglow LED Kit

Underglow KitControlLED Strips
OPT7 Aura All-ColorWireless Remote4
XKGLOW Accent Light KitSmartphone8
Sunpie Under Car Lighting KitSmartphone & Remote4
LEDGlow SlimlineWireless Remote6
ZHOL Underbody KitWireless Remote4

There are two main types of underglow lighting that include neon and LED kits. Neon has been used for many years and are slightly brighter but compared with the LED alternative, they are inefficient and fragile. LED systems are constantly improving due to the advancements of technology and allow for much more functionality.

Improvements from LED lighting include the option to choose an underglow kit that can be controlled by a smartphone. This will allow you to change the colors and even the light pattern with some premium examples.

Below is a list of the best LED underglow kits that illuminate the underside of your vehicle to make it more visible on the road.

OPT7 Aura All-Color LED Underglow Lighting Kit

OPT7 are a popular brand that produce a range of different automotive lighting. As with the off road lights that they produce, these are built to last with an aluminum construction and filled with dense silicone.

Other features of the OPT7 Underglow Kit includes:

  • Withstands road debris, moisture and other elements
  • Remote control activated
  • SmartColor LEDs that mixes colors at the micro level
  • SoundSync™ that allows you to visualize the beat
  • Includes 2 x 48 inch bars and 2 x 36 inch bars
  • Power sources include a charger adapter or Plug-n-Go™ fuse tap connectors

The Micro-LEDs combines 3 primary colors into a single SMD, which produces a pure light color. The SoundSync™ is another unique selling point and it allows you to really show off with the bass activated technology.

Overall, the OPT7 Aura All-Color is the best underglow kit that is built to last and offers excellent functionality. Using the remote control you can select different colors, dim the lighting, access to vairable speed control and activate flashing modes.

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XKGLOW Under Car LED Accent Light Kit

The XKGLOW underglow kit is a premium option that uses Bluetooth for a wireless connection between your smartphone and the lighting kit. The application used with this kit is called Xkchrome and it is available on both iOS and Android.

Other features of the XKGLOW Under Car LED Light Kit includes:

  • 16 million vibrant colors
  • Music sync modes
  • Smart brake function that changes all the LEDs to red
  • Dual zone control
  • 8 x 12 inch LED tubes
  • Includes all the mounting hardware

Although it is the most expensive kit within this article, it does have many unique selling points. Such features such as the syncing with your brake lights and the choice of 16 million colors make it a worthwhile investment.

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LEDGlow Slimline Truck Underbody Light Kit

LEDGlow produce a range of different underglow kits but the slimline 7 piece kit for trucks is by far their most popular. It includes 2 x 42 inch bars, 2 x 36 inch bars and 2 x 24 inch bars for lighting the full underbody.

Other features of the LEDGlow Underbody LED Kit includes:

  • Choice of 7 solid colors to select
  • Includes 6 feet of wire that allows you to daisy chain between tubes
  • 6 flashing, 6 scanning, 2 chase, 2 color cycle and 2 sound activated modes
  • Lifetime support and one year limited warranty
  • Activate modes via a control box or wireless remote

Overall, the LEDGlow Slimline is the best underglow kit for trucks that provide excellent all-round visibility. The 7 solid colors include blue, red, green, yellow, purple, teal and white, which should be more of enough choice to suit your requirements.

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Sunpie LED Underglow Lighting Kit

One of the cheapest kits that can be controlled by a smartphone is the Sunpie Underglow Kit. It is compatible with any car or truck and can be controlled by the free Android or iOS application that comes with various different modes.

Features of the Sunpie Bluetooth Underglow Kit includes:

  • Includes 2 x 47 inch and 35 inch LED strips
  • Waterproof rating of IP67
  • Smartphone and remote controlled
  • Music, and multi-colored modes
  • Brightness and flicker speed adjustable
  • Aluminum surrounded strips
  • Includes all the mounting hardware

The Sunpie is an excellent all-rounder that includes everything you need to get up and running. The ability to control the system via the smartphone application or remote control is also a big bonus.

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ZHOL 7-colors LED Undercar Lights

One of the cheapest kits available is the ZHOL that provides light output of 7 colors with multiple different flashing patterns available. Although it is a budget option, it still has a sound lighting effect, which produces a strobe light output.

Other features of the Zhol Under Car Lighting include:

  •  Multi-colored light output
  • 2 x 48 inch and 2 x 36 inch LED strips
  • Sound active effects
  • Controlled using a wireless remote
  • Uses a 12V power source
  • Completely waterproof

Overall, the Zhol underglow kit is an affordable option for those that just simply want to trial the lighting system. It is not going beat the performance of the premium alternative but for the low price tag, it will not disappoint.

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Underglow Kit Buying Guide

Installing an underglow kit to your truck, car, motorcycle or any other vehicle is fairly straight forward and cheap in most cases. They can provide you with partial or 360 degree lighting underneath your vehicle and make your presence known on the road.

Rewinding back a few years, most underglow kits were constructed of neon bulbs. They provided excellent bright light and were available in a range of color options. However, due to the advancement in LED technology, they are slowly becoming phased out with durable, bright and clever LED bulbs.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide regarding underglow kits.

Underglow Kit For Truck

Neon vs LED

Neon uses old technology and have been used for many years in the car modification industry. However, are the days of using neon lighting over with the introduction of LED kits that provide similar level of brightness and more? To help you make up your own decision, we have discussed the features of each below:

Neon Kit

Neon lighting since contains a tiny amount of gas that is under light pressure in order to produce light output. This gas is stored in neon tubes that light up depending upon the type of gas that is under the pressure.

Installing the neon kit can be much simpler in some cases too and as long as they do not become physically damaged, they can even last longer than LEDs.

The main advantage that they have over the LED alternative is that they can be much brighter in some cases. However, the neon tubes are not the strongest and if they were to be subjected to heavy impact, they are more than likely going to crack.


Light Emitting Diode or what is commonly referred to as LED is by far the most popular form of lighting used with underglow kits. They are used for the majority of lighting that include LED headlight bulbs to inside your home.

When it comes to using LED lighting for the underglow kit, they are far more durable, which is great for those that use their vehicles for offroading. They also consume far less power, which reduces the drain upon your car battery and are cheaper to buy.

In terms of the installation, LED underglow kits can be installed in all the tight gaps and areas that may be subjected to impact, vibrations and dirt.

Color Output and Modes

An underglow kit is available as a single color or multi-colored system that can be controlled by a remote control or Bluetooth via a smartphone application. Multi-colored are the more desirable of the two but are more expensive for obvious reasons.

Many include extra features that go a lot further than simply switching it on and off. For example, you can sync the lights with the car audio, which will fluctuate the music based upon the audio. There are a whole range of other modes such as strobe effects, moving motion and so much more.

When it comes to using these different lighting modes, it is important that you abide by the state laws.

LED Underglow Kit

Controlling the Lighting System

The ability to adjust the color output or control the pattern mode is highly desirable. This can be achieved by using a remote control or the more advanced smartphone application, which are developed by the manufacturer and are specific to the kit.

Remote Control

Using a remote control is the old fashioned method of controlling your setup. They are easy to use and you have no worries of compatibility or the length of the distance you can control the system from. However, the remote control can be easily lost, will require batteries and may not offer as much functionality when compared to a smartphone application.


Bluetooth is the more modern approach to controlling your underglow lights and it offers more functionality. The manufacturer of the kit will have their own smartphone application that will enable the wireless connection. Once up and running, you will have complete control of the system and will have less wiring to install too. However, not everyone will want to use their smartphone and the issue of compatibility  may become an issue too.

Installation of the Underglow Kit

The majority of the kits available are plug and play devices that come with all the hardware in the box. Simply hooking the lights to the underbody of your vehicle and then using the cable to a suitable power source will have them outputting light.

However, not every kit will be the same and some may require additional steps to be taken. We strongly advise that you purchase some zip ties to help with the installation and ensure it is fully secure.


Installing an underglow kit to your truck, car, motorcycle or any other vehicle can improve the appearance drastically. They are easy to install and there are a range of affordable and premium devices available to suit all budgets.

All of our recommendations are suitable for a range of vehicles and can be controlled via a smartphone application or remote control. Underglow kits are an excellent upgrade but ensure that you use the system safely and comply with the state law.

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