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6 Best Automotive Heat Guns 2018

An automotive heat gun is an affordable garage tool that every mechanic should have in their tool box. Using a hairdryer for heat is not ideal and an affordable heat gun will give you the edge for carrying out tasks such as tinting car windows or wrapping your cars interior.

The best automotive heat gun will have additional power over a hairdryer as well as multiple setting for various jobs. They are highly dangerous within the wrong hands but work great for bending plastics or welding plastic onto adhesive for body kits.

Best Heat Gun For Vehicle Use

Heat GunMax Temp °CMax Wattage
Porter Cable PC1500HG11001500
Black & Decker HG130010001375
Wagner 0503070 Furno 70013001500
DEWALT D26960K11001500
Genesis GHG1500A10001500
Drill Master11001500

If you are looking for top rated heat guns, you are probably fed up of using a hair dryer for heat. However, the average hair dryer will only be able to produce a maximum of 100°C to 200°C of heat whereas an automotive heat gun will be able to produce heat of 100°C to 750°C.

Heat guns will have more heat settings than the average hair dryer that usually has three settings. The additional settings on the heat gun will give the user much more practical use opposed to a hairdryer.

We strongly recommend that you avoid the cheap Chinese products that are available because they will have a more lenient safety regulations. We have done the research and below are the best automotive heat guns on the market.

Porter Cable PC1500HG 1500-Watt Heat Gun

best automotive heat gun by Porter Cable

The PC1500 by Porter Cable is the best heat gun for automotive for the money. As with the best polisher machines, the Porter Cable produces high quality garage tools that are highly rated worldwide.

Compared with other products within the same price range, it offers the most amount of power with 1,500 watt motor that powers separate controls for the heat and fan speed. The purpose of the fan is to allow the gun to be used at cooler temperatures for other applications.

A clever feature of the Porter Cable is the integrated support stand that allows you to use both hands on the work area without the need of holding onto the heat gun.

The PC1500HG isn’t the cheapest on the market, but for the small amount more, you are getting much better quality and functionality. The maximum temperature whilst on the highest fan setting is a massive 1100°C, which is great for a cheap heat gun.

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Black & Decker HG1300 Dual Temperature Heat Gun

affordable heat gun for cars

The Black and Decker HG1300 has a dual temperature that is between 750°C and 1000°C. The fan speed is fixed unlike the Porter Cable but this is reflected with a slightly cheaper price.

Black and Decker are known for producing high quality tools and this is backed up with an impressive two year warranty. It uses a 1375 watt motor for heat that is also less than the above heat gun but it is still very powerful in terms of the competition.

The HG1300 offers great value for money and is an affordable heat gun for carrying out anything from tinting windows to heating up a motherboard on an Xbox or PS4.

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Wagner 0503070 Furno 700 Heat Gun

Wagner Furn 700 LCD Screen

The Wagner Furno 700 is the ultimate heat gun that includes a LCD screen for more control and exact readings. The Furno 700 (1500 watt) comes with 5 different fan speeds and 1 cooling down setting that is more than the other listed in this article.

The temprature range starts at a cool 125°C and raises to a staggering 1300°C which is more than you will ever need. I used a friends Furno 700 for removing a badge from a boot lid and I was seriously impressed with the functionality.

Thanks to a ceramic element for the heat, the life span of the Wagner heat gun is much greater than others. To build confidence to potential customers, there is a 5 year limited warranty. The price is the only downside as it is almost double that of the Porter Cable that we highly rate. That said, this is the best automotive heat gun without the price being a factor.

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DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun Package

best heavy duty heat gun by Dewalt

For those looking for every additional accessories possible matched with a high quality heat gun with multiple settings, then the Dewalt D26960K is the product for you. This is more suited for people that use heat guns on a regular basis for removing adhesive, paint and much more.

Thanks to a well lit LCD display, you are able to adjust the fan temperature within 50 degree increments between the range of 150°C to 1100°C from a 1500 wattage motor. In layman’s terms, this is 19 different temperature settings that can be used in many different applications.

Clever features include an overload protection that switches the heating element down to prevent burn outs. Intelligent features like this increase the lifespan greatly and Dewalt also offer a 3 year warranty just in case.

The D26960K includes 12 accessories to improve the use of the heat gun but this is reflected in the inflated price compared with the other models. However, this is the best overall package with all the settings, power and accessories you could ask for.

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Genesis GHG1500A Heat Gun Kit

best cheap heat gun by genesisAs with the Dewalt D26960K, the Genesis GHG1500A has a number of accessories to aid the heating of your work area. It uses a 1500 watt 12.5 amp motor with two heat temperature settings that can be used in the automotive world or even lighting barbecues.

The Genesis GHG1500A is by far the best cheap heat gun that produces a maximum of 1000°C which is far hotter than the majority of peoples requirements. It even comes with a 2 year home warranty that is great for a heat gun that is so cheap.

The extra nozzles and integrated stand are great features for a cheap heat gun that not even the premium units have. Value for money with the Genesis heat gun is outstanding and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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Easy To Use Heat Gun By Drill Master

cheap heat gun for automotive use

A heat gun is one of those garage tools that you will use once and then it will be left in a garage tool chest for years. For this reason, you may want to buy the cheapest heat gun possible just to get that one job completed.

There are many cheap heat guns that are terrible quality and produce far less heat that advertised. However, this Drill Master version feels solid and works great for use on cars. Even at the cheaper price, it still packs an impressive 1,500 watt heat motor.

It simple enough for the average DIY’er to use, with two temperature setting and an ON/OFF button to produce the heat. There is not much more to say other than its a affordable heat gun.

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What Is The Best Heat Gun To Buy?

The Dewalt D26960K is the ultimate package but it is on the expensive side of things that may put of many people. For the majority of people, the Porter Cable is the best buy with multiple features, high power, high heat and great value for money.

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