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The Best Transmission Jack 2021

Best Transmission Jack

A transmission jack is an essential tool for mechanics that are removing or installing transmissions. They are used by professionals because the transmission can be very difficult to remove and it requires smooth movements to avoid damage.

The best transmission jack is the OTC 1793A Stinger, which uses a foot operated pump to control transmissions of a maximum weight of 1,000 LBS.

Transmission jacks are available in two main types that include a low profile or high lift jack. If you intend to use the high lift transmission jack, you will need to have access to a car lift whereas the low lift alternative can be used on the floor.

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Best Transmission Jack

Transmission JackLift TypeLifting Range
OTC 1793A StingerHigh35 to 71 inches
Sunex 7793BHigh35 to 74 inches
JEGS 79012Low8.5 to 23 inches
Iglobalbuy 2 StageHigh34 to 70 inches
Torin Big RedHigh49 to 68 Inches

Many people attempt to make a DIY alternative using their car floor jack and wood. However, the cost of damaging the transmission is not worth thinking about and it is a fraction of the cost of a transmission jack.

Below is a list of the best transmission jacks that are suitable for a range of weight capacities and are available as a low or high lift jack.

OTC 1793A Stinger Transmission Jack

OTC are a highly reputable brand that are known for their superior quality. The OTC 1793A Stinger is a premium transmission jack that uses a universal saddle that tilts from front to back and side to side.

For maximum mobility, it uses a wide leg base with swivels wheels that provides both stability and easy maneuvering.

Other features of the OTC 1793A Stinger include:

  • Maximum load capacity of 1,000 LBS
  • Adjustable corner brackets and safety chains
  • Foot operated pump and lowering pedal
  • Safety overload system
  • Flash chromed rams to prevent corrosion
  • Lowest position of 35 inches
  • Highest position of 71 inches

Although expensive, the OTC 1793A Stinger is the best option for professional or home mechanics. It is also backed by the reputable OTC brand that have a range of accessories and spare parts available for this jack.

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Sunex 7793B Telescopic Transmission Jack

Another premium option is the Sunex high lift transmission jack, which is able to provide a maximum lift of 74 inches. It also includes a foot activated pump pedal for hands-free raising of the rams.

It has a universal saddle that includes angle brackets, which can be adjusted to suit different transmission pan configurations.

Other features of the Sunex 7793B Jack include:

  • Chain town downs for securing the transmission
  • Weight capacity of 1,000 LBS
  • Lowered telescopic rams
  • Heavy duty swivel casters for movement
  • Overload valve to prevent over-stressing the jack
  • Includes a 1 year warranty

Overall, the Sunrex hydraulic transmission jack is a great alternative to the OTC 1793A Stinger. It provides a great lifting range and a wide base that allows for easier maneuvering of the transmission on the jack to the work bench.

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JEGS 79012 Low Profile Transmission Jack

The JEGS 79012 is a low lift transmission jack, which uses a versatile saddle that provides total adjustments in every direction. In terms of the lifting range, it lifts from 8.5 to 23 inches, which is more than ideal for most transmissions.

To ensure maximum mobility, the jack uses four swivel ball bearing casters that are easy to roll and built to last.

Other features of the JEGS 79012 Low Lift include:

  • Weight capacity of 1,000 LBS
  • 360 degrees rotation of pumping handle
  • Load support arms are adjustable
  • Includes safety chains for securing the transmission
  • Safety overload system

If you require a low profile transmission jack, the JEGS 79012 is the best option. It provides maximum adjustment and safety chains along with a low lift range, which allows you to safely remove or install certain transmissions.

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Iglobalbuy Hydraulic Transmission Jack

The Iglobalbuy is an affordable high lift transmission jack that has many features found on other premium alternatives. For example, it includes the desirable foot-operated pump and lifting pedal for maximum control.

Although Iglobalbuy is not a specialist garage tools brand like the others, this jack does come with 2 years warranty for peace of mind.

Other features of the Iglobalbuy Hydraulic Jack include:

  • Load capacity of 1,100 LBS
  • Telescopic two stage hydraulic ram
  • Wide 4 leg base with swivel casters for stability
  • Lowered height of 34 inches and raised height of 70 inches
  • Heavy duty steel construction

Overall, it is a high performing hydraulic transmission jack that provides a great lifting range and durable construction. Although Iglobalbuy is not a specialist brand, it does provide great value for money and a 2 year warranty.

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Torin Big Red Transmission Floor Jack

Torin are known for their jack stands but produce a variety of other products such as this transmission jack. It is an affordable option with a 1,000 LBS capacity and lifting range from 49.6 inches to 68.7 inches.

The construction can be a weakness of some jacks but not the Torin Big Red. It uses heavy duty steel with a dipped enamel finish for superior durability.

Other features of the Torin Big Red Transmission Floor Jack include:

  • Saddle adjusts for any transmissions
  • Includes safety chains
  • 4 leg base with 3 inch steel wheels
  • 1,000 LBS load capacity
  • Hardware and instructions included
  • 1 piece jack handle

Overall, it is an excellent all-round transmission jack that provides value for money and performance. It is also produced by a reputable brand that will have readily available spare parts, which can be beneficial after a few years of heavy usage.

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Transmission Jack Buying Guide

The transmission in any car is often the most expensive component. There may be times where it need to be removed in order to repair or get to other components of the car. In order to ensure that there is no damage, you will want to use a transmission jack that securely lifts and lowers it with no issues.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding transmission jacks.

transmission floor jack

Low Lift vs High Lift

Choosing between a high lift or low profile transmission jack is dependent upon your personal preference and garage setup.

High lift transmission jacks use a saddle that sits on top of a hydraulic pedestal. To use this type of jack to the best of it’s abilities, you will need car lift or a raised truck, which is compatible with the lifting range.

Low profile transmission jacks are suitable for vehicles with limited access or not lifted upon a car lift. However, you will still need to lift the car up slightly using car jacks, which will allow you to pull the transmission from underneath the car.

How To Use a Transmission Jack

Using a transmission jack for removing or installing the transmission is fairly straightforward. Simply line the saddle of the jack with the bottom of the transmission and ensure the angle is correct. You can then begin to elevate it upwards, dismantle the transmission, align it appropriately on the saddle and then low it down.

Before removing the transmission, it is highly recommended that you remove the transmission fluid beforehand. Before beginning to lower the transmission, it is also highly advised to use the safety chains. They are designed primarily to secure it upon the saddle and improve the stability whilst moving the jack around the garage.

Range of Motion

To ensure that you have enough lifting range to safely remove the transmission, you will want to consider the range of motion. This is the vertical range, which refers to the lowest or maximum height of the transmission jack. It the jack is too high or doesn’t reach the transmission, it will not be compatible with your vehicle.

Using a Transmission Jack Adapter

If you own a high quality floor jack already, you could use an adapter attachment for tasks that involve transmissions. They are much cheaper than purchasing a jack and will work perfectly for many transmissions.

However, compared against a proper transmission jack, it will not be able to perform as effectively or easily. They are the best option for big jobs or those that deal with removing or installing transmissions on a regular basis.

transmission jack adapter

Weight Capacity

The majority of transmission jacks will have a weight capacity of 1,000 LBS, which more than exceeds the weight of most transmissions.

Whilst removing or installing a transmission, you will be holding it for long periods of time and it’s critical that the jack is strong enough.


The weakest part of most transmission jacks is the construction. Due to the tough environment and heavy transmissions, they can easily become damaged. Unless they have been powder coated, they can also suffer from corrosion.

We advise that you choose a jack with a steel construction that has been powder coated or dipped for maximum durability.

Other Factors

Transmission jacks will need to be as stable as possible to avoid the transmission from slipping during movement. Most will include a wide leg base as well as multiple safety chains for securing the transmission onto the saddle of the jack.

Other factors to consider whilst searching for a transmission jack include:

  • Foot pedals
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Overload valves
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Warranties


You may be tempted to use some wood and your existing floor jack but this would be dangerous. Placing the transmission weight upon the unstable wood could drop at any minute, which would cause extensive damage.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of different budgets and types.

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