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6 Best Dash Cams For Truck Drivers 2018

A Dash Cam is an onboard camera that continuously records your driving through the windscreen but can also be placed elsewhere in the car. The best dash cams can range from as little as $50 to over $500 dollars, with high quality footage and high processing power being desirable.

The best dash cam for truck drivers is the Z-Edge Z3 using a high quality SD card. The impressive 2K 2560 x1080 Ultra HD provides crisp quality through a cars windscreen and the user interface is very intuitive for all users.

Dash cams with high quality footage has become more popular in western countries in the US and UK for insurance reasons. In eastener countries such as Russia, almost all the population driving cars owns top rated dash cams.

Best Trucker Dash Cams

Best Dash CamsResolutionMax Memory
Rexing V11920x1080P128GB
Falcon Zero Touch PRO1920x1080P64GB
KDLINKS X11920x1080P32GB
Lecmal HD1280x960P32GB
Falcon Zero F360+1920x1080P X232GB
Z-Edge Z32560x1080P64GB

If you are new to the dash cam game, you will probably want to read the dash cam buying guide below to get up to speed. The benefits of dash cams will remove any objections to those that think they are a waste of money. They provide peace of mind on the road against fraudulent claims thus saving you money in the long run.

There is a serious amount of dash cams on the market today but not many provide high quality footage. This is a big problem because when looking back at your footage it may be hard to spot certain things or be valid for an insurance company to view. To combat this, below is a list of the best dash cams for truck drivers that are reasonably priced and durable.

Rexing V1 LCD 1080p Wide Angle

The Rexing V1 is an affordable high quality dash cam that is highly popular throughout the US. It falls in the category of one of the best dash cams for under $100. The main specification of the Rexing Dash Cam is the following:

  • FHD 1080P resolution at 30 FPS
  • 170 Degree Lens for wide dynamic video footage
  • 128 GB memory card support with looping enabled
  • G-Sensor for accident auto detection
  • Withstands 160 degree heat when operating

Thanks to the full HD that the V1 dash cam provides, the quality is all that you need. The dash cam also has an excellent WDR technology that automatically adjusts the exposure of the camera to ensure the footage is balanced.

The G-Sensor technology provides automatic locking and saving of footage when the camera detects a collision. This is not a standard feature of most dash cams and can be very valuable for those parking accidents where people make quick escapes without leaving a note.

The looping feature will allow users to override the newest video footage with the older footage. This ensure the most efficient use of the dash cam and the video clips can be saved in 3, 5 or 10 minute intervals.

It is recommended to buy a minimum of 32GB SD Card for this dash cam, which will be able to hold 320 minutes (over 5 hours) of video footage. You can save a loop manually by clicking the “OK” button on the dash cam so you are able to download it at a later date.

The design of the unit itself is very sleek and “stealthy” which fits nicely behind the rear view mirror. The small black box can be bought with a matte or gloss finish to match the interior of your car.

The heat that the inside of your car gets up to can be very high but the Rexing V1 has been tested to 160 degrees whilst fully operating. Other excellent features of this product are media playback, USB charging or the ability to hard wire, audio can be turned off and an intuitive user interface.

The Rexing V1 provides excellent quality at a wide angle providing as much detail of the road as possible. It also features a large variety of dash cam luxuries and provides great value for money and wins the award for the best dash cam for truckers under 100 dollars.

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Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD

The Falcon Zero is a premium dash cam targeting drivers that want the best dash cam available. For starters, the ultra thin design looks very stylish but it is also touchscreen to give it the usability of a smartphone. The Falcon Zero has the following specification:

  • 4 Inch Touch Screen
  • 1080P resolution at 30 FPS
  • 170 Degree Lens for the “fish eye” effect
  • Support SD Cards up to 64GB
  • Anti Battery Drain Technology and 24/7 Videoing
  • Geo Tagging for GPS data from your video footage
  • Motion Detector for Collisions

A problem with most of the cheaper dash cams available are that the battery drains far too quickly. Thanks to a technology called “Intelli-Batt”, the battery drain is minimal, which is useful for those who require 24/7 surveillance.

The touch screen is fairly unique and provide additional user experience positives compared with competitors. With straight forward call to action buttons, you are able to navigate straight to the function you wish, that being anything from media playback to settings.

The high processing speed prevents the “choppy” playback that can ruin certain video clips but not with the Falcon Zero. Even compared to more expensive dash cams, the processing power keep the operation smooth and efficient.

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The KDLINKS X1 is the best dash cam for night time truckers with a superior night mode to competitors. The image quality at night is crisp and number plates are clearly visible thanks to WDR technology and clever algorithms by the team at KDLINKS. This dash cam also offers the following specification:

  • Full HD Video at 1920 x 1080P at 30 FPS.
  • WDR (165 Degrees) and Night Vision Technology
  • Built in GPS to data in video footage such as speed and location
  • G Sensor automatic collision detector
  • Supports up to 32GB SD Card
  • One Years warranty

The sleek design matched with a 2.7 inch screen is able to automatically capture footage in a continuous loop. The KDLINKS X1 will support SD Cards up to 32GB and has an option to switch off the automatic loop if required.

Featuring the G Sensor Accelerometer, all accidents will be locked to the current video file upon a collision detected by the dash cam. This dash cam will immediately start recording as soon as your car is turned on and is high usability for ease of use.

The built in GPS feature is very much liked by myself for extra information such as speed and location from your dash cam. This can be used for additional evidence if you need to prove your innocence during a car accident.

One downside to the KDLINKS X1 is that the maximum capacity SD card that it will support is 32GB. This will give you around 5 hours of footage but it would be a much better dash cam if it could handle 64 or 128 GB.

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Lecmal HD Budget Cam

Whether you are on a strict budget or you just want a cheap dash cam to see if you like them, this Lecmal device is the answer. With adjustable recording resolution: 1280×960, 720×480, 640×480 pixels and a wide angle day and night footage, it has a few tricks.

I believe this is the best cheap dash cam for truckers and I have owned one of these for over 3 years and it still works. The specification of the Lecmal HD is as followed:

  • 1280×960, 720×480, 640×480 resolution
  • Supports SD Cards up to 32 GB
  • 2.5 inch LCD display
  • Motion Detector and Exposure Settings

Thanks to an efficient memory management system, you are able to loop through recordings to that the newest video footage replaces the oldest. This helps saves memory on your dash cam and enables you to skim through to find the correct recording to download.

Its important to note that the battery isn’t the greatest and I usually keep mine on charge all the time via the cigarette lighter socket. It is a cheap dash cam that offers reliable footage of your driving and is perfect for those looking to try it out. I highly recommend this as an affordable dash cam compared to the premium dash cams in this article.

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Falcon Zero F360+ HD DVR Dual

Another dash cam from Falcon is the Zero F360+ that features dual cameras for recording the road and inside the car. This is the best dual dash cam that will also be useful for taxis, ubers, limos and more.

The ability to film inside the car can provide crucial evidence against passengers that may abuse or assault the driver. The Falcon Zero F360+ has the following specification:

  • 3.5 inch LCD display
  • One years warranty
  • Two 1080P Cameras that rotate 180 Degrees
  • Night Vision Tecnology
  • Supports SD cars up to 32 GB

The F360+ is the latest addition and the improved version of the original F360. This series of dash cam is quite unique as it attaches onto your rear view mirror. To install a rear view mirror dash cam, you simply use the clips provided to latch onto the original mirror.

Once connected to the mirror, you will need to wire it to a power source and you will be able to set it up to your configuration. The easy to use buttons allow you to choose relevant settings and both cameras are easy to move to the desired location.

You are probably thinking that the screens are quite distracting whilst driving. However, they are programmed to switch off automatically as you are driving to improve safety and will still record your journey. Overall, the Falcon Zero F360+ is an excellent dash cam that provides a dual camera, high quality display and value for money.

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Z-Edge Z3 2K Ultra Full HD

The Z-Edge currently holds the title of the highest quality recording dash cam on the market. The compact thin structure of the dash cam mated with a 3 inch scratch resistant LCD display looks great and the unit itself is able to operate in both hot and cold temperatures. The Z-Edge Z3 specification includes:

  • 2K Ultra HD Video at a 2560x1080p  resolution (30FPS)
  • 145 Degree field of view
  • Automatically records upon car startup
  • G Sensor to record upon a collision detection
  • Parking mode for 24/7 surveillance
  • 18 month warranty as well as 30 days money back guarantee
  • Suports SD Cards up to 64GB

Moving to the technical side of things, the Z-Edge Z3 has a much higher configuration than the majority of dash cams. Instead of using the Novatak processing chips, the Z3 uses the Ambarella A7 processor for crystal clear video footage with no lag or “choppiness”.

The Z-Edge Z3 dash cam has various detection methods from motion, crash and vibration, which is due to the sensitive G Sensor that is built in. This will ensure only important video footage is saved to the SD card instead of continuous footage, which saves memory space and reduces battery usage.

In case the memory card is near its limit, the dash cam will automatically begin a looping cycle cycle that will override the earliest footage with the current footage. The video footage can be saved in lengths of 1, 3 or 5 minutes.

The Z-Edge Z3 dash cam is one of the best dash cams you can buy today. This is due to very high quality video footage that will hold its quality even when zoomed in. Even driving through the darkness of the night, the quality is of a high standard.

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Dash Cam Buying Guide

If you have watched any wacky traffic or news videos on YouTube or TV involving cars and trucks, then you are probably watching content that was recorded by dash cams. Since their inception, dash cams have become very popular. Not only are they used for recording videos to document one’s journey but they can be used for fun or for insurance purposes in legal proceedings.

There are several brands and models available in the market. In this buying guide, you will get to learn factors that need to be considered when shopping for the best and which models are perfect for you.

How to Buy the Best Dash Cam?

Shopping for a new dash cam can be quite difficult especially if it’s your first time. Just imagine the number of brands, models and features you have to go through. Not only will you have to dissect the many features but their specifications too. Here are factors that you need to consider when selecting the best brand or model.

Video Resolution

This is the most important factor that you have to consider. Why? The video resolution of a dash camera determines the quality of the video. If it’s low, it will be difficult to note important features for example the plates of another car or the faces of other road users. That is why you need to seek a model that offers high video resolution. The best resolution should be 1080p which is classified as HD.

It is common when shopping for particular models to find out they are listed as having HD quality capability but in reality they are not. This is where customer reviews come in place especially if you are shopping online. If you are shopping at a physical store, you will get the chance of trying it out yourself before you purchase.

To know if the camera is able to record HD quality videos, watch it at full screen mode. Furthermore, it is wise to watch night videos together with day videos. Majority of models will perform fairly well during the day but at night, they will perform poorly. It is important to know how the model performs under poor lighting conditions. This is so especially if you drive at night frequently.

trucker dash cam

Single or Dual Channel

Are you planning to record the front only or both sections of your car – front and rear? Today, you can shop for a single channel camera or dual channel model. Single channel models are able to record towards the front only. They can be fixed on the dashboard or the windscreen facing the front of the car. They are easier to operate and set up than dual channel models.

Dual channel models allow you to record the front and rear of your car. This is highly advantageous as it allows you to capture video on both sides. As said earlier, dual channel models require a little expertise in order to set up. Why? Because of the front to rear connection cord. This allows both cameras to be activated at the same time that is when the car is powered on or powered down.

They are powered via the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. This provides the much needed electrical juice to capture images as you drive along. With dual channel cameras, you can initiate the Parking Surveillance Mode but this requires hardwiring to the car battery. Its best left to experts.

Parking Surveillance Mode with Motion Detection

Majority of newer car models come with safety features like Lane Assist, Reverse Camera, Pre-Collision Detection, Front and Side Airbags. There are car owners who would like to add more safety features especially when it comes to parking. This calls for a model with parking surveillance mode and motion detection.

The feature is common with high end brands and models and is useful when you car is turned off. When this happens, the dash cam itself stays awake. It helps to detect other cars or pedestrians before beginning to record for a set amount of time. The model features a built-in G-Sensor that helps to detect and record on impact.

As a result, you will get to have evidence of any hit and run together with any vandalism that may occur in your absence. The video footage can also be used when seeking compensation from an insurance company too. It can also be used when reporting to the police on matters pertaining to robbery finally assisting in an investigation.

The good thing about this feature is that the recorded footage is locked. This means that the device will not overwrite during recording which calls for a larger SD card. It is also wise to backup the data in external storage devices so as to provide more space to the SD card to store more footage.

dash cam for truckers

Dash Cam Memory Capacity

The best dash cam comes with a medium of storage that allows the recordings to be captured and saved. MicroSD is the most preferred method of storage. Why? Because SD cards are fitted with flash modules. Not only do they allow read and write functions but data accessibility is done at very high speeds unlike HDD.

The most common storage capacities available include 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB. When purchasing, it is important to ensure that your SD card has a minimum speed rating of Class 10. This is important in order to keep up with the constant recording.

Furthermore, regular monthly formatting should always be done. This feature can be accomplished via the dash cam menu. It only takes 5 to 10 seconds and is the most recommended method. Formatting on a PC may corrupt the module resulting in permanent damage which means you will have to spend more money to buy a new one.

It is also important to note what type of SD card is compatible with your model. You don’t want to buy 128GB SD card for a device that supports only 32GB or 64GB. Furthermore, you need to be cautious about fake models. They are cheap and fail within the first month of use. Always shop for models produced by reputable brands.

Audio Recording

Today, video is not enough especially if you are planning to use it as evidence when it comes to legal proceedings and insurance claims. When accompanied with audio, it helps to act as solid evidence for different cases. When driving, it is common to have altercations with other drivers.

You may not be the one who started it but another angry driver(s) did. When this happens, you will surely appreciate the use of a dash cam. Not only will it record video footage but it will sync with audio and other sounds.

This means that the model comes with a built-in microphone. When shopping, it is wise to seek a model that comes with a sensitive microphone. It should also be able to record sounds from a distance of 5 meters if possible. Never rely on manufacturer’s specifications. Read customer reviews as they will give you firsthand experience regarding the capabilities of the device.

If you have a chance of shopping at a physical store, you can get to try the feature yourself. This will allow you to make better decisions.

Lens Angle

This is an important feature that works best with HD quality video resolutions. The feature allows your dash cam to record a wider area of the front and back. It allows the device to capture more details that can be useful in legal proceedings.

For example traffic cams, more pedestrians who can act as witnesses, other moving vehicles and traffic signs. Cheaper models will always advertise that they offer wide angle recording which is not true. That is why you need to seek brands and models that are reputable. Not only are they long lasting but they will feature wide angle recording.

This allows the lens to capture more in frame without compromising on clarity and sharpness. Furthermore, it eliminates chances of distortion. Narrow lenses are not bad either. They help to pick finer details like license plates. Since the cameras are used for evidence purposes, wide angle viewing is much better. The preferable lens angle should range between 125 to 150 degrees.

lorries using dash cams

Internal battery vs. Ultracapacitor

In normal circumstances, dash cams are powered by the car. They are usually connected via the cigarette lighter socket using a compatible power cord. One thing you need to note is that the camera runs for hours on end especially if you travel frequently.

To ensure that the last recording is made, they are fitted with internal batteries. This is highly useful when powering down the car. The internal battery is designed to provide charge for only 5 to 10 seconds.

Cheap models are known to have cheap batteries. Not only do they give high end batteries a bad name but they don’t work as advertised. Furthermore, cheap batteries are prone to swelling and leaks especially in hot cars. This can be quite dangerous to the passengers and the driver.

Other problems experienced include decrease in power over time and lack of correcting the correct time and date. If you are looking for a model that will provide you with great service, look for high end models with internal batteries.

Ultracapacitors are common with high end models. They are known to withstand high temperatures and provide charge for long than built-in batteries. If you find a model that contains both – high quality built-in battery and ultracapacitor, then we highly suggest you purchase it.

Temperature Resistance

When traveling, it is common to encounter varying temperature ranges. You may drive from one location to another and get to experience cloudy conditions which mean the outside temperature will be low. One may also travel to another location where they will experience high temperature range.

As a result, the interior temperature of the car will rise. To mitigate these conditions, the driver will switch to cooling mode by activating the air conditioner. Since the dash cam is located on the windscreen, chances are it may become damaged as a result of increased temperature.

To prevent this, we highly advice all shoppers to seek a model that operates between mid to high temperature. This means that the model will have been manufactured with high end components assuring you of durability.

What you need to know is that a dash camera with high temperature resistance will operate longer especially in parking mode. Furthermore, they will power faster when the car is powered on. Low resistance dash cameras cut off in parking mode and usually take longer to start up. Furthermore, they are prone to freezing and malfunctioning in warmer weather.

If you are looking for a great model, purchase one that has a high temperature resistance.

Form Factor

In the market, you will find suction cup and adhesive mounted dash cameras. Both are great but there are slight differences. For starters, suction cup models can be bulky. This adds extra weight to the mount which may result in the model coming off lose from the windscreen.

Furthermore, on a hot day the air within the cup may be heated highly making the mount to be lose. This will definitely make the model to be unusable.

Flat adhesive mounts are not susceptible to vibrations which have been found to result in blurriness during recording. This offers you better protection in case of an accident or theft. They are long lasting too since the adhesive sticks the cam to a fixed position.

If you are shopping for a dash camera, you need to select one that comes with a flat adhesive mount. It should have a screen to allow you or your passenger to watch whether it’s working or not.

Loop recording and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Loop recording is a great feature that saves you when the storage space is full. Instead of the device cutting off recording in the middle when disc space is not available, loop recording prompts the camera to overwrite older files.

This allows continued recording to occur especially if you were on a long journey and no means to purchase an extra SD card. If your camera is fitted with G sensor, the files will be marked.

Wi-Fi connectivity is another useful feature. One thing you need to note is that Wi-Fi capability does not allow you to browse or connect to the internet with the camera.

Instead, you are able to connect the camera with your smartphone or tablet. As a result, you can view the footage on a larger screen when travelling. Wi-Fi connectivity works with select smartphone apps which allow you to change different settings for better coverage.


Although budgeting is the last factor, it is very crucial. Every product sold in the market is tagged with a certain value. Price is determined by many factors of production. It is common to find cheap, affordable and high end models.

Cheap models are definitely not the option for you. They don’t work because they are fabricated with cheap components. The models are known to damage easily resulting in you spending more in order to replace them.

High end models are great. They are engineered with amazing features for example ultracapacitors, built-in batteries, G-sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity among others. The problem is they are quite expensive but if you can afford, well and good.

Affordable models are convenient for all users. Not only do they last long they work as advertised. It is wise to budget and avoid breaking the bank when shopping.

What is the Best Dash Cam?

The choice of dash cam is getting more saturated every single day, with new models that are budget and premium range entering the market. The Z-Edge Z3 is the best dash cam on the market today with the best quality video footage and excellent price. Everything you need in a dash cam, the Z-Edge Z3 has it and more features to provide the best experience.

8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dash Cam

The benefits of having a car dash cam mounted on your windscreen can be narrowed down to 8 reasons. Not only do they capture the on goings during a drive but also provide valuable evidence in police/court rooms. Acts of vandalism or parking knocks are worryingly common but dash cams are helping those victims fight back.

Video Evidence of a Vehicle Accident

An accident can be painful and costly but made worse when both parties are claiming innocence. With any car accident, the insurance companies will need to be contacted to report an accident. There is a strong potential that the two stories do not match up and the insurance companies will need to get the truth.

Thanks to the dash cam, accidents are being caught on camera and used as crucial evidence to the police. If you inform the other party that you have caught the crash on camera, they will more than likely be truthful to their insurance company.

The peace of mind a dash cam will give you whilst driving is worth every penny. Car insurance is expensive and its always important to protect the renewal by insuring you are not a victim of insurance fraud or false car crash claims.

Report Bad Driving on the Road

There is nothing worse than bad drivers but with a dash cam you can report them to the police. Some police forces are even offering rewards to those who provide evidence of bad driving. Most commonly, aggregated car drivers will post these video clips onto YouTube.

A dash cam can pick up bad driving such as undertaking, tailgating, speeding, using mobile phones and many other issues.

Monitor Driving of Fleet Vehicles

This is a big advantage for businesses that want to monitor how employees use the cars. Many people will not treat a fleet vehicle as good as their own personal vehicle. Examples of misuse are speeding, excessive acceleration, not slowing down for speed bumps or pot holes and more.

Not only can it monitor poor driving but also in car activities such as mobile phone usage and other issues such as sleeping or smoking in the car. The dash cam video evidence will give business owners or managers the best possible proof to caution the employee.

The dash cam can also be used against the business tax bill, which allows the business to get the best dash cams for ease of use.

Insurance Benefits and Protection Against Fraud

Many car insurance companies will provide a cheaper policy for those that use a dash cam. This is the reason that dash cams are beginning to become very popular worldwide. It is a benefit for both you and the insurance companies as it protects against fraudulent claims.

A common phrase used is the “Crash for Cash” where organised criminals will prey on the vulnerable drivers and force a crash. These criminals will then claim for various things such as injury claims as well as money for their car.

Using high quality footage from a dash cam, you are able to provide the best proof that the crash was not your fault.

Prevent Misuse of Your Vehicle

Regardless of how much a stranger will claim that they will drive your car sensibly, more than likely they wont. When your car goes in for a service or goes for a valet or airport parking, it will be in use by a stranger. Do you fully trust them to drive your car as you would? I know I wouldn’t.

The dash cam will provide high quality audio and video footage of any misuse within your car. This can be anything down to eating food in your car to aggressive driving on the road. The people in charge of your car will think twice before doing anything silly within your vehicle that has a dash cam installed.

Watchful Eye Whilst Parked

The majority of drivers would have suffered a car park “accident” at one time or another. This can be in the form of another car crashing into yours, trolleys hitting your car or more commonly a door opening into your car.

If a person causes damage to your car whilst you are not with it, there is potential for them to quickly escape without leaving a note. This has happened to myself on numerous occasions thus leaving me out of pocket.

The dash cam will be able to provide evidence of parking damage from several angles depending on where you place it within your car. It will then be a matter of providing the police with the evidence to bring the other person to justice.

Capture Memorable Moments

Probably not relevant to a lot of drivers but recording memorable moments such as track days, mountain roads and great scenery. Personally, I like to use my dash cam for trips to Nürburg for the legendary Nürburgring racing track in Germany.

Footage of Unexpected Events

The main reason you will buy a dash cam is to protect yourself on the road, but it can also capture the unexpected. The video footage may film anything from a bank robbery to multi million pound car that passes by, you just don’t know.

You may also catch another car accident and your footage may be the proof that one driver needs to not be out of pocket. The list is endless and with the likes of YouTube, people have captured some pretty amazing things.

Having a dash cam in general is highly recommended and below sums up the 4 main reasons to own one in an infographic.

dash cam infographic

What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. Currently, using Falcon zero 170, that’s impressed to me. Thinking to upgrade to 360+. I was looking for best reviews about Falcon 360+. I found here your detailed review about Falcon 360+. Your review helped me a lot to buying Falcon 360+ dash cam.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I am glad you mentioned the Z Edge car dash camera. There are many that are over double if triple the price without the same high quality video. Its important to have the best dash camera onboard because you could regret it by going with a cheap version!!

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