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5 Best Garage Tool Chests 2018

Garage tool chests and cabinets are a must have in any garage setup or work space. A high quality toolbox allows your work tools to stay organised with allocated locations to store specific garage tools.

The best tool chest for mechanics is the WEN 77041 Chest and Cabinet Combo with a huge 17,695 cubic inch of storage but there are other cheaper alternatives.

Prevent tools being misplaced or left on the floor with a heavy duty tool chest that will increase your efficiency whilst working in the garage. There are a range available in different sizes and range of quirky features.

Best Tool Storage Cabinets

Tool ChestsDimensionsNumber of Locks
WEN 7704140 x 43 x 46 Inches2
Seville Classics Roller28 x 24 x 34.5 Inches0
Viper Tool VXXL86UBBL86.3 x 30 x 66.3 Inches2
Excel TB2105X26 x 16 x 12 inches1
Craftsman 323 x 14 x 11 inches0

Garage cabinets and tool chests come in all sorts of sizes, weights and brands. A high quality tool chest can transform your budget garage into a professional garage. As with any product, there are always cheap examples that cause more harm than good.

Cheap tool chests and cabinets do not feel solid and generally feel that they will break with heavy equipment stored inside them. You will only ever buy a garage tool chest or cabinet once or twice in your lifetime, so you should invest heavily into one.

Mechanics will more than likely purchase an expensive tool chest but there is a range available for the average car owner. Below is a list of the best tool chest for storing a range of garage equipment in draws and cabinets.

WEN 77041 Tool Chest and Cabinet

The WEN 77041 is a well priced tool chest for professional and amateur mechanics. There are many drawers (24 to be exact) that can hold 100 LBS each and use rated self locking ball bearing slides.

It is 41 inches tall with a width of 41.5 inches and a 17,695 cubic inches of storage. It is a huge garage tool chest that will easily hold all the tools you own and more.

Being from high quality steel, this tool storage cabinet is as sturdy as they come and looks great in silver and grey. Unlike other alternatives, it comes with locks for the cabinets to keep wondering hands away from your expensive tools.

Locks is not your average features but it is very useful if you work within a shared garage and want to ensure your tools are safe. Overall, it is one of the best tool chests for mechanics you can buy as it ticks every box.

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Seville Classics Roller Tool Cabinet

This Seville Classic UltraHD is a stainless steel construction that look excellent and provides excellent durability. Weighing close to 110 pounds, it is quite heavy but the four two inch wide wheels provide excellent portability around the garage.

Standing at 34.5 inches high with a width of 29 inches and depth of 19 inches, the Seville UltraHD provides adequate storage. Rather than having more drawers, this tool cabinet provides a large 10 inch deep bottom draw that is excellent for storing drills, chargers and bulky tools.

A word of warning when buying this excellent cabinet is that you will have to build it. This can take around 2 to 3 hours and ensure you read the instructions before starting the build. Overall, the Seville Classic UltraHD is the best tool roller cabinet and there is no other alternative that matches it in terms of price and quality.

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Viper VXXL86UBBLUltimate Tool Box

If you are on a budget, this tool box will not be for you. The Viper VXXL86UBBL is the ULTIMATE tool chest that is a huge because it is 86 inches wide and that contains 22 draws. This is one of the largest tool chests on rolling wheels that money can buy.

The Viper Ultimate Tool Box is suited for professional or a large personal garage due to its size. Not only that, you will need to have enough garage equipment in order to fill each of the 22 draws. Each of the draws are able to hold 250 pounds in weight to hold all the necessary tools.

It also includes two vertical peg board drawers, two large lid compartments with gas struts and a center draw that doubles as a work surface. Viper are so confident of their tool chest, they offer a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

With 8 rolling wheels, you are able to move this 1473 pound tool chest everywhere without too much hassle. Overall, the Viper XXL is the best professional tool chest for garages that have enough tools to fill it.

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Excel TB2105X Steel Top Chest

The Excel TB2105X weighs just over 50 LBS, the Excel tool storage isn’t as portable and would be more of a static tool chest. However, the tool cabinet has side handles for easier movement and is secure with a coded lock and two keys.

With 5 sliding draws that can handle up to 50 LBS of weight each, the Excel TB2105X provides plenty of storage for garage tools. The powder coated steel structure is highly durable and scratch proof and looks great in any garage setup.

Compared to similar sized tool cabinets, the steel is thicker and the draws slide without effort. This tool cabinet is by far the best value for money in the medium sized tool chest category. It is the best tool chest for storing an average amount of tools as well as being very durable.

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Craftsman Portable Tool Chest

Not everyone has the space for a huge tool chest cabinet and may need to bring their tools with them on a job. The Craftsman 3-Drawer is a high quality garage tool chest that offers great portability and storage in limited space.

The three heavy duty draws provide easy sliding and only open when the top lid is open. This is an excellent feature if you are moving around as it avoid all the tools from falling out. When the draw is empty, the storage cabinet only weighs a total of 19.4 lbs, which is fairly light in terms of tool chests.

Craftsmen have done an excellent job with this portable chest cabinet that has been designed for mechanics on the move. Overall, it is the best cheap tool chest and you will not be disappointed with the quality compared to other cheaper alternatives.

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Tool Chest and Cabinet Buying Guide

Investing into a high quality and heavy duty tool chest for your garage is totally worthwhile. Not only does it provide excellent organization for your tools but it is something that you only buy once or twice in your lifetime.

Many people see garage tool chests as an expensive storage solution but these are people that are not efficient when working on cars. For example, they will spend half their time searching for a tool or become frustrated when they keep misplacing it around the garage.

They are however fairly expensive but it is something that you will only buy once or twice. Below are some factors that you should consider before parting with your money.

Tool Chest Size

Determining the size of the tool storage you require depends on two things. Either whether you want it to be portable and how many tool you will be storing. Clearly, if it is a large tool chest, it will stay inside the garage the majority of the time. If you are a mechanic that travels to different locations with your tool, portability is something that you need to consider.

A big mistake would be buying a tool storage cabinet and running out of space. Check how many tools you own and ensure the longest tool is less than the length of the drawer. For example, a heavy duty torque wrench will require more length than an impact wrench for cars.

Loading Capacity Weight

Causing unnecessary strain on the draws will more than likely cause damage over time. Tools such as heavy hammers or drills certainly weigh a lot and overloading is something that you will not want to do. Also ensure the loading capacity is adequate for your garage equipment.

Static or Rolling

Large tool chest and cabinets can weigh over 2,000 LBS when fully loaded and will remain in a single location for many years. However, you do have the choice because many come with casters so that they are easily movable around the garage.

The benefit of roller is you are able to bring the tool chest as close as you can in the garage, which will improve efficiency. However, this may also be a drawback in some circumstances as it can move and damage something inside the garage.


A tool chest is not something you buy every few months but rather a long term investment that should have a minimum life span of 10 years. Taking your time to research and see what is available is critical.

For the larger garages and people with large budgets, the Viper VXXL86UBBL is the ultimate garage tool chest. The sheer size and high quality of the cabinet is a thing of dreams. However not everyone is able to stretch their budget to that extent and other may require rollers for movement within the garage.

Ensuring that the tool chests stores all of your equipment and is a size that suits you best i.e. portable or static are the two most important factors. Once these are satisfied, you would have found the tool chest suitable for yourself.

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