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The Best Oil Drain Pan 2021

best oil pans for catching oil

When servicing your car, you change your engine oil, which requires removing the sump plug and letting the oil drip from the engine to an oil drain pan.

The best oil drain pan is the Lumax LX-1632 Drainmaster with its 8 inch opening and screw up cap that uses an o-ring seal to prevent any spillages.

Without using a well designed oil drip pan, changing the oil can become a very messy job and made more difficult than it has to be. They are cheap enough to spend that little extra for a few extra features from a large opening and capacity.

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Best Oil Change Pan

Oil Drain PanCapacityOur Rating
Lumax LX-163215 Quarts4.9
ATD Tools 518418 Quarts4.7
Matrix Concepts M287 Quarts4.8
ATD Tools 518330 Quarts4.7
FloTool 42003MI16 Quarts4.8

The latest pans for motor oil include a plastic closure after the oil change that reduces leakages. This is a great feature when taking the oil to be recycled because it can be fairly difficult without it. Majority of the time you will need to pour the oil from the pan back into the old motor oil bottle in order to recycle it. This feature reduces this step and you can simply take the pan to the recycling center.

As you can buy an oil drain pan fairly cheap, it is hard to find the top quality examples to the ones to avoid. Below is a list of the best oil drain pans to reduce oil spillages and ensure the change of oil is stress free.

Lumax LX-1632 Drainmaster

The Lumax LX-1632 Drainmaster is not only an oil drain pan but also a waste oil storage solution until you have time to recycle it. It is able to hold 15 quarts, which is approximately two oil changes for the average car.

The Drainmaster features a large 8 inch opening with “catch-all” basket for the waste oil to drip into. In terms of storing the oil, it has a screw top with an o-ring to prevent any leaking or accidental spillages. When pouring the oil into another container, it has a smaller exiting hole to make it much easier to handle, which is very desirable for those that adopt this method of disposal.

Overall, the Lumax LX-1632 is the best oil drain pan for the money with every feature you could want. It is durable and strong so that it will be long lasting for many years of oil changes.

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ATD Tools 5184 Oil Change pan

The budget oil drain pan by ATD Tools has a huge diameter at 15.25 inches and 6 inches in depth. In terms of capacity, it will be able to hold a maximum of 18 quarts but without a protective lid, you should be very careful of spillages if not emptied.

In terms of recycling the oil, it has an extra large spout and anti-splash lip to help not spill any oil when pouring. There are also designated molded handles to make carrying the oil drain pan much easier.

The ATD Tools 5184 is the best cheap oil drip pan and an excellent upgrade for those without a pan already in a garage.

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Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Container

The Matrix Concepts M28 has a clever design that catches the waste oil and stores it inside the container. It has a capacity of 7 quart, which will be able to handle the majority of car oil changes.

In terms of the Matrix Concepts M28 features, it has a screw on cap and plug with a positive seal, an extra large handle with secure grip and its fairly easy to store.

If there was a large version that could hold more than 7 quarts, it would be taking the top position over the Lumax LX-1632 but it is still an excellent all rounder.

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ATD Tools 5183 Heavy Duty Oil Drain Tub

ATD Tools offer a larger heavy duty oil drain pan that is 33 inches long, 22 inches wide and 8 inches deep, which can hold 30 quart of oil. The extra length makes it much easier to empty oil from radiators, crankcases, transmissions and more.

The extra depth and quart capacity means storing oil is fairly easy but may be slightly harder to pour the oil out. Stick to one corner and pour slowly to reduce spillages.

Overall it is the best heavy duty oil drain pan with the largest capacity for waste oil to be stored until it is recycled.

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FloTool 42003MI Drain Container

The FloTool 42003MI is a 16 quart capacity oil drain pan that has a leak proof design where it can be stored upright or flat. At 16 quarts, it has the largest capacity for a drain container with locking system.

The integrated molded handle and secure grip makes it easy to carry as well as pour with the oil exit located on the corner of the container. The design of the pan is not just for aesthetics because it is an elongated basin that captures the full range of the oil stream for less mess.

Overall, the FloTool 42003MI is a great all rounder with the only drawback is that the basin will be caked in oil each time. The design of the Lumax is more desirable as the outer case will always remain free of oil.

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Oil Drain Pan Buying Guide

The drain pan for your motor oil is not really the “hot topic” of conversation between most car owners. If anything, talking about the synthetic motor oil you put into your vehicle is talked about much more.

The drain pan may be seen as nothing more than a container to most people but for those that get down and dirty to service their cars themselves, it is more than just a drain pan. Factors to consider to find the best oil drip pan are shown below.

Oil Drip Diameter

The diameter of the oil drip container is an important feature to make changing the oil easier. The bigger the diameter, the easier it will be to direct the waste oil into the pan.

However, if you notice a abnormally large container, check for an anti-splash lip because once the oil is removed, you will need to move it around.

Oil Drain Pan

Lockable Container

When it comes to disposing of motor oil, you will want to be able to carry it to the recycling unit. Clearly, if there is no lid to the oil drain pan, it is impossible to carry it around in your car because oil will go everywhere.

Lockable containers come in a range of formats from screw on lids to basins that pour into a containers that you screw down. A lockable container also helps when it comes to storage because your less likely to spill the oil over your garage workshop if you hit it accidentally.

Pouring Sprout

Some people will choose to take the oil drain pan with them to the recycling unit or simply pour it into a used motor oil container. Regardless of your choice, you need to ensure it is easy to pour because it will spill everywhere.

Some include larger sprouts and a smaller exiting hole that help greatly. Where as others have no aids and has a tendency to become very messy.


Oil Capacity

The final factor is how much oil the drain pan can hold before it reaches it maximum. The average car will need around 5-7 quarts of oil, so it is important that the container is large enough to handle that amount of oil. Of course, if you are changing oil from your transmission, radiator or other areas, you will not need this capacity.

A larger capacity gives you peace of mind that it will not overflow and you are able to do more than one oil change before you need to pour it out of the oil drain pan.

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