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Should You Wax A New Car?

Should You Wax A New Car

Waxing your car comes with a range of well known benefits but should you wax a new car? It really is a split decision to whether you should or not with many people having their own opinions. The short answer, is yes you can wax your new car and it will not cause any harm whatsoever.

As soon as the car leaves the dealership, you can begin waxing if you really wanted. Unlike paint that is yet to dry, most brand new vehicles have been painted months before being sold. You will be able to find the exact build date of your car by decoding your VIN but it may be stamped on your car too.

If the bodywork had been painted a few hours beforehand, it would not be a great idea to wax over the paintwork. However, this would not be the case with a new car.

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Dealership Waxing

When you purchase a new car, the majority of dealerships will offer a paintwork protection package. This is included in the price of the car but if not, you could refuse and wax the car yourself. We have already recommended some of the best car waxes available that can provide your paintwork with many months of protection.

However, it’s worth asking whether the car has had any ceramic coating applied to the paintwork. This is the more expensive option that can last even longer than wax and is very popular with brand new cars due to the long lasting protection.

If a ceramic product has been used, you can opt for a wax with a more glossy finish to improve the appearance of your paintwork. Some may offer a paint sealant option, which won’t last as long as a ceramic but it is more long lasting than a wax.

Benefits of Waxing a Brand New Car

As soon as you drive your brand new car out of the showroom, it will be subject to the outdoor elements. From UV rays to general dirt and debris, these are all things that your paintwork can be protected from by using a car wax.

Benefits of waxing the paintwork of your brand new car include:

  • Improves the shine
  • Protects against airborne contaminants
  • Easier to wash with a layer of wax applied
  • Water/rain will produce a beading effect
  • … and much more

Wax is not an abrasive product and does not cut into the clear coat of the paintwork. This means that anything you add will be beneficial whether that be for additional protection or just to increase the shine.

should you wax a brand new car

How To Tell If The Car Has Been Waxed

Unless you are buying from a “sketchy” dealership, they should stated whether the car has been waxed. However, you can usually tell yourself whether it has been waxed fairly easily. One telltale sign is whether the paintwork feels smooth to touch and your finger simply glides across it.

Another way to test is to simply spray some water onto the paintwork, it there is minimal to zero beading, this is a clear sign that is has not been waxed. However, it’s worth noting that many polishes will succeed within these tests, so if you are still unsure, we recommend waxing the car for peace of mind.


There are many people who will claim that waxing your car will cause damage to the paintwork, which is simply not true. Before any brand new vehicle is sold, it is often left standing for anywhere between 3 to 6 months before it is sold. This is due to various safety checks and even their own waxing to take place.

Waxing a brand new car will add to the protection and shine with no harmful drawbacks. We advise that you ask the sales person whether it has any form of protection. If it has not, this may help provide great leverage in your attempt to reduce the purchase cost of the car. If you are still concerned, you can even ask them whether you should wax a new car.

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