best way to remove car rust spots

How to Remove and Treat Car Rust

Car rust is a common worry for the majority of drivers of older cars. Rust in cars is usually caused from regular driving during the winter season or the lack of rustproofing methods. The removal of car rust isn’t a particularly nice job to complete and is made worse by poor techniques.

If the rust is treated early enough, it shouldn’t spread to danger areas such as the chassis or frame. However if rust is not removed, it will continue to spread and get worse over time to the point there are holes in your vehicle.

Whether you are restoring a rusty classic car or performing rust repairs on your own vehicle, there are important steps involved for the correct removal. You cannot simply cut the rust from the bodywork and leave it at that.

Before carrying out vast amounts of rust work, evaluate the price of the car to the amount of work and labor required. Removing rust can be hard and tiresome work that is not for the faint-hearted. Bad rust that comes in forms of holes in vital parts such as the chassis and suspension components may need welding work carried out.

How to Remove Car Rust Spots

To stop rust from spreading, you will need to cut the rust out from the bodywork and paint over it. There are many paints and sprays on the market that claim to remove the rust but I believe cleaning the rust up before applying paint is more effective.

Before the rust removal process, you will want to have a drill with wired head brush attachment. For my garage I have a complete wired brush 30 piece set so that I can reach all the small rust areas located on the car. However, a singular wire brush drill attachment is adequate for the majority of the rust.

To expose all the rust, give the car a complete wash from top to bottom but paying special attention to the undercarriage. For tough dirt you may need to use a degreaser (I use Chemical Guys Degreaser) as rust may be hiding underneath the dirt. Before using the drill to remove rust, ensure the working area is dry to avoid dirt splattering around.

Using your wired drill piece, begin to strip away the rust from the vehicle until you begin to see no more rust or shiny metal. I had recently performed this process on a car that was going in for a full respray, so I also applied this process to the bodywork.

Be sure to change the direction of rotation as the wired ends start moving to one side. If the rust is being rather stubborn, don’t be afraid to apply force.

how to remove rust from carAfter the rust has been completely removed from your vehicle, it is now ready for the rust remover paint that acts as a inhibitor. This will prevent car rust reoccurring in that particular area for years to come. I have witnessed car owners performing the removal of rust without applying any sort of paint, which is leaving their metal fully exposed. This is possibly the worst thing you could do to your bodywork and its vital that your apply rust preventive paint over the newly exposed metal.

For car rust that has intruded too far into the bodywork, you may need to weld the car to restore rigidity. A car that has bad rust around the sills or chassis is an extreme safety hazard that could be fatal if a vital part falls off or a high speed accident occurs. If the rust is too heavy for the wired brush, it may be easier to use an angle grinder to remove excess rust and reveal exposed metal.

Best Rust Removers for Cars

The technological advances in the rust paint formulas have made rust easily treatable. Car owners can now simply apply the liquid or paint onto the rusted area that will simply prevent the rust spreading as well as remove it. The process of removing rust is mainly due to the wired headed drill but adding a rust remover gives it that extra edge.

Evapo-Rust ER004 Rust Remover Review

Evapo-Rust ER004 Rust remover liquid

Evapo-Rust ER004 formula is a yellow liquid that has been designed to tackle rust and rust only. This rust remover is not a spray on and wipe off product but is used to soak rusted car parts in the solution. Therefore you can only use this product for parts that you can remove but its highly effective to those parts. We recommend soaking the rusted parts for a full 24 hours to get the best results.

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Bull Frog Rust Remover Review

Bull Frog Car Rust Remover ReviewThe Bull Frog is a liquid spray that allows you to spray rusted areas without having to remove the car parts. Although removing the parts may be more effective, not everyone will be able to that or have the time.

For the best results using this rust remover, its recommended to apply the liquid gel and wait for around 2 hours. After this time, you will able to remove the gel, which should results in a rust free metal surface. The Bull Frog rust remover also contains additives that are used to protect the surface from rusting over again, however we still recommend applying more protection.

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PlastiKote 624 Rust Converter Review

PlastiKote 624 Rust Converter reviewPlastiKote 624 is one of the simplest rust removers that turns rust into a paintable rust free surface. The formula also includes inhibitors to prevent any rust forming after being applied. Its recommended to lightly sand the rusted area before use. This product is ideal for small touch ups after removing the rust using the wired brush attachements.

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Prevent a Car from Rusting Again

After successfully removing the rust from your car, you will need to protect the undercarriage from rusting again. There are additional paints and oils that form a protective layer over the top of your framework to prevent the rusting process. Without performing the protection stage, your car will begin to rust and all the hard work of removing it will need to be repeated.

If you are using a vehicle regularly during the winter season, be sure to wash the car undercarriage regularly paying particular attention to the wheel arches. Neglect of a vehicle during the winter weather is one of the main causes of rust in cars.

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