best fm transmitter

The Best FM Transmitter 2019

The purpose of a FM transmitter is to broadcast a signal from a portable device such as a smartphone to a stereo system. Most FM transmitters will feature Bluetooth that enables a wireless connection to your audio device without the needing an aux cable. The best FM transmitter is the upgraded Nulaxy Bluetooth Transmitter, which has additional […]

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car led headlights

The Best Headlight Bulbs 2019

Replacing your OEM headlight bulbs to a more powerful halogen will provide you with far better visibility for night driving. Replacing halogen headlight bulbs is a straight forward task and can transform your car with the desirable xenon white look. The best headlights bulbs are the Philips Diamond X-treme Vision, which are available as a H4 […]

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CB Radio

The Best CB Radio 2019

CB radio is short for Citizens Band radio, which allows for people to communicate between a selection of 40 channels within a few miles radius. They require no license to operate and for automotive use, they are popular with truckers and offroading. The best CB radio is the Cobra 29 LX MAX, which has built-in […]

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Underglow Kit

The Best Underglow Kit 2019

Adding lighting to your vehicle is an easy way of transforming its appearance during the night. Adding an underglow kit is a popular modification that not only looks great but is also practical as it provides extra visibility of the floor. The best underglow kit is the OPT7 Aura All-Color Lighting, which includes many different […]

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Aftermarket Fog Lights

The Best Aftermarket Fog Lights 2019

Driving in foggy conditions can be challenging as your headlights may reflect light from the fog. However, upgrading your fog light bulbs or installing aftermarket fog lights can increase  your visibility dramatically. The best LED fog lights are the Philips X-tremeVision Kit, which is a direct replacement for halogen bulbs and produces a 6,000K bright […]

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Remote Car Starter

The Best Remote Car Starter 2019

Investing into a quality aftermarket remote car starter will not only provide convenience but also additional security. Many are integrated within a car alarm system but some drivers may only want the remote starting of their vehicle. The best remote car starter is the Compustar CS920-S System, which is an all-in-one remote start and keyless entry […]

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best ev chargin station for home

The Best EV Charger 2019

For those that drive an electric car, you will require an EV charger that will power up your vehicle. Compared with the regular plug, using a home electric car charger can be up to 2.5 times faster and be far more intuitive to use. The best EV charger is the ChargePoint WiFi Enabled Charging Station, […]

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best portable dvd player

The Best Headrest DVD Player 2019

Portable DVD players for car headrests are a great way of entertaining backseat passengers such as children. They simply connect to the rear of the front seats and have a range of power source options from batteries to 12V cigarette lighters. The best headrest DVD player is the eRapta Second Generation, which features a sleek […]

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Car Air Purifier

The Best Car Air Purifier 2019

Investing in a car air purifier will help improve the quality of the air inside your car by removing particles such as pollen, dust and dirt. Most purifiers function by sending streams of negatively charged particles to neutralize the air. The best car air purifier is the Philips GoPure Compact 200 with its three stage filtering […]

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LED Headlight Bulbs

The Best LED Headlight Bulbs 2019

Benefits of using LED headlight bulbs over halogen headlight bulbs include a long lifespan, desirable white light output and they use less power. Therefore, many car owners are using a conversion kit with adapters so they can use them. The best LED headlight bulbs are the LASFIT LED Conversion Kit, which provide a 6,000K white light output […]

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