Rust Prevention Spray

The Best Rust Prevention 2019

Rustproofing your car is essential to ensure that it is protected during the winter season with all the salt and other harmful elements on the road. Rust prevention spray or paint is the best method for protection and is very simple to apply. The best rust prevention paint for cars is the POR-15 45404 Anti Rust […]

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windshield wipers

The Best Wiper Blades 2019

Every vehicle on the road will have wiper blades installed in order to clear the windshield of rain or debris. As you can imagine, there is a wide variety of windshield wiper blades available that are constructed of a range of materials and designs. The best windshield wipers are the Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blades, which […]

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transmission fluid change

The Best Transmission Fluid 2019

Both manual and automatic transmissions require a service that includes a transmission fluid and gasket replacement. Compared to manual transmissions, an automatic requires much more care and attention with specific ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) for smooth gear changes. The best transmission fluid is the Mobil 1 112980 Synthetic ATF, which promotes excellent lubrication, smooth shifting, cooler operating […]

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best air filter car

The Best Air Filters For Cars 2019

The lack of air flowing through to the engine can cause poor performance and simply replacing your car air filter can restore any lost power. Your car requires clean air in order to complete the combustion process of the engine. The best car air filter is the K&N High Performance Replacement Air Filter, which is […]

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car shock absorbers

5 Best Shock Absorbers 2019

The purpose of shock absorbers is to dampen the ride of your vehicle when driving and when they are not fully functioning, the ride if very harsh. Upgrading to a new set of shock absorbers can increase your ride comfort significantly. The best shock absorbers are the Bilstein Shock Absorbers 5100 Series that provide optimal performance […]

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air conditioning recharge kit

5 Best Air Conditioning Recharge Kits 2019

An air conditioning system that is blowing hot air will more than likely need their AC recharged. This can be achieved using an AC recharge kit or professionally using a top of the range tool but of course, the latter will not be a cheap option. The best DIY AC recharge kit is the Interdynamic A/C […]

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fix a blown head gasket

The Best Head Gasket Sealer 2019

A blown head gasket can cause engine misfires, oil leaks and coolant to mix with the engine oil. To fix a blown head gasket, you have the choice of changing the head gasket completely or using a head gasket sealer. The best head gasket sealer is the Blue Devil Permanent Repair, which fixes blown head […]

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best antifreeze for cars

5 Best Engine Coolant and Antifreeze 2019

An engine without any water or antifreeze will overheat fast and further damage will occur if it continues to overheat. You can expect gasket and seals to give way and fluids will leak out resulting in other engine components to break down. The best engine coolant is the Concerntrated Zerex G-05 Antifreeze that has a […]

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best windshield washer fluid

The Best Windshield Washer Fluid 2019

Using a proper windshield washer fluid instead of just water will make a huge difference to how your windshield is cleared. Many drivers believe that fluid doesn’t effect the cleaning but this is simply not true. The best windscreen washer is a tablet with the 303 (230371) Instant Windshield Washer that turns 1 gallon of water […]

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