Spark Plugs

The Best Spark Plugs 2019

Spark plugs are an essential component of any gasoline engine as they provide an electrical current from the ignition system to the combustion chamber. It ignites the fuel and air mixture, which provides the internal combustion required. The best spark plugs are the NGK 2667 BKR7EIX, which are designed for those wanting maximum performance from […]

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Brake Fluid

The Best Brake Fluid 2019

Brake fluid can often be the most neglected component of a vehicle and this can reduce the performance of your brakes. The fluid transfers the force from the brake pedal to the wheel hub and it plays a crucial role in your braking system. The best brake fluid is the Castrol 12509 Fluid, which has […]

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The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner 2019

Fuel injector cleaner is a product that many car enthusiasts have doubts about. However as cars age, so does the efficiency of the combustion process that results in deposits forming inside the injectors and other engine components. The best fuel injector cleaner is the Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus that cleans, restores and protects the entire […]

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Brake Rotors

The Best Brake Rotors 2019

The brake rotor is often referred to as a brake disc and is part of the braking system that works via friction. The brake pads are pushed onto the rotors, which causes the vehicle to slow down due to friction as the rotors are directly attached to the wheel. The best brake rotors are the […]

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Radiator Stop Leak

The Best Radiator Stop Leak 2019

When the radiator in your car begins to malfunction, you may find yourself having issues with your car overheating. If engine coolant is pouring out from the radiator, you can temporarily stop the leak by using a radiator stop leak solution. The best radiator stop leak is the K-Seal ST5501, which mixes with all antifreeze […]

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Oil Filter

The Best Oil Filter 2019

The purpose of an oil filter is to remove any contaminants from the oil, which can accumulate over time as it passes through the engine. It is recommended that you change the filter each time you replace your motor oil to keep the engine clean. The best oil filter is the K&N HP-1008 Performance, which is a […]

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Car Brakes Pads

The Best Car Brake Pads 2019

Yours brakes are the only components that will effectively slow you down your car. Brake pads need to be checked on a regularly and if you are driving with a worn pair, your stopping distance will increase thus increases your chances of an accident. The best brake pads are the ACDelco 171-1010 GM OEM pads that […]

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Rust Converter For Cars

The Best Rust Converter 2019

When it comes to removing rust from a car, many people think of a wired brush attachment and a rust prevention paint. However, by using a rust converter, you are able to penetrate rust, which causes a reaction that create a new polymer compound. The best rust converter is the Corroseal Water-Based Metal Primer, which paints, […]

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Rust Prevention Spray

The Best Rust Prevention 2019

Rustproofing your car is essential to ensure that it is protected during the winter season with all the salt and other harmful elements on the road. Rust prevention spray or paint is the best method for protection and is very simple to apply. The best rust prevention paint for cars is the POR-15 45404 Anti Rust […]

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top rated car battery chargers, boosters and battery

The Best Car Battery 2019

The car battery is one of the most important components of any vehicle. It is used to start the car, power up all the electronic devices and much more. Incorrect or failing batteries can cause havoc with the electronics and stress on other components. The best car battery is the Optima Batteries 34 RedTop that provides […]

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