Best Brakes Pads

The Best Car Brake Pads 2019

Yours brakes are the only components that will effectively slow you down your car. Brake pads need to be checked on a regularly and if you are driving with a worn pair, your stopping distance will increase thus increases your chances of an accident. The best brake pads are the ACDelco 171-1010 GM OEM pads that […]

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Best AC Recharge Kit

The Best AC Recharge Kit 2019

An air conditioning system that is blowing hot air will more than likely need an AC recharge. This can be achieved using a DIY AC recharge kit or in a garage where a mechanic will use a professional system, which will be costly. The best DIY AC recharge kit is the Interdynamic A/C Pro Auto Recharge […]

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The Best Undercoating 2019

Undercoating exposed areas of your car will act as a barrier against moisture, salt and other harmful elements. It is a rubber or wax-based substance that works best when sprayed to the underbody of a vehicle but it can be used elsewhere. The best undercoating for cars is the 3M 0358 Rubberized Formula, which provides […]

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Best Car Battery

The Best Car Battery 2019

The car battery is one of the most important components of any vehicle. It is used to start the car, power up all the electronic devices and much more. Incorrect or failing batteries can cause havoc with the electronics and stress on other components. The best car battery is the Optima Batteries 34 RedTop that provides […]

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Best Synthetic Oil

The Best Synthetic Oil 2019

Synthetic oil is the best possible motor oil that you can provide a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. Oil is the most important auto service product that requires regular replacement to ensure that the motor continues to perform as expected. The best synthetic oil is Mobil 1 94001 5W-30 with its outstanding wear protection due […]

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Brake Caliper Paint

The Best Caliper Paint 2019

Caliper paint can be an expensive optional extra when purchasing a car but painting them yourself can save you a lot on money. Painting calipers can also transform the appearance of your wheels if you choose a bright color such as red or yellow. The best caliper paint is the G2 High Temperature Paint System, […]

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Diesel Fuel Additive

The Best Diesel Fuel Additive 2019

Using a diesel fuel additive within your vehicles fuel will provide an array of benefits. These include additional performance, efficient operation, improved longevity of your diesel injection system and less emissions. The best diesel fuel additive is the Stanadyne Performance Formula, which is suitable for all seasons and tackles virtually any diesel related issue. Since […]

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Best Cold Air Intake

The Best Cold Air Intake 2019

Replacing your air filter with a performance cold air intake system will allow for more air to enter the combustion chamber for additional performance. These gains come in the form of additional power, torque and fuel economy. The best cold air intake is the K&N Performance Kit, which is designed to improve throttle response and […]

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Octane Booster

The Best Octane Booster 2019

Using an octane booster within your fuel system will improve the quality of the fuel, which will result in better performance. Some engines respond differently to these additives but if you do not have access to quality fuel, then they are the best option. The best octane booster is the Lucas Oil 10026, which promises […]

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Car Horns

The Best Loud Car Horn 2019

OEM car horns can be bought from the dealerships but you would only do this if you like throwing money away. Cheap OEM car horns are okay if you do not want to noise increase, but if you are reading this article, you most probably want loudness. The best car horn that is loud and […]

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