should you stretch your tires

Is Tire Stretch Safe And Legal?

Tire stretch is a divided subject across the car enthusiasts world with one side declaring it a death trap and the other claiming that it makes no difference. Rewind 20 years and you would have probably never seen tires stretched in such a way but it has become extremely popular over the last few years. […]

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debadge a car without damaging paintwork

How To Debadge A Car Without Damaging Paint

Debadging a car is the act of removing¬†manufacturer’s emblems, model lettering/numbers and other objects on the paintwork. To debadge a car requires minimal effort and no professional tools. The reasons for debadging a car is usually for the “clean” look but also you may be removing badges that previous owners may have put on the […]

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causes of overheating car

Why Does My Car Overheat In Traffic?

Car overheating is usually caused by hot weather whilst other vehicle components are failing. If the vehicle is overheating in “average” weather, you will have a problem with the cars cooling system that will need to be investigated. However, the vehicles thermostat could be broken causing abnormal readings. Clearly, you cannot remove this part on […]

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