Police Laser Gun

Police Laser Speed Gun Complete Guide

The police laser gun is referred to as the Police Lidar, which is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. In short, when the police officer triggers the laser, it emits a highly focused infrared beam that is very accurate. So accurate that it can determine your vehicles speed to the 10th of a MPH. […]

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how does a police radar work

Police Radar Complete Guide

The police radar is not the same as a police laser as it transmits radio waves at a fixed frequency. It measures the speed by measuring the “doppler shift” of the returning transmitted frequency. The doppler shift is the minute shift in the frequency of the radar compared to the original radar beam. There are […]

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how to prevent jackknifing

How To Avoid Jackknifing

Jackknifing is where the trailer spins out of control behind the towing vehicle and causes the vehicle to skid. The severity of a jackknife can begin very minor and can be stopped fairly easily but it can quickly turn nasty if not corrected. Many people that are new to towing and have just had a […]

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car alarm keeps going off for no reason

My Car Alarm Keeps Going Off For No Reason

There is nothing more frustrating than when your car alarm keeps going off for no reason and is made even worse when you are trying to sleep. Simply disconnecting your cars battery will stop the alarm but it is not a permanent fix. Unless you live in a really bad neighbourhood, the alarm is more […]

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AC Recharge Guide

Air Conditioning Recharge Complete Guide

There is nothing worse than when you are tuck in traffic on a boiling hot day without air conditioning. An AC Recharge is one of those things you always put off doing and results in hot air coming out of the air vents. Car air conditioning systems simply uses a compressor that contains a refrigerant, […]

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Reasons Why You Should Have A Dash Cam

8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dash Cam

Installing the best dash cam you can get your hands on can see a range of benefits. Mostly, it is for peace of mind and the popularity of them have seen a huge rise over the last few years and for good reason. Not only do they capture the on goings during a drive but […]

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why is my check engine light on

The Dreaded Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light is a yellow or amber color that illuminates your dash to indicate there is an issue with your engine. Not only is it a worry but it is highly frustrating as there is no indication to what the problem even is. In order to understand why your car is flashing the […]

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signs of worn engine mounts

Signs Of Worn Engine Mounts

The purpose of engine mounts are to secure the engine to the chassis. They also reduce the vibrations and movement of the engine within the vehicle and when there is an issue with them, the symptoms are pretty clear to the driver. They are usually made up of metal, rubber and oil, which come in […]

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problems with master cylinder and symptoms

Master Cylinder Problems, Symptoms and Fixes

In the braking system of your car, the master cylinder is a hydraulic pump that pressurizes the brake fluid through the brake lines and then to the brake calipers. It is operated by the foot brake as you would expect and requires an adequate level of brake fluid to be forced to the brakes. The […]

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what is the point in AdBlue

What Is AdBlue?

AdBlue is the latest emission reducing chemical used in diesel cars. It comes in the form of a non toxic liquid that is colorless in appearance and made through a combination of water and urea. Car manufacturers are under extreme pressure to reduce harmful emissions and AdBlue is the latest savior. Production of new diesel […]

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