Swirl Marks On Car

What Are Swirl Marks?

Swirl marks are tiny scratches in the paintwork that are visible under light. They are more common in dark colored cars as they reflect more light from the scratches. If you park underneath a light or in direct sunlight, the swirl marks will be more prominent upon flat surfaces such as the trunk, roof or […]

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car relay crime prevention

Relay Crime: Keyless Car Entry Theft

Keyless car entry is a luxury that is found with many modern vehicles but it is a feature that is putting you at risk from relay crime. Car criminals are now using state of the art computers to hack into the cars computer/ecu, which allows them to start the vehicle and drive away in minutes. […]

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How To Remove Steering Wheel

How To Take Off A Steering Wheel

When it comes to removing your steering wheel, there can be many different types of complications. From having to remove the airbag to disconnecting the steering wheel from the hub adapter. All that is required is a socket set and patience. Not all steering wheels are the same as some may be aftermarket and others […]

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Halogen vs LED vs Xenon vs HID

Differences Between Headlight Bulbs Explained

As you probably already know, not all headlight bulbs are the same as some are more powerful and produce various different colors. Another important factor is that certain bulbs will last far longer such as LED’s, which tend to last 8 to 10 times longer than halogen bulbs. Below we have put together a table […]

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Make Car Shoot Flames

How To Make Flames Come Out Of Your Exhaust

Fire coming from your exhaust tips will definitely turn heads at car shows and of course on the road. Unless you have a car such as the Lamborghini Aventador that from factory shoots flames, you will almost certainly need modifications. Methods such as adjusting the air to fuel mixture, anti-lag/two step systems and ecu remapping […]

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should you stretch your tires

The Complete Guide To Stretched Tires

Tire stretch is a divided subject across the car enthusiasts world with one side declaring it as a death trap and the other claiming that it makes no difference. Rewind 20 years and you would have probably never seen tires stretched in such a way but it has become extremely popular over the last few […]

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Fender Roller

How To Roll Fenders

Whether you have lowered your car or fitted bigger wheels, the potential to catch your wheel on the arch will increase. Not only can this cause damage to your tires but it will also damage the wheel arch in the form of bending the inner fender or worse. If you fall within this category of […]

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best way to remove car rust spots

How to Remove and Treat Car Rust

Car rust is a common worry for the majority of drivers of older cars. Rust in cars is usually caused from regular driving during the winter season or the lack of rustproofing methods. The removal of car rust isn’t a particularly nice job to complete and is made worse by poor techniques. If the rust is […]

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law on radar detectors

Radar Detector Laws By State

Radar detectors are an electronic device which is used to detect the emissions of a police radar. In this case, it is usually the frequency of the type of radar being detected. This is made more efficient and effective by the use of superheterodyne receiver that has a local oscillator which radiates slightly regarding movement. […]

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jamming a laser gun

Laser Jammers – Explained

Unlike a radar jammer and scrambler, not every state make the use of laser jamming illegal. This means many drivers are still using these electronic gadgets to avoid getting speeding tickets when police use their LIDAR technology. Using a radar detector you are able to detect the laser gun but not as early as radar transmission. This […]

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