Best Trailer Tires

The Best Trailer Tires 2019

Trailer tires are often neglected and can become dangerous without replacing them in time. Choosing tires that are designed specifically for your trailer load will ensure that you have the best possible towing experience. The best trailer tires are the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Tires, which use a 8 ply construction and are available in […]

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Best Towing Mirror

The Best Towing Mirrors 2019

Using towing mirrors that can be clipped onto your vehicle will ensure you are able to see beyond the trailer load. It is a legal requirement to use mirrors when towing any loads that are wider than the rear of your towing vehicle. The best towing mirrors are the Fit System 3891 Deluxe, which is […]

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best weight distribution hitch

The Best Weight Distribution Hitch 2019

The purpose of a weight distribution hitch is to ensure the towing vehicle has a level and smooth ride. This means you are able to tow to the maximum weight capacity of your trailer hitch without the vehicle sagging or becoming difficult to handle. The best weight distribution hitch is the Blue Ox BXW1500, which clamps […]

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best trailer hitch

The Best Trailer Hitch 2019

Installing a trailer hitch to your vehicle allows you to haul a range of different trailers and carriers up to 15,000 LBS. There are many aftermarket hitches that are adjustable and can be easily installed to a variety of vehicles. The best trailer hitch is the B&W TS20048B with an impressive tow weight of 14,500 LBS, […]

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Best Trailer Brake Controller

The Best Trailer Brake Controller 2019

An electric trailer brake controller is often installed as an aftermarket part to assist with the braking of a towing vehicle. For lightweight trailers, it is not necessarily required but for trailers with a gross weight of over 1,000 LBS, it’s highly advised. The best trailer brake controller is the Tekonsha 90195 P3, which is […]

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best trailer hitch lock

The Best Trailer Hitch Lock 2019

When it comes to trailer security, there are so many people that do not use a trailer hitch lock. This basically means anyone can walk over to your trailer and hitch it onto the back of their vehicle and make their getaway with your expensive asset. To prevent this type of theft, you should invest […]

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Best Windshield Repair Kit

The Best Windshield Repair Kit 2019

Windshield chips or cracks are virtually impossible to avoid with daily driving. Without repairing them correctly, they can begin to spread and gradually get worse. However, by using a windshield repair kit, you can prevent any further damage. The best windshield repair kit is the Rain-X 600001, which is a DIY kit that repairs all […]

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Car Dent Puller

The Best Dent Puller 2019

Unwanted car dents can completely ruin the appearance of your vehicle but they can be easily removed by using a dent puller. These are available as complete paintless removal tool kits, suction cups and the more involved precision removal rods. The best dent puller is the BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Kit that includes a wide […]

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wheel locks

The Best Trailer Wheel Lock 2019

Using a quality wheel clamp as opposed to locking lugs nuts will further prevent theft of your trailer or vehicle. They are much larger and this makes them harder to remove as well as being a better visual deterrent to potential criminals. The best trailer wheel lock is the Heavy Duty Coocher Clamp, which is […]

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Locking Lug Nuts

The Best Wheel Locks 2019

Using wheel locks is by far the most convenient method of securing your wheels from criminals. Unlike wheel clamps, they do not require you to install and remove them each time you drive your car as they function as a normal lug nut. The best wheel locks are the Gorilla 61631 Acorn Guard Locks, which […]

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