Car Dent Puller

The Best Dent Puller 2019

Unwanted car dents can completely ruin the appearance of your vehicle but they can be easily removed by using a dent puller. These are available as complete paintless removal tool kits, suction cups and the more involved precision removal rods. The best dent puller is the BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Kit that includes a wide […]

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wheel locks

The Best Trailer Wheel Lock 2019

Using a quality wheel clamp as opposed to locking lugs nuts will further prevent theft of your trailer or vehicle. They are much larger and this makes them harder to remove as well as being a better visual deterrent to potential criminals. The best trailer wheel lock is the Heavy Duty Coocher Clamp, which is […]

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Locking Lug Nuts

The Best Wheel Locks 2019

Using wheel locks is by far the most convenient method of securing your wheels from criminals. Unlike wheel clamps, they do not require you to install and remove them each time you drive your car as they function as a normal lug nut. The best wheel locks are the Gorilla 61631 Acorn Guard Locks, which […]

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Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

The Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier 2019

Using a motorcycle hitch carrier will allow you to easily transport motorcycles of all sizes. It may not always be possible to ride your motorcycle as the destination may be too far away or it may have mechanical issues, which makes a carrier very useful. The best motorcycle hitch carrier is the Goplus Carrier, which […]

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Wheel Spacers

The Best Wheel Spacers 2019

Wheel spacers allow you to create extra clearance between the wheel and the hub assembly. This will allow you to install custom wheels or suspension kits and provide better handling performance in some cases. The best wheel spacers are the Supreme Suspensions Kit, which is an aerospace-grade billet construction that provides a 1.5 or 2 […]

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Trailer Hitch Lock

The Best Trailer Hitch Lock 2019

When it comes to trailer security, there are so many people that do not use a trailer hitch lock. This basically means anyone can walk over to your trailer and then hitch it onto the back of their vehicle and make their getaway with your expensive asset. The best trailer hitch lock is the Proven Industries […]

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best tires for snow and winter driving

The Best Winter Tires 2019

When it comes to driving in the snow, you cannot simply rely on your standard tires to provide you with the traction. Winter tires is what is required as they have been designed primarily for water, slush, snow and salt. The best winter tires are the Michelin Latitude X-Ice Radial Tires that are designed to maintain […]

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high quality car covers

The Best Car Covers 2019

Investing into a quality car cover will protect your paintwork form the outdoor elements such as bird droppings, rust, UV rays and much more. It will also act as an effective deterrent to thieves as they will not be able to see the vehicle or its contents. The best car cover is the OxGord Executive Storm-Proof […]

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Hitch Cargo Carrier

The Best Hitch Cargo Carrier 2019

Unless you are already using your trailer hitch for a hitch mounted bike rack, you can use it to transport other cargo. This can be achieved by using a hitch cargo carrier, which is easy to attach and able to carry between up to 600 LBS and over. The best hitch cargo carrier is the Rola […]

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car roof top tent

The Best Rooftop Tent 2019

Installing a rooftop tent to your vehicle is the latest trend that is becoming very popular with a vast variety available. They simply connect to your roof rack and they can then be setup with ease with a ladder required to get access to the tent. The best roof top tent is the Tuff Stuff Ranger […]

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