Aluminum Wheel Polish

The Best Aluminum Polish 2019

Using an aluminum polish will clean away tough dirt, tarnish and oxidation with a single application. Most can be rubbed into the metal surface by hand but also by using a polishing tool for a more thorough job. The best aluminum polish is the Mothers Mag and Aluminum, which is strong enough to restore even […]

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chrome polish

The Best Chrome Polish 2019

Using a chrome polish can completely transform the finish of the chrome by restoring lost shine and cleaning the surface. Chrome is found on a lot of classic cars but many modern vehicles use the material on trim, exhausts and wheels. The best chrome polish is the Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish that not only removes […]

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Wheel Wax

The Best Wheel Wax 2019

If you have just refurbished your wheels, you will want to give them the best protection possible. This can be achieved by using a quality wheel wax, which is often referred to as a sealant that protects the wheel from dirt and debris. The best wheel wax is the Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Sealant, which […]

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best convertible roof cleaner and wax for beading

The Best Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant 2019

The convertible soft top roof is either constructed of a fabric or vinyl material that requires regular maintenance. Simply washing the roof is not good enough and eventually it will become covered in dirt, moss and other defects. The best soft top cleaner and protectant is the Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit that includes a cleaner, […]

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Bug and Tar Remover For Cars

The Best Bug Remover For Cars 2019

Avoiding bug splatter buildup upon the paintwork or windshield is pretty much impossible. No matter what you use, preventing bug sticking can be hard. However, you can arm yourself with a bug remover for cars that makes removal far easier. The best bug remover for cars is the McKee’s 37 Road Kill, which effective removes […]

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Foam Cannon

The Best Foam Cannon 2019

If you already have a car pressure washer, you can improve your washing technique by purchasing a foam cannon. The purpose of these attachments is to act as a pre-clean because it removes any loose dirt before washing the car. The best foam cannon is the Chemical Guys EQP 310 TORQ Professional with its advanced foaming […]

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Microfiber Towels

The Best Microfiber Towels 2019

You can never have enough microfiber towels when it comes to auto detailing. They are required to remove any residue, dirt or debris that you may find whilst cleaning your interior or buffing off products used on your paintwork. The best microfiber towels are the Rag Company Eagle Towels, which have a 16 x 16 […]

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Car Scratch Remover

The Best Car Scratch Remover 2019

Scratches to your car can completely ruin its appearance and reduce the resale value. Whether they are caused maliciously or by accident, you can use a car scratch remover to touch up the damaged paintwork with ease. The best car scratch remover is the 3M 39071 Scratch Removal System, which comes with everything you need […]

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best car polishing machine to remove scratches

The Best Car Polisher 2019

Removing scratches and swirl marks requires the combination of a cutting compound and a car polisher machine. They are fairly easy to use but in the wrong hands, there is the possibility of making your paintwork even worse. The best car polisher is the Meguiars MT300 DA Polisher, which is fairly lightweight and ergonomically designed to […]

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Ceramic Coating For Cars

The Best Ceramic Coating For Cars 2019

Ceramic coating is a specialist detailing product used to provide superior car paint protection. Unlike a car wax that may last only a few weeks, the ceramic coating provides a permanent or semi permanent bond that is long lasting. The best ceramic coating for cars is the Migliore Strata Coating, which provides a 12 month […]

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