vacuum for car detailing

5 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners For Detailing 2018

Vacuuming your vehicle can be much more effective with a dedicated vacuum for car detailing, which are often more powerful to extract dirt from tough carpets. The best vacuum for car detailing is the Metrovac Vac N’ Blo, which has a powerful 4HP twin-fan, 6 foot hose and an all steel lightweight construction for heavy duty […]

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best snow foam, lance for pressure washer

5 Best Snow Foam Lances 2018

Adding a snow foam lance to your pressure washer setup is a fun and efficient method of cleaning your vehicle. Often called a foam cannon, they have become increasingly popular with more car owners getting into the detailing scene. The best snow foam lance is the Chemical Guys EQP 310 TORQ Professional with its advanced foaming technology, […]

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