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If you compare cars that are over 20 years old to the modern cars of today, you will see that car technology has come on along way. Everything is wireless and there are intuitive graphics on almost everything that have a display screen.

The number of technology accessories for your car has seen a huge rise over the last decade with audio systems, lighting and diagnostic devices seeing huge booms in popularity. Below are some of the car technology accessories available that we highly recommend and can improve your driving experience.

Bluetooth and Wireless

These days everyone has access to a smartphone and wireless connectivity is essential. For example, using a Bluetooth car kit for phone calls is highly desirable and considering that its illegal to use a phone behind the wheel, it is pretty much a must inside all cars. A premium double din stereo will have this compatibility along with additional features such as Apple Play or an Android equivalent.

On the topic of car audio, you can use a Bluetooth FM transmitter instead of a car handsfree. This has the added benefit of streaming your music from your phone to the radio by matching the FM channel from the radio to the transmitter.

FM transmitters will connect to your cigarette lighter socket and have many other outputs such as AUX, USB and more. If you use other devices inside your car, it may be worth investing into a cigarette lighter splitter. This will provide you with additional sockets and ensure you don’t have to switch between devices all the time.

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Driving Aids

Due to the advancements of technology, driving aids have improved massively compared to what they were pre-2000. Navigation is one such technology that has been inside the car for many years and the GPS for a car has gone through various stages of improvement. From WiFi connectivity, LED displays and much more.

For those that drive regularly, speeding fines can be a real issue. However, by using a radar detector, you are able to locate nearby police using a radar or LIDAR device to retrieve your moving speed. These are hugely popular in the US with a wide variety of detectors available with different ranges for locating radars.

Other devices that help you manage your speed is a car HUD. It connects to your car OBD port or uses your smartphone to display various metrics from speed to oil temperatures. These days you can even use a flash programmer to tune your vehicle yourself by plugging it into the OBD port.

For those that are serious about the cars performance, you may want to install various gauges. The most popular is the turbo boost gauge, which will allow you to instantly see the amount of boost from your turbo whilst accelerating. Another popular option is the wideband gauge, which display the air to fuel ratio via the O2 sensor.

Many people find reversing a real issue, particularly with larger SUV’s or trucks but this is where an aftermarket backup camera comes very useful. In terms of the camera outputting visuals to the driver, a double din stereo is the best option but if you can use a single din head unit with a flip out screen for a display too.

Another popular driving aid that is becoming more popular is a blind spot detection system. They use radar based sensor to detect other vehicles or objects that are in the drivers blind spot, which will then warn them via an audible or visual warning.

Dash Cam and Tracking

Unless you have never been on the internet before, you will know that a car dash cam has seen a large amount of popularity worldwide over the years. They are very popular in Eastern European countries but due to false insurance claims and other bad driving, they are are a very common worldwide these days.

The best dash cam is one that will suit your needs. There is a wide variety of devices available from front and rear facing cameras to those that have G Sensors to detect any movement such as a parking lot crash.

Many also feature a GPS, which can be tracked via additional software. Many companies use this type of tracking for watching their employees that use work vehicles. For a more in depth tracking service, there are many car GPS trackers that can be installed in various areas inside the car and much more.

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Car Lighting

Every vehicle on the road will have a range of lights and from time to time they do break. Upgrading the lights is a fairly common modification as many OEM cars use halogen bulbs as opposed to a LED bulb. From LED number plate bulbs to interior door lights are easily upgraded.

Headlights are the most common bulb modification with a variety of choices available. For example, upgrading your halogen headlights bulbs to installing a HID conversion kit for a more modern look. Many modern cars of today will have a LED headlight setup already but they can be upgraded to more powerful LED headlights with various color options.

When it comes to more adverse weather such as fog, you will want to have the best visibility. Installing LED fog lights that output a wide but smooth light output can improve your visibility dramatically and also look great on the car.

Many people will even take the extra step to show off their car with an underglow kit, which outputs LED light underneath the car.

In Car Entertainment

Upgrading your car with the latest ICE is fairly common and it goes much further than upgrading the car audio. From providing additional entertainment for backseat passengers with a headrest DVD player to using a car power inverter for converting voltages for other devices.

Car Alarm and Remote Start Systems

With all the ICE, car audio and your vehicle as a whole, its crucial that its protected. Even OEM car alarm systems are not good enough to tackle the sophisticated car criminals of today. Purchasing the best car alarm system you can find is highly recommended if your car is of high or sentimental value or has many expensive goods inside. Whilst replacing your car alarm system, you could even add a remote car starter for starting your vehicle with a push of a button.

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Electric Car Technology

Whether you like it or not, the electric car phenomenon is starting to take off with every other car on the road being an electric or hybrid vehicle. In order to give your electric car power, you will require an EV Charger, which can be installed at your home fairly easily. However, those that live in a house without a drive may find charging their vehicle fairly difficult.

With the popularity of electric cars on the streets today, there will be more EV technology to come and various other accessories.


Car technology is a moving at a fast rate and our team at ProCarReviews is constantly researching the market for the latest devices. Anything from a car air purifier to the old technology that is being constantly updated such as a CB radio. We are constantly researching and testing the latest technology.