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The interior of your car is where you will spend the majority of time and its important that you are at your most comfortable. You will also want to protect the interior to ensure that it lasts as there is nothing worse than a ruined interior.

Car interiors vary massively between different cars but the majority of products available are universal and can make a world of difference. Below we break down just some of the interior accessories, modifications and upgrades for your car.

Car Phone Mount

The majority of people own a mobile and many use it as a method of navigation, music streaming and other functionality. However, the use of a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal is almost all states. Using the best car phone mount you can find is one way of getting around this as it allows you to glance at the mobile display without touching it. If the someone has sent you a text message or calling you and your phone is not visible, you will be committing a crime touching it to see who it is whilst driving.

The improvement of mobile navigation applications has made the market for phone holders boom. Waze is one of the best applications for navigation with a range of additional features such as community driven alerts regarding police presence, road works, objects in the road and traffic.

There are various different types of phone mounts that include magnetic, cradles and more. The magnetic phone mount is the latest type and the most popular due to the simplicity and the ease of attaching your phone to the mount in the car.

phone mount for car

Interior Protection

Protecting your cars interior not only makes it a nicer environment to be in but also increases it resale value compared to one that has been trashed. There are various methods you can go through to protect it from boot liner trays to windshield sun shade to prevent UV damage.

Seats suffer the majority of the wear and tear when it comes to your interior. Without proper protection, the dirt can build up and make the interior an unpleasant place to be in. However, if you invest into a quality car seat cover that suits your vehicle, it can completely transform your interior as well as keep it protected.

Many people also travel with their dog in the car and this can be a recipe for disaster if the interior is not protected. Using a simple dog car seat cover will prevent interior damage as well as dirt build up.

However, you cannot blame all the dirt on the dogs, because you will be surprised of how much dirt can build up from your dirty shoes. Purchasing some aftermarket heavy duty car mats will save the trouble of dirty flooring inside your vehicle.

Car Interior Security

Protecting your car from thieves can be achieved in a numerous of ways. The obvious being a state of the art car alarm but there are other methods.

Due to the rise in crimes that go through the cars computer such as relay crime, there needs to be a more physical approach.

Using the best steering wheel lock on the market is a major deterrent to those that are looking to steal your car. The latest batch of steering wheel lock systems are far easier to use these days and provide excellent security.

Another method of car interior security is applying car window tint to your vehicle as this will prevent criminals seeing any valuables. Most modern cars come with factory tinted windows, but if not, adding tint film is a cheap and easy way to prevent car crime.

Travelling with an Infant

In the US, infants must use a rear-facing seat until they reach the age of 1 or 20 LBS. Then until the age of 8 years old or they are over 4 foot 9 inches, they must use a booster seat. When searching for an infant car seat, there is a wide variety available with a range of budgets. They can be expensive and its worth shopping around the best deal and one that is suitable for your vehicle.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is an essential part of anything vehicle. No matter what vehicle you drive, there will always be a steering wheel present, which means there is a wide variety of accessories available. One of the most common is a steering wheel cover, which are ideal for hiding defects or preventing damage for those with dirty hands or wearing work gloves.

You may also want to install a steering wheel knob that allows you to spin the wheel a lot easier and faster with one hand.

For those that like to modify their car, installing an aftermarket steering wheel is very popular. There are many big brands such as MOMO, NRG, Sparco and a few others that offer great wheels to suit a range of interiors.

You can even install a quick release steering wheel to the hub, which will allow you to remove the steering wheel in seconds. However, this is more suited to those with race cars that have racing seats push forward for better control.


There are a number of ways that you can improve your cars interior and your driving experience. We have a full list of interior products and accessories articles that will give you some ideas.