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The exterior of your car can be upgraded in multiple ways depending on the owners requirements. For example, if you looking to provide protection for your car whilst in storage, you can buy the best car covers to provide maximum protection.

The number of modifications, upgrades and accessories for the exterior is far greater than you can imagine. From towing your trailers to transporting your bikes, your vehicle will need additional exterior accessories in order to perform these tasks.

Car Security

As a car owner, there is only so much you can do to avoid car crime. You can install the best car alarm you can find but with the latest “cyber crime”, they can be dealt with fairly easily with the correct software. However, installing further deterrents such as wheel locks on your expensive rims.

Criminals will see these additional measures that you have gone to and simply walk past. They will want an “easy steal” and these deterrents are the ultimate way to prevent your car being subjected to criminal activities.

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The Hitch

A trailer hitch can be installed on almost all vehicles. Some may require modification to the rear bumper but once installed, it allows much more use of your vehicle. There is a majority of options available in terms of towing weights with many offering adjustable heights to suit your trailer.

If you are planning on towing large loads, we highly recommend that you purchase a weight distribution hitch. Incorrect weight distribution whilst towing can cause chaos and increase the chances of jackknifing.

On top of a weight distribution hitch, you may also want to install an aftermarket trailer brake controller if its not installed as an OEM part. These devices engage the electrical braking system when your vehicle is slowing down. There is usually two settings that include a delayed or proportional braking of the trailer.

Once you have hitched up, you will also want to protect your load from thieves. To do this, you will want a trailer hitch lock that is proven to resist brute force and is easy to take on and off. For added protection, you can installed a trailer wheel lock, which will act as a visual deterrent and make stealing your trailer that much harder.

The Roof

Unless you own a convertible car, you will be able to install a pair of roof racks. With these installed, you are able to transport a range of loads and it opens a world of opportunities. For example, if you are planning a family trip away, you will require additional room in your car and the need for a roof cargo box comes apparent. This can be installed onto the roof racks in minutes.

Its not only the transportation benefits that roof racks can offer. You are even able to sleep on top of your vehicle with a rooftop tent, which attaches to the roof racks and allows you to camp out anywhere without the worry of the bugs on the floor.

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Winter Driving

Depending on where you live, you may find yourself driving on snow and ice fairly regularly. If this is the case, its highly advised that you invest in the best winter tires you can find to ensure you have enough traction.

However, winter tires may not even be enough and snow chains may be required too. These offer additional traction and attach easily around the wheel.

Of course, when there is snow and ice on the floor, there is almost certainly going to be the same on your windshield. This will result in a can of defroster or even worse, which is hours of scraping. To avoid this mundane job, we highly recommend purchasing a windshield cover that protects it from the environment.

Transporting Bikes

Dismantling your bike in order to place them inside your car can be quite frustrating. However, transporting your bike can be made much easier with a dedicated rack. These types of racks include a trunk, roof and hitch mounted bike rack.

The trunk bike rack is the cheapest and can be used on multiple vehicle types but it does make accessing the actual trunk fairly difficult. If you have a hitch installed, you can beat the accessibility issue by using one of the best hitch bike rack, which are easy to rack bikes onto and is very simple to install. We state “best” because some of the cheaper alternatives may sway whilst driving.

One of the most cost effective, stable and accessible methods of transporting your bikes is by using a bike roof rack. However, you will require a trickier installation of the bikes onto the rack and you may run into issues with height clearances.

The three methods of bike transportation offer various benefits and it is primarily down to personal preference on the type you prefer. Of course, if you drive a motorzied bike, which include scooters, dirt bikes and motorcycles, you will require a much more heavy duty method of transportation. This can be achieved by using a motorcycle hitch carrier, which is able to hold bikes up to 600 LBS.

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Repair and Bodywork Enhancements

Unless you drive a beater car, you are more than likely going to care about your car. From various detailing products to touching up damage paintwork.

These days, you don’t need a full respray in order to change the appearance of your vehicle. You can either go down the route of using a plasti dip kit or use a vinyl wrap, which is completely irreversible unlike spray paint. For those with visible defects on their car such as deep scratches, this is an excellent alternative to the more expensive paint job. Alternatively, if you have a new car and want to protect it from chips and scratches, you can use a paint protection film. It’s a clear and durable film that acts a protective shield whilst daily driving.

However, if there are dents on the car, we highly recommend a dent puller or alternative paintless dent repair tools prior to using a plasti dip or vinyl wrap. You may even opt to repair the damage by using a car body filler and then respraying the surface to match the rest of the paintwork. You will then want to spray the base coat with an automotive clear coat to protect and increase the shine. Some automotive touch up paint kits come with everything you require to achieve the perfect match.

The bodywork is not the only place where damage can occur. The windshield can withstand a large amount of damage but stones and other debris can cause chips and cracks. You will then need to decide on whether you should repair of replace the windshield. If the damage is not too deep or large then repairing the windshield would be the best option. By using a windshield repair kit, you will be able to fix the defect at a fraction of the cost compared with a replacement.

Improving Stance

Many people will install aftermarket wheel and lower their cars for an improvement in stance but there are additional modifications that you can do too. Wheel spacers are fairly common and are easy to install and they improve clearance by pushing the wheels outwards.

However, its important that you purchase the correct spacers for your wheels and that they are hub centric. Cheap lug centric alternatives place all the weight upon the lugs rather than the hub, which can be unsafe and cause issues. Once installed, the stance will be far more aggressive and can improve the handling performance for some vehicles too.


There is a range of exterior accessories that are available that provide additional security, methods of transporting gear and much more. Taking your time to read our exterior articles will provide you with greater knowledge for a better buying decision.