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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car?

Cost To Wrap A Car

Changing the appearance of your car can be achieved by paint or using a wrap. However, depending upon your budget, respraying your car may be out of the question as it can cost thousands and requires a lot of preparation to get it ready.

Using the best car vinyl wrap you can get yours hands on is a low cost alternative to respraying your car. You can also be very creative with the car wrap you choose as they are available in a complete range of finishes and textures.

The cost to wrap a car is far less than painting and better still, it can be removed easily. Once removed, you will be left with your original paintwork, which will be untouched if it has been applied correctly to the paintwork during installation.

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What is the Cost to Wrap a Car

Prices of a full car wrap is highly dependent upon the type of vinyl wrap that you choose. For example, if you wrap your car using a single colored wrap, it will be far cheaper than one with a custom design, which needs to be aligned without mistake.

The cost to wrap car usually ranges between $2,500 to $5,000, where single colored vinyl wraps cost far less than complex designs.

Most installers of car wraps will include the cost of preparation within the total cost. You will want to ensure that paintwork is protected before installing a car wrap as it makes removal easier and prevents any scratches appearing.

Car Wrap Cost

Removal of Car Wraps

Unlike when you spray the bodywork with paint, car wraps can safely be removed. Using a heat gun and plastic razor, you will be able to safely peel the vinyl wrap from the bodywork. You may notice that some residue is left behind but this can be used with a standard adhesive remover.

If you notice any new scratches, you can use a car buffer and a quality car polish to remove light scratches. However, you will want to prevent the scratches in the first place and this is why the correct installation process is vital.

Application of Vinyl Wrap

If you are paying a premium price tag for installation of your wrap, you will want to ensure that it is installed correctly. If you have found somebody that is able to install your required car wrap, ask them the following questions:

How will you prepare the paintwork prior to application? Preparation is key to preventing scratches and ensuring the vinyl remains flat on the bodywork without any lumps or air bubbles.

If the installer states that they will be using paint cleaners and are thorough with their explanation, this would be a good sign that they know what they are doing.

Will you be removing mirrors, handles, lights and moldings? Removing components of the car prior to applying the wrap can ensure that you have the best possible finish. There is nothing worse than seeing harsh edges, which can tear.

For a complete guide to the process of applying car vinyl, follow this guide.

Ongoing Maintenance

Another benefit of using a car wrap is that it does not require as much maintenance. If you notice dirt on the wrap, you can use a foam cannon to spray soap onto the wrap or even use a waterless car wash if you do not have access to running water.

You will want to avoid any machine car washes, powerful pressure washers and leaving bird droppings, tree sap or insects on the wrap too long. You can find other great care tips via this complete guide.


Car wraps have exploded in popularity over the last few years and there is plenty of great designs available. Compared to painting your car, it is often cheaper, easier and the level of customization is far greater. However, the best benefit of a car wrap is the ability to remove it and return to the factory paintwork without a scratch.

There are some really impressive wraps that are available to install on your car. We are big fans of Zombie Hunters wrap, which is a work of art and must have taken many hours to design and apply correctly to the car.

Many people will install a car wrap for road trips such as Gumball 3000 and many others. Some even install wraps  just for the summer but they can have a lifespan of up to 10 years in most cases if you were to leave it on for longer.

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