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The Best Windshield Washer Fluid 2019

Using a proper windshield washer fluid instead of just water will make a huge difference to how your windshield is cleared. Many drivers believe that fluid doesn’t effect the cleaning but this is simply not true.

The best windscreen washer is a tablet with the 303 (230371) Instant Windshield Washer that turns 1 gallon of water into a super concentrated washing fluid.

Highly concentrated fluid, tablets and straight windshield fluid are methods of transforming your windshield washing experience with many focusing on certain dirt such as winter seasons debris and fighting tough bug splatter.

Best Screen Wash For Cars

Screen Wash FluidTypeOur Rating
303 (230371)Tablet4.9
Prestone AS657Full Solution4.8
Nextzett 92100815Additive4.8
Aqua Charge UltraFull Solution4.7
Rain-X RX11806DAdditive4.7

For those that do a lot of driving along country roads, you may notice that dead bugs are on the windshield and plain water will not clear it. There is certain windshield washer fluids for bugs for these types of drivers.

Alternatively, in the cold weather you may choose for a windshield washer fluid for winter that does not freeze. There are many variations that are more effective for your type of driving and dirt that builds up on your windshield.

Screen wash is often overlooked as a service part but it really shouldn’t be because it improves your driving experience with a clear vision. Below is a list of the best windshield washer fluids that ensure dirt and debris is easily cleared.

303 (230371) Instant Windshield Washer

Using a tablet to transform the water stored in the washer container is not the normal but it is highly effective. Not only that, it is also much easier to fill the container by simply adding one tablet to 1 gallon of water and it can also be stored easily.

Compared to the standard washing fluid you will find in the shop, the 303 is super concentrated with over 3 times the cleaning power. Bugs, road film, dirt and grime can be easily removed from the windshield.

It is the best windshield washer cleaner for all types of dirt and debris. The 303 (230371) is also good for the environment as its reduces plastics at landfills.

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Prestone AS657 Bug Windshield Washer

Bugs that become splattered on your windscreen can be very hard to clean off. It is made worse in the summer as they get dried to the windshield and requires a certain formula or elbow grease to remove it.

The patented formula provides a streak-free clean with a citrus scent that can be smelt through the cabin. Prestone claim that the three stage cleaning process removes up to 99.9% of all dead bugs on your windshield and forms a barrier to protect them sticking again.

Different areas suffer an increase in bugs whilst driving and if this is a problem for you, the Prestone bug wash formula is the best windshield washer for dead bugs.

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Nextzett 92100815 Kristall Klar

The Nextzett 92100815 is a proven formula that can treat 12 gallons of water per bottle. The highly concentrated formula reduces glare and smears on the windshield for a a clear sight of vision.

Te Kristall Klar fluid acts as a water softener that prevents hard water mineral build up and water staining on the windshield. The design of some windshields or window wiper blades can result in the wiper skipping or shuddering. However, with this windshield washer fluid, there are additional lubricants to reduce this effect.

Nextzett claim that their concentrated formula is ammonia free that provides a citrus scent. It is also safe to use on plastic headlights and will not harm the sensor based in the containers. It is one of the strongest screen washes for your windshield and offers great value for money.

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Aqua Charge Ultra Concentrate

For those that do not want to use an additive or measure ounces or gallons of water used but simply pour a washing solution in, the Aqua Charge is the best buy.

Within each bottle of this windshield washer is 55 gallons of fluids, which works out as small change per single gallon. Each use leaves a streak-free clean that works best at removing road dirt, bird droppings, dead bugs and more from windshields.

Aqua Charge state to make this solution perfect for winter use, add 13 gallons of methanol per 55 gallons to make the freezing points -20. Overall, it is the best all in one washing fluid for your windshield that requires no additional water.

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Rain-X RX11806D Washer Fluid Additive

Rain X are known for their detailing products and their water additive treats 1 gallon of water to improve windshield cleaning. Using the latest water beading technology, it prevents and removes sleet, ice, bugs and road spray from sticking to the glass.

It is as simple as adding 4 ounces of the additive and you are good to go with the Rain X. The bottles are fairly small but they are the cheapest within this article with a big name backing the washer fluid.

Overall, the Rain-X RX11806D is the best cheap windshield washer that will clear your windscreen of all dirt and help repel it once cleared.

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Windshield Screen Wash Buying Guide

An often overlooked service part is the screen wash for your car. Not only does it clean your car but it will also improve your driving with a clearer vision.

Many washer are tailored towards certain aspects such as dead bugs, below freezing temperatures and much more.

Increasing your knowledge of windshield washer fluid will prove why they are selling fast and below are a few factors to consider.

Whats Wrong With Just Water?

Its understandable why many drivers will opt for just water in order to save some money. However, water freezes much easier and simply does not perform as well as strong windshield washer fluid.

For tough dirt, dead bugs, road grime, tree sap and more, water will simply not remove these types of dirt. Without removing them quick enough with windshield screen wash, they will harden and you will need a bug remover to get rid of them.

Attempting to clear your screen with just water can also result in excessive use on the window wiper blades and even potential to scratch the windshield.

Using Household Cleaners

Another way people try to avoid getting a car windshield washer cleaner is to use household washing up liquid and squirting it within the reservoir. This is something that you shouldn’t be doing as they can contain harmful chemicals that are not friendly with car plastics, paintwork and other surfaces.

Another drawback to using household cleaners as windshield screen wash is that they produce a lot of foam. This will reduce visibility hugely if you begin to spray your windshield whilst driving.

Preventing Screen Wash From Freezing

When the solution freezes within the washer fluid reservoir, it can be fairly irritating however there are remedies. For example, the Aqua product recommends adding 13 gallons of methanol to 55 gallons of their solution.

If you are located in an area than is below freezing on a regular basis, it is worth researching secret solutions to prevent the washing fluid from freezing.

What Type of Cleaner

Within this article, there are three types which are tablet, additive and full solution that does not need water. Each have their own benefits. Tablet form is very easy to use and store because they are small and last longer. The additive is usually highly concentrated and easy to store but probably not as easy to store as a tablet. Lastly, the all round solution is larger and needs to be stored out of the sun but it is very easy to add to the car with no measurements required, just simply pour it in.

Choosing the type of screen wash is purely up to you and how you find easiest. All of the best windshield washer above are all highly effective at cleaning the window and leaving a streak free shine.


Windshield washing fluid is inexpensive and worth getting the best you can buy. Its saves the extra hassle of trying to clear tough dirt on your windshield that simply will not clear from the screen.

The scent that results from using high quality fluid is often very nice and passes through to the cabin which is also a great benefit. Topping up your windshield washer fluid should be part of your routine car servicing.

All of the above will clear your windshield with a streak free shine but the 303 product is the best buy in terms of strong screen wash and value for money.

For the interior windows, we highly recommend that you choose the best auto glass cleaner that will ensure perfect clarity.

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