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The Best Welding Gloves 2021

Best Welding Gloves

Whether you are using a MIG, TIG or stick welder, you will require a pair of welding gloves. They have been specifically designed to prevent extreme heat, electric shock and UV or infrared radiation effecting the operator.

The best welding gloves are the Lincoln Traditional Gloves, which are constructed entirely of leather with kevlar stitching and a comfortable soft cotton liner.

Most gloves for welding are made of a pliable leather such as deerskin, pigskin or goat skin. However, if you are welding at a higher amperage range, you may want thicker gloves that can withstand higher temperatures.

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Best Welding Gloves

Welding GlovesApplicationsSizes
Lincoln TraditionalStick, TIG, MIG & FluxUniversal
Tillman 1338TIGMultiple
Caiman 1878-5Plasma, Overhead & SitckUniversal
Miller 263343MIG & StickUniversal
US Forge 400Stick, TIG, MIG & FluxUniversal

Without wearing suitable gloves whilst welding, you are putting yourself at risk of injury. Most people wear a welding helmet but put themselves at risk by using gloves that do not extend towards the elbow or provide insulation to withstand extreme heat.

Below is a list of the best welding gloves that are suitable for a range of applications and will protect your hands against all the dangers whilst welding.

Lincoln Electric Traditional Welding Gloves

Lincoln are a big brand in the welding industry and they produce their very own gloves, which are worn by professionals on a daily basis. The brand state that they are suitable for stick, MIG and flux core and other high temperature applications.

There is only one size to these gloves but Lincoln claim that it is a universal size that will fit all hands.

Other features of the Lincoln Electric K2979-ALL include:

  • High grade leather that can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Comfortable soft cotton liner
  • Uses Kevlar stitching to prevent rips or tears
  • Leather reinforced seams to improve durability
  • Cuff is lined with twill cotton to absorb moisture
  • Amperage range between 25 to 300A

Overall, they are the best welding gloves for the money that are heat resistant, provide superior comfort and will be long lasting. Lincoln offer a range of other gloves but this glove known as the K2979-ALL is their most popular.

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Tillman 1338 TIG Welding Gloves

The Tillman 1338 are gloves that are designed specifically for TIG welding. It is made from a top grain goatskin, which is thinner than the Lincoln alternative and provides easier finger mobility.

To ensure that these gloves are durable for TIG welding, they have a reinforced thumb for durability in the key stress area whilst using a TIG.

Other features of the Tillman 1338 Gloves include:

  • Two sizes available
  • Reinforced straight thumb design
  • Kevlar sewn into the seams for strength
  • 4 inch cuff for added protection
  • Suitable for a range of other applications

Overall, they are the best welding gloves for TIG welding and offer great value for the money. Tillman are well-known for the protective safety gear that they produce and these gloves follow that great reputation.

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Caiman 1878-5 Welding Gloves

Unlike the alternatives, the Caiman 1878-5 are fairly unique as they are 21 inches in length with heavy padding all-round. The design ensures that you have the best protection against heat, sparks and splatter whilst welding.

The length of these welding gloves make them ideal for using a plasma cutter, overhead or stick welder as well as other applications.

Other features of the Caiman 1878-5 include:

  • Genuine American deerskin
  • Boarhide leather heat shield
  • Universal fit or 4 different sizes
  • Reinforced palm and cuff
  • Sewn with a Kevlar thread

If you feel you would be happier welding with the extra protection, these are the best gloves for welding. They are fairly unique and do come with an expensive price tag but its worth paying the extra.

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Miller 263343 Armor Welding Gloves

Miller are another reputable brand in the welding industry and the 263343 Armor are premium welding gloves that they produce. They are suited for those that operate a MIG or stick welder and are constructed of cowhide.

To improve the durability, these gloves have strategically placed patches on the palm and back to reduce wear and tear.

Other features of the Miller 263343 Armor Gloves include:

  • Premium cow split leather
  • Designed for comfort and dexterity
  • Flame resistant wool-lined back
  • Kevlar thread for extra seam strength
  • Ergonomic fit with pre-curved fingers

Although the Miller 263343 Armor Gloves are expensive, they are a worthwhile investment. The superior build quality with premium cowhide and the reputable brand backing it make it a great option.

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US Forge 400 Welding Gloves

For those looking for cheap welding gloves, the US Forge 400 are the best option. They use a premium leather construction with cotton lining for maximum comfort. Unlike other cheap alternatives, they have been locked stitched for added strength.

Other features of the US Forge 400 include:

  • 100% soft top grain leather
  • Universal fit for all hands
  • Suitable for other applications
  • Protects against heat and UV rays
  • Designed for comfort and pliability

Overall, they are cheap welding gloves that are ideal for those on a budget. They lack some premium qualities but they tick all the boxes when it comes to providing protection against sparks, heat and splatter.

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Welding Gloves Buying Guide

Protective safety clothing for welding is essential and the gloves in particular have seen many improvements over the years. They are designed to protect you against the extreme heat, splatter, sparks and sharp edges whilst welding.

Whether you are using a stick, TIG or MIG welder, wearing gloves is essential for each application. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding welding gloves.

best tig welding gloves

Standard vs Welding Gloves

The difference between welding and standard gloves make a big difference when it comes to safety. The main benefit of using welding gloves is that they provide insulation, which allow you to withstand heat for much longer.

Another reason to use welding gloves is that they extend towards the elbow. This prevents any splatter or sparks coming near to your arms and causing injury.

Different Welding Applications – MIG & TIG

Not every glove will be designed for each and every type of welding application. Stick, flux core and MIG welding gloves will use a much thicker pad, which can withstand extreme temperatures. They are also a looser fit, which allows the operator to remove them with one hand if it becomes too hot.

TIG welding gloves differ as they are much thinner as the operator of the welder needs easy finger mobility. This is because TIG welding requires more precise management of the torch, which can be difficult with MIG welding gloves.

Materials Used

Each manufacturer will use different types of materials in order to construct the glove. Leather is the preferred choice because unlike synthetic materials, it offers breathability. Types of leather that are used for welding gloves include:

  • Goatskin – Lightweight, thin and very durable.
  • Cowhide – Able to withstand the most electrical current.
  • Deerskin – Thinnest type of leather, which make it flexible.
  • Calfskin – Fairly durable but more flexible than cowhide.
  • Pigskin – Excellent all-round material for gloves.

The interior of the glove is just as important because it must also be flexible but comfortable to wear at the same time. Most will be lined with cotton or wool but there may be some that uses no lining whatsoever.

Hand Mobility and Thumb Style

With certain types of welding such as TIG, you will need adequate hand mobility to perform precise welds. The gloves that you choose should provide easy hand movement, which allows you to use the torch with ease. MIG gloves are often thicker as it needs to withstand higher temperatures but it still needs to be easy to move your fingers.

Some premium gloves such as the Miller 263343 even include pre-curved fingers that help improve mobility. In terms of your thumbs, most will use a wing or straight style, which are reinforced to improve durability.

best stick welding gloves

Sizing of the Glove

Many manufacturers will only offer a universal size with the slogan “one size fits all”. However, if you have particularly small or large hands, this may be an issue. In general, TIG welding gloves will have a snug fit whereas MIG welding gloves will be more loose on your hands.

To check whether the glove is suitable for your hand, measure from the top of your longest finger to the wrist. You will also need to measure across the base of your knuckles to get an indication of the width of the glove that you require.

Wear and Tear

For those that will be using gloves for welding on a daily basis, you will want a pair that are long lasting. Most brands will include extra padding upon areas that are known for wear and tear to improve the longevity of the glove.

To avoid splitting of the glove, you will want to ensure that it is constructed using strong stitched seams. Kevlar thread is the best threading material as it provides additional strength to the seams.


Wearing protective safety gear whilst welding is essential and shouldn’t be avoided. Sharp edges, hot metal, splatter and sparks will all cause injury but the gloves will also help protect your hands and arms from UV and infrared radiation.

All of the recommendations above are suited to a range of budgets and welding applications to meet your requirements. We highly advise that you stop using standard gloves and begin using the latest welding alternatives for maximum safety.

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