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5 Best Car Glass Cleaners 2018

Cleaning your glass properly is a task that is often left out in the usual washing process as owners believe plain water will do the job. This is simply not the case because tough dirt/grime requires a tougher cleaning agent to be removed.

The best car window cleaner is the Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity, which is a professional grade formula that provides superior cleaning and a streak free finish.

Cleaning your car windows can be easier in some cars than others and without the correct cleaner, it is made even harder. From achieving a streak free finish to removing all dirt from the window, there are many products up for the job.

Best Car Window Cleaners

Glass CleanerTypeAmmonia Free
Meguiar's G8224SprayYes
Chemical GuysSprayYes
Driven Extreme DutyGelNo
3M 08888AerosolNo
Invisible Glass 92194SprayYes

The inside and the outside of your car windows will pick up different kind of dirt. This is why you often see car glass cleaners that target each aspect. For the outside of your car, the window will may need an additional nudge to remove tough dirt. To remove this sort of dirt that you can feel with your fingernails, we advise you use a detailing clay bar to remove them safely.

A word of warning when cleaning your car window glass. You will NOT want to use household cleaners because elements such as the tinted windows, window rubber and sealants may become perished and break down. Always stick to auto glass cleaner. If the glass has very tough water spots or light scratches, a good car glass polish will be able to remove these sorts of imperfections.

Smudges and streaks from cleaning your car windows is very irritating when driving. Many glass cleaner products claim a spotless and streak free finish but simply don’t provide the results. Below is a list of the best car window cleaners to provide a streak free finish and removes all dirt.

Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Meguiar’s are the market leading brand in the detailing world where they produce one of the best detailing products in every aspect of the car washing world. The G8224 Perfect Clarity is one of the best car glass cleaners for the money.

The cleaner itself is hugely popular across the US for its strong cleaning properties that can cut through the toughest of dirt in seconds. Included in the formula is an anti-hazing solution that provides long lasting clarity and prevents the hazing with the heating or air con turned on.

If you have tinted windows, the Meguiar’s G8224 glass cleaner is 100% safe to use on tinted glass. The impressive Meguiar’s formula is the best in its class for providing a streak free finish with ease. Although not advised, Meguiar’s claim that you can use this glass cleaner in direct sun light due to the additional lubricant properties, which is very impressive.

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Chemical Guys Glass Cleaner

Another premium brand dominating the car window cleaning market are Chemical Guys with their product. On the bottle, it clearly states that it is ammonia free and safe to use on tinted car window glass which is a good start.

From my own personal use of the product, I was quite impressed with the streak free finish with very little effort on my behalf. Simply spray the cleaner on one microfiber towel, wipe into the window and wipe off with another microfiber towel.

Unlike the Meguiar’s product, you should not be using this glass cleaner in direct sunlight as there may be a slight chance of smudges or streaks.

Overall, the chemical guys glass cleaner is a great alternative to the Meguiars cleaner where both of very similar prices.

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Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner

If you have used cheaper glass cleaners, you will notice how they cannot remove water spots. The toughest water spots of car windows are developed from a buildup of calcium and minerals. If you have tried the above glass cleaners with no luck, you will require the strongest but safest car glass cleaner.

The Driven Extreme car glass cleaner has the strongest formula on the market and is highly popular across the US. The combination of acid gel and abrasives for cutting gives this cleaner the power to remove the toughest of weathered car glass.

Other tough dirt can find itself on a car window glass, such as Heavy Lime Scale, Salt Spray Deposit, Rust Deposit, Alkali, Mold & Mildew and Paint Over-spray. Using the Driven Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner, you will be able to safely remove these defects.

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3M 08888 Glass Cleaner

3M are a large detailing brand that keep a low profile in terms of their marketing. Their glass cleaner is for those looking for a low cost and simple glass cleaning solution. Interestingly, 3M claim that this cleaner can also be used on automotive vinyl and plastics to remove dirt.

As opposed to the other cleaners in this article, the 3M is aerosol based with a no drip foaming action. This type of application is perfect for ensuring a streak free finish and cutting through tough dirt on the windows.

The 3M 08888 Glass Cleaner is very safe to apply and do not be worried about the aerosol spray going everywhere. Its safe on the cars paintwork, plastics and vinyl. When using the spray, you will want to ensure that you shake before, apply small amounts at a time and wipe dry immediately.

Overall, the 3M product is one of the best cheap glass cleaners for the money but the others are probably worth the small amount extra for a better finish.

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Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

The Invisible Glass Cleaner is a highly popular cleaner for both automotive and domestic use. This particular product is the improved “Premium” version that provides additional additives for automotive use.

The powerful glass cleaner claims no streaks, no hazing and no residue left after application. In a nutshell, this is everything the best car window cleaner should do.

The Invisible Glass car window cleaner is safe to use on tinted window and contains no traces of ammonia. This will ensure a safe way to clean all car windows without any strong soap, scents or dyes that can be an issue.

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How Do I Clean My Car Windows Without Streaks?

Cleaning your car windows is a difficult process trying to make them and leave them streak-free. Even though it is not the most favorite process of cleaning your vehicle, it is one of the most important steps that you have to do.

So, when it comes time for you to clean your vehicle windows, there are a few tips that you can remember to help you accomplish this task, without having to deal with frustrating streaks afterwards while you are driving your car.

The tips that you can follow to help you successfully clean your vehicle windows are:

  • Clean inside of your windshield while you are sitting in the passenger seat of your car. This will prevent steering wheel from getting in your way.
  • Keep your windows out of direct sunlight. When you are cleaning them in the sun, the heat from the sun will dry the cleaning agent on your windows.
  • Ensure you are using a high quality drying towel for cleaning the window.
  • Place the towel on the back of your hand, and use the back of your hand to clean the window. It will give you the right kind of pressure to clean the window, and it will help you to reach the corners of the window as well.
  • When you are cleaning the inside of your window, be sure to spray the microfiber towel first, this will help to prevent any type of over-spraying on the window. It also prevents any excess spray from getting on the dashboard of your vehicle as well.
  • Take your time cleaning. If you rush through, it is more than likely that you will end up leaving a mess of streaks while you are working too quickly.
  • Make sure to roll the windows down, so you can clean the tops of the windows.
  • If you use a traditional household cleaner, these have ammonia in them that can damage the lining that is on the glass. It is important to use a cleaning agent that was specifically designed for automotive glass.

Car Glass Cleaner Buying Guide

Even though it often times seems impossible to get your auto glass perfectly clean and clear, it can be done if you follow the right tips and guidelines.

Not only does the clean glass help you see clearly, it also gives you the ability to drive better without the frustration of seeing through streaks and dirt. When you have your windows properly cleaned, it increases and improves the visibility that you have while you are driving, and this can also prevent accidents from happening.

Many glass cleaners contain ammonia in them, and even though this is great for cutting through any tough grease build up, there are also several different disadvantages.

When you look at ammonia chemically, it is used for rubber, plastic, leather, and vinyl to help dry them out. If you have tinted windows in your vehicle, then you will need to purchase a cleaner that is ammonia-free. You cannot use ammonia on tinted windows.

Ammonia is dangerous if it is inhaled, therefore, being inside of your vehicle, in such a small space, you can end up endangering yourself when using this type of cleaning agent. Household cleaners contain ammonia, so try to avoid using any type of household cleaner for your vehicle windows.

There are so many individuals who would prefer to use water to clean their windows, and even though it is a safe method, it is not considered the best method.

Water does not have the ability to clean deeply to remove any bug remains, or even any tough spots that you are trying to remove. The best thing to do if you are only using water is to use a microfiber towel to help and remove the difficult spots. When you are finished cleaning, make sure to turn the towel over to dry the window. This will prevent any streaks from forming, and give you a clear view through your windows.

After you have applied the cleaner to your windows, it is prudent that you wipe the cleaner off promptly. This helps to reduce the build up of residue from the cleaner, and leave the windows clear and clean.

The best advice to follow when it comes to purchasing a car glass cleaner include:

  • Choose a cleaner that is ammonia-free
  • Stay away from household cleaners
  • Find a cleaner that is specifically used for auto glass
  • Make sure that the cleaner is safe to use for our vehicle i.e. Tint Friendly

There are so many different types of auto glass cleaners that can be found on the market, and they are all specifically designed to be able to take care of the dirt, grime, and bug remains that have built up over time.

It is important that you take the time to figure out which cleaner is going to work the best for you. Take time to research the different cleaners that are available to you, and figure out what is going to be the best one to use for your vehicle. The different types of cleaners that are available to you, and are considered to be the best on the market and the highest recommended, include:

  • Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner
  • Sprayway Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray
  • Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity
  • Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner
  • DRIVEN Extreme Duty
  • Chemical Guys Signature Series

These are a few of the best types of glass cleaners that you can find that will work beneficial for you on the market. They will be able to clean your windows, give you a clearer visibility while you are driving, and keep you safe with a clear view of the road in front of you.

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