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5 Best Garage Creepers For Mechanics 2019

The purpose of a garage creeper is to provide comfort and easy maneuverability whilst working underneath your car. Without one, getting under your car and lying under it is uncomfortable, painful and generally not a pleasant experience.

The best garage creeper is the Pro-Lift C-9100, which can transform into a chair within seconds and has excellent padding for optimum comfort.

Garage creepers also speed up your efficiency because you can move in and out much quicker. The padded material also makes getting up less painful than it would be when getting up from a concrete garage floor.

Best Car Creepers For Garages

Garage CreepersSeat TransformationOur Rating
Pro-Lift C-9100Yes4.9
Traxion 1-100No4.8
Rough Rider 7031No4.7
Torin Big Red RollingNo4.7
Whiteside Manufacturing MTL2UPYes4.7

The top garage creepers will be height adjustable and even transform into a different position altogether. Additionally, the more caster a creeper has, the easier it will be to move around when you are using it.

Many mechanics will go out there way to build their own creeper but what is the point when they are cheap enough to buy in the first place. Many include features that would take hours to build yourself and not have the same quality.

With the wide ranging creeper available, you need to figure out what best suits your needs. Below is a list of the best garage creepers that include adjustable heights, changing positions and different levels of comfort.

Pro-Lift C-9100 Garage Creeper

The C-9100 is the latest creeper for mechanics by Pro-Lift that transforms to a seat within seconds. The steel construction is rated to hold 450 pounds and has an extra thick padded bed/seat for maximum comfort.

There are 6 swivel casters that provide full mobility and fast movement whilst underneath a car and each are 3 inch full bearing casters that are oil resistant.

It weighs 25.5 LBS and is 41.2 X 6.75 X 19.6 inches, which is perfect for the larger mechanic. The fact that it can transform into a seat without any tools if the reason why it is the best car creeper and the steel frame is heavy duty to survive many knocks.

The Pro-Lift C-9100 is by far the best garage creeper you can buy and will provide great comfort whilst working on your car.

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Traxion 1-100 ProGear Wide Body Creeper

The Traxion 1-100 is designed to be very low for mechanics working on low cars or sports cars. It is also very wide compared to the alternatives, that means you can move around on top of the creeper whilst underneath the car.

There is a 401 LBS weight capacity but the standout feature is the huge 5 inch castors. The purpose of the extra size is so that it can travel easier over rough rough floors.

The padded creeper has an ergonomic design with a raised headrest and lumbar support to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be. If you are working on the car for hours, your back, neck and shoulders can become fatigued and its important they are supported on the floor.

It is the best low creeper and works excellently over rough terrain with the only drawback being that it has no transformation or adjustable features.

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Rough Rider 7031 Mechanics Creeper

The Rough Rider creeper is designed for rough terrain, that be cracked driveways, grass, gravel and more. It has large 5 inch castors with 3 inches of ground clearance which is great for outdoor usage.

It has a weight capacity of 400 LBS and a limited lifetimes warranty on the wheels and 1 years warranty on the body. This is great peace of mind considering that it is one of the most expensive creepers within this article.

There is no additional padding on this creeper but instead the body is made from polypropylene copolymer, which is then molded to shape. It is designed to be comfortable on your back, neck and shoulders without the need of additional padding.

Overall, the Rough Rider by Dale Adam Enterprises is the best outdoor garage creeper by far with the extra ground clearance and large wheels. It is expensive but no other alternatives come close with its outdoor capabilities.

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Torin Big Red Rolling Garage Creeper

Torin are a big brand known for their garage equipment and this creeper is one of the cheapest within this article yet hold high standards in terms of quality and features.

There are 4 different head rest positions, 6 rotating casters, 40 inches of padded creeper and of course the all steel construction. It is fairly lightweight too with a gross weight of just 16 LBS.

It doesn’t feature the excellent transformation into a seat but it does have a moving headrest. This is great for getting that little bit extra in terms of comfort and visibility whilst working underneath a car.

There is a 400 LBS weight capacity but the best part about the Torin creeper is the cheap price. It is by far the best cheap garage creeper for the money and is much better than the plastic creeper that Torin also produce.

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Whiteside Manufacturing Adjustable Creeper

The Whiteside Manufacturing creeper offers a different form of adjusting creeper than adjusts to what can be described as a gym bench. It will transform to a sitting position on both ends to provide excellent comfort.

A lot of time has gone into the quality of this creeper with 3/4 steel powder coated tubing, 6 swivel casters (2 1/2 inches) and padding with heavy duty vinyl that can be cleaned fairly easily.

In terms of measurement and the gross weight, it is 44 inches long and 17 inches wide and weighs just 30 pounds. Overall it is fairly expensive but if the seating position is exactly what you are after, it is worth the money for this high quality garage creeper.

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Creeper Buying Guide For Mechanics

The main reason you are looking at buying a new creeper is most probably because you are fed up of lying on the floor. The floor is damp, cold and seriously uncomfortable but also difficult to get in and out when underneath a car.

Buying one of the best creepers can actually make you enjoy working on your car again with many being comfortable and easy to maneuver. The three main factors to consider are the quality of roll, durability and of course comfort.

Quality Of Roll

You will notice that the size of the wheels were mentioned a lot during the product reviews. This is because the larger the wheel, the easier it is to run over rough terrain or cracked surfaces. However, if you are going to be using the creeper in a nice and flat garage floor, small wheels are perfectly capable.

So why not use large wheels on all creepers? This simple answer is design and avoiding being too high. If the creeper is tall, you may struggle to get under your car if you do not plan on jacking the car all the way up in the air. However, if you have a car ramp to lift the vehicle, this really isn’t an issue to worry about.

Steel wheels are usually the normal construction of the wheels as they can withstand a lot of weight, roll easily and very durable.

garage car creeper


You should not expect to change your garage creeper regularly because its an investment. They are made using a steel construction and should last many years to come. However, it is often the body of the creeper that leads to issues.

Cheap garage creepers are prone to cracking or bending overtime and this is something you want to avoid. Many creepers are highly padded for comfort which is great but if its a cheap form of vinyl, it will not last. Always ensure the padded vinyl is heavy duty in order to be durable for the foreseeable future.


The padding on the creeper is what make it worth the money. You will see many homemade creepers that are literally planks of wood with cushions but you will never be able to acheive the comfort of the likes of the best creepers mentioned within this article.

Many include headrests, lumbar support and other features to further increase the comfort levels. These are all features to look out for in order to achieve the best bang for your buck.

Transformation and Adjustment

As a bonus, the best car creepers will include features that transform them into a seat or adjust for additional comfort. For example the head rests and sitting positions can be adjusted to add to the comfort and usability of the creeper itself.


Purchasing your very own garage creeper is something you need to do if you work underneath cars a lot of the time. They are not too expensive and offer so many benefits with the main being comfort.

Avoiding the cheaper plastic and wooden example will ensure you are not disappointed. The creepers mentioned above will all increase your productivity whilst working underneath a car.

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