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5 Best Snow Foam Lances 2019

Adding a snow foam lance to your pressure washer setup is a fun and efficient method of cleaning your vehicle. Often called a foam cannon, they have become increasingly popular with more car owners getting into the detailing scene.

The best snow foam lance is the Chemical Guys EQP 310 TORQ Professional with its advanced foaming technology, adjustable nozzle and durable design.

Its important to note that you will need a top rated pressure washer so that you can connect the foam cannon. The majority will either fit straight on with a universal fit or require a cheap adapter.

Best Foam Cannon Pressure Washers

Snow Foam CannonMax PSIOur Rating
Chemical Guys EQP 310 TORQ3,5004.9
MTM Hydro Professional2.6004.8
MATCC Adjustable3,0004.7

Snow foam is used as a pre-cleaning technique before hand washing your vehicle. It helps loosen up the dirt and other grime, which can then be rinsed off after a specified dwell time. A common misconception is that people think snow foam is car shampoo and this is simply not the case.

The snow foam lance allows users to adjust the water to product ratio for more foam as well as changing the spray pattern width. There is no other way to spray your car with snow foam without using a lance/cannon.

If you are looking to take your detailing game to the next step, investing into a foam cannon is worthwhile. Below is a list of the best snow foam lances for your pressure washer to give your vehicle the perfect pre-clean.

Chemical Guys EQP 310 TORQ Professional

Chemical Guys have built an excellent reputation in a short space of time due to superior quality detailing products. The foam cannon uses an advanced foaming technology to provide a thick snow foam spray where the nozzle can be adjusted to cover a range of vehicles.

This snow foam will work with any pressure washer to produce thick snow foam by adjusting the vertical jet nozzle. There is also an air injector controller that allows you to adjust the foam mixture of the large 32 ounce container.

Overall, the Chemical Guys EQP 310 TORQ Professional is the best foam cannon for thick snow foam. It is built to last with corrosion resistant brass and stainless steel components that no other cheap alternatives will have.

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Foam Cannon Pressure Washer By SudMagic

The SudMagic uses a patented brass threaded bottle, which will not strip unlike cheaper plastic alternatives. It is made from HDPE, which is heavy duty and will withstand heavy impacts from dropping the foam cannon.

As with the more expensive Chemical Guys alternative, it has the adjustable nozzle to adjust the vertical height of the foam spray as well as a knob to change the thickness. For a cheap snow foam cannon, it is fairly rare to find both adjustments.

SudMagic have focused upon creating a heavy duty snow foam lance and they have succeeded. You can rest assure that it will be long lasting and it is the highest quality snow foam cannon on the market.

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MTM Hydro Professional with Bayonet

The MTM Hydro Professional Adjustable Foam Cannon uses a high pressure water flow, detergent and air to produce thick snow foam that clings onto the dirt of your vehicle. It is able to spray over 20 feet in length for those looking to have a bit of fun whilst washing their cars.

It is the best snow foam cannon for SunJoe pressure washers as it can handle the lower PSI. Sunjoe offer there own lance but it is simply not up to the job and you are better of getting the MTM Hydro that does a much better job.

Of course, it is not just for SunJoe pressure washers, it is a universal fitting snow foam lance that is highly rated. The MTM Hydro is a great all rounder in terms of performance, durability and value for money.

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TriNova Foam Cannon

The TriNova is a stylish snow foam lance that is easy to use and will connect to your existing pressure washer. The adjustable knobs are easy to twist and you are able to set the desired foam and spray level for your vehicle.

This snow foam lance will work with pressure washers as low as 800 to as high as 3,500 PSI. In terms of durability, the TriNova model features a wide mouth design to eliminate the common cracking of the reservoir neck. The base is also larger so that it can stand up on the floor without tipping over and small design features like this make it a top rated foam cannon.

Overall, the TriNova is the best cheap snow foam lance that offers adjustability and durability when washing cars.

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MATCC Adjustable Snow Foam Lance

The MATCC snow foam lance requires the use of a pressure washer with over 1,000 PSI in order to produce thick snow foam. It is built using sturdy brass to prevent any premature quality issues like many others in a similar price bracket.

This cheap snow foam lance also includes adjustments to find the perfect stream of water as well as how much water is mixed in with the foam.

Overall, this snow foam is the best value snow foam lance on the market and will do everything that the more expensive snow foam lances will do. It will work with pressure washer from 1,000 to 3,000 PSI and is fairly universal.

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Snow Foam Lance Buying Guide

Snow foam is a washing mixture that you spray onto your car as a “pre-cleaning” technique. It removes loose dirt and grime to help prevent scratches when you come to washing the car. It also makes it easier to wash your car and it is great fun.

In order to use a snow foam lance, you must have a pressure washer to connect it to. There are some hose based lances or hand pumped foam guns but these are not recommended. Once you have all the equipment, you will then need to find a car wash soap that is compatible. Its important to note that some will work inside the foam cannon but some are for the normal bucket and wash mitt.

When choosing the different types, we highly recommend that you choose one that clearly states that it can be used with foam cannons. The buying guide below should influence your buying decision with the factors you should be considering.

Adjusting the Thickness and Spray

All of the recommended snow foam lances above have the ability to adjust the way the spray comes out of the reservoir. Although making the snow foam thicker doesn’t correlate into a cleaner car, it does provide excellent photo opportunities of your car covered in snow foam.

Reducing the amount of water in the mixture with the snow foam product is how it is made thicker. The lance will have an adjustable knob that alters the amount of water going from the pressure washer into the snow foam lance.

On top of adjusting the thickness of the snow foam, adjusting the vertical size of the spray is just as desirable. You will want to reduce the amount of wastage of snow foam because after all, it is not the cheapest washing product out there. Many will have a vertical jet nozzle that you can control and easily move to reduce or increase the size of the spray.


The amount of pressure that passes through a foam cannon can be immense and start from 800 all the way to around 4,000 PSI. It is important to check whether your pressure washer will not break through the snow foam lance reservoir.

The most common flaw with cheap and even the best brand snow foam lance is that they can crack at the top opening. If the bottle is plastic threaded, avoid it as this will not be durable and it will strip through. The best snow foam lances have brass threaded bottles that will not break under pressure.

Snow Foam Lance Compatibility

A concern that many people have is whether their brand new snow foam lance will work with their existing pressure washer. Unless it is a custom built or commercial pressure washer, there is an adapter for every lance to pressure washer for a perfect fit.

Many adapters come included with the pressure washer or snow foam lance but if not, they are easily obtainable.

How to use a Snow Foam Lance?

Using the snow foam lance is fairly simple and you will need snow foam, lance, pressure washer and water in order to begin. Once you have what is needed, you can begin setting up your snow foam cannon. Follow the guide below:

  1. Use the snow foam brands specified measurements of product and water
  2. Adjust the amount of foam spray
  3. Adjust the thickness of the foam (less water = more foam)
  4. Start applying snow foam evenly all round the vehicle
  5. Let the foam dwell for at least 10 minutes
  6. Rinse of the snow foam from the vehicle

It is that easy and the time consuming aspect is the dwell time. Using snow foam is the best way to prevent accidental car washing damage to your car such as swirl marks. Many people will simply go straight into washing the car without even rinsing it. This will cause bad swirls marks and will need a car polisher machine with a polish to remove swirl marks in order to rectify it. By simply using a snow foam lance as a “pre-clean” you will prevent this damage from occurring.


The cheap snow foam cannons are really appealing but after a few usages, they may break fairly easy. You are far better of buying a top rated snow foam lance that will be long lasting and provide a better overall performance.

Always avoid plastic threaded bottles because this is the most common fault with many snow foam lances. All of the best snow foam cannons mentioned in this article are brass threaded and will provide a fun method of cleaning cars.

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