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The Best Car Seat Covers 2021

Car Seat Covers

Keeping your car seats clean and undamaged can be fairly difficult in certain situations. However, using car seat covers is great method of maintaining them and protects dirt transferring from your clothes to the seat and vice versa.

The best car seat covers are the FH Group Ultra Comfort, which are side impact airbag compatible and use high quality faux leather backed with high density foam.

On the flip side of things, if your car seats are in terrible condition, investing in a cover can improve the interior massively. It is a better solution than purchasing brand new seats for your car with plain, colorful or leather designs available.

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Best Car Seat Protector

Car Seat CoversMaterialType
FH Group Ultra ComfortLeatherFront and Rear Seats
EDEALYN Ultra-LuxuryLeatherSeat and No Backrest
Leader Accessories AutoSheepskinFront Seat
Sojoy IsoTowelPolyesterFront Seat
FH Group UniversalFabricFront and Rear Seats

If you work in a messy environment such as construction or in a garage, jumping in and out of your car can cause a build up of dirt on the seats. Therefore you may find yourself using a car vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, which is time consuming and not needed if you use a cover on your car seats.

In terms of the materials used for the covers, the majority will be made from neoprene as it is cheap, durable and waterproof. However, if you want something more premium, you can opt for a leather car seat cover, which look great when fitted.

Whether you want to jazz your interior up or want something plain, there is a wide variety of styles available. Below is a list of the best car seat covers that are comfortable to sit on and will help protect your interior from dirt and damage.

FH Group Leather Car Seat Covers

FH Group produce a wide variety of car seat covers and these are their premium leather covers that are designed for superior comfort. Compared with other seat covers, these are airbag compatible due to the intuitive side less design.

Features of the FH Group Leather Car Seat Covers include:

  • Faux leather
  • High quality foam
  • Non-slip silicone backing
  • Air bag compatible with side less design
  • Easy installation and adjustable length
  • Side less design with elastic trim edge
  • Semi universal fit for the majority of cars and trucks
  • Available in 19 different colored designs

For those that have older interiors that are dirty and generally worn out, these leather car seat covers can transform your interior. We strongly recommend that you attempt to match the color of the covers to your interior for the best results.

Overall, they are the best car seat covers you can buy and although they are fairly expensive compared to others, they are definitely worth the extra. FH Group produce hundreds of different seat covers and these are by far the best they produce.

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EDEALYN Ultra-Luxury Leather Car Seat Protector

The seat is the most common area where dirt and spillages occur when compared to the backrest. Therefore, you may not want to bother covering the backrest and simply opt for a car seat protector such as the EDEALYN.

Features of the EDEALYN Ultra-Luxury Leather Car Seat Protector include:

  • Universal fit for most midsize and compact vehicles
  • PU Leather construction
  • Safe to use with side impact airbags
  • Available for both front and rear bench
  • Numerous colors available
  • Protects leather seat bottom from cracking
  • Storage compartment at the front

It is highly recommended that you measure the size of your seats before and compare against the dimensions of this protector. The EDEALYN is 20.5 x 21 inches in size and will provide slight stretch for a snug fit.

Overall, if you are looking for just a car seat protector that does not cover the backrest, then the EDEALYN is the best option.

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Leader Accessories Auto Seat Covers

There is nothing worse than sitting on freezing leather seats that refuse to warm up on those cold winter mornings. However, this can be a thing of the past with these genuine sheepskin seat covers by Leader Accessories, which will keep you warm.

Features of the Leader Accessories Sheepskin car seat covers include:

  • 100% Australian Merino sheepskin front
  • Artificial wool backrest
  • Built-in rear pocket for storage
  • Small pouch at the front suitable for phones
  • Universal fit for most vehicles
  • Opening for headrests to fit through for easy install
  • Available in 7 different colors

If you want car seat winter covers that keep you warm in the cold, then there is no better alternative. Leader Accessories are known for their car covers but they have perfected the seat covers just as well with this product. Although it is slightly expensive, the fact that the brand used 100% genuine sheepskin displays that this is a quality seat cover.

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FH Group Fabric Car Seat Covers

For car owners wanting excellent value for money, the FH Group universal car seat covers are the best option. They are designed to fit almost every car seats and are made from a breathable polyester fabric with a 3mm foam padding for comfort.

Features of the FH Group Fabric Car Seat Covers include:

  • Covers for 2 front seats, 1 rear bench and 4 headrests
  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Available in 10 different colors
  • Breathable material

With regards to the compatibility of these car seat covers, you will only be able to use the covers with front seats that do not have a built-in seat belt or non detachable headrest. The rear bench is one complete cover, which means you will not be able to use the middle seat cup holder or split the bench. However, it will fit most rear benches apart from those with molded headrests.

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Sojoy IsoTowel Car Seat Cover

The Sojoy IsoTowel is a simplistic cover that is made from an absorbent microfiber polyester that protects your seat from dirt or sweat. It is a universal fit that with an adjustable, lock tight buckle strap that keeps it in place without moving around as you get in and out of the car.

In terms of the features of the Sojoy IsoTowel Car Seat Cover, they include:

  • Non-slip silicon bead technology
  • Does not stick to the seat
  • Come with a storage bag
  • Machine washable and bacteria resistant
  • Added padding for comfort
  • Available in 7 different colors

Overall, it is a great car seat cover for those that find themselves sweating in the car fairly often. For example, if you drive an older car without air conditioning or you drive the car after workouts. The only drawback is the fact that it does not cover all of the seat but this does make it easy to put on and remove it from the seat.

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Car Seat Covers Buying Guide

Interiors become worn and dirty with age and you can completely transform your car with a set of quality car seat covers. From comfortable sheepskin to leather covers if you want to add a touch of class.

Of course, they are not just for older interiors as they can also help keep your seats in pristine condition for times where you are using your car for messy jobs.

Replacing your interior or constantly using a car upholstery cleaner is expensive. Considering that seat covers are relatively cheap, it is a logical decision to purchase them to avoid excessive wear to the seats. Below is a buying guide to help you make an informed buying decision.

Different Types of Covers

As you can see from the recommendations above, there are various types of car seat covers to choose from. The most popular style are the slip-on covers that simply slip onto the seat and provide a snug fit via an elasticated bottom. The alternative is a tie on cover that will tie onto the headrest and at the back of the seat.

There is a wide variety of types available but you will want to choose a car seat cover that suits your requirements. For example, some covers may not be suitable for seats that have side impact airbags. Therefore you will want to purchase car seat covers that are airbag compatible with a sideless design.

Other factors that will determine the type of cover you require include:

  • Can you detach the headrest?
  • Does the rear bench split?
  • Is there a center cupholder on the rear bench?
  • Will the cover be big enough?
  • … and much more

Many covers claim that they are universal but we highly recommend that you take your own measurement prior to purchasing for peace of mind. You can of course purchase custom car seat covers that are tailored towards your car but be warned that they are expensive. By taking measurements, you can still achieve an excellent snug fit with the universal type of cover.

Cover Material

There are many different types of materials that can be used within the construction of the car seat covers. The most popular include leather, cloth fabric, polyester, neoprene and sheepskin, which are all mentioned within this article. All have their own benefits that include:

  1. Leather – Premium look and feel, easy to clean and durable but it is the most expensive.
  2. Polyester/neoprene – Low maintenance, waterproof but lacks the aesthetics
  3. Sheepskin – Excellent for cold winter but can be difficult to maintain
  4. Cloth Fabric – Great all rounder but does lack the quality

The material you choose is based upon your personal preference and requirements. For example, if you work in construction or a messy environment, sheepskin can be very problematic as it can capture and store the dirt. However, if you are someone who wants to jazz up their interior and keep warm during cold winter mornings, the sheepskin would be the best car seat covers to choose.

Intuitive Features

There are various features other than protecting your vehicle that can be really useful. For example, basic storage compartments at the front and rear of the cover can really helpful for storing phones and other items.

Other features include non-slip silicone backing that prevents the cover moving, ability to machine wash the cover, airbag compatibility and much more.


If you intend to have your pets in the car, you may want to opt for a more heavy duty type of cover. For example, large dogs are fairly heavy and can destroy the interior of your car and of course make a lot of mess.

Therefore it is recommended that you use specific dog car seat cover over the standard seat cover, which may not be as durable.

All of our recommended car seat covers offer a solution for all situations. From those that sweat, require warmth in the cold winters, value for money and of course adding a touch of class with a premium leather cover.

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