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The Best Bottle Jack 2021

Best Bottle Jack

A bottle jack uses hydraulic pressure and is placed in a vertical position underneath the jacking points of the vehicle. Unlike a standard floor jack, they are cheaper, able to lift more and can fit into smaller spaces whilst being stored.

The best bottle jack is the Torin Big Red, which is available with weight capacities ranging from 2 to 50 ton with an impressive lifting range.

Due to the design of a bottle jack, they are best suited to vehicles with high ground clearance. Many manufacturers offer low profile options but these will have a smaller lifting range, which may be an issue for certain applications.

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Best Bottle Jack

Bottle JackLifting RangeWeight Capacity
Torin Big Red8.86 to 17.32 Inches2 to 50 Ton
Powerbuilt 64091211.0 to 21.0 Inches3 Ton
Pro-Lift B-012D9.5 to 18.87 Inches6 to 20 Ton
ATD Tools 73856.0 to 10.625 Inches20 Ton
OTC 9312 Stinger9.37 to 18.67 Inches2 to 50 Ton
US JACK D-511259.0 to 19.5 Inches12 Ton

The weight capacity of bottles jack vary from as little as 2 ton to a much larger 50 ton for heavy vehicles. It’s vital that you choose a jack that exceeds the weight of your vehicle so that it can comfortably handle the pressure.

It is important to note that a bottle jack shouldn’t be used to support a vehicle for long periods. The seals could leak, which would result in the vehicle dropping and causing damage. Instead, its recommended to use car jack stands to support the vehicle.

Below is a list of the best bottles jacks that are suitable for a range of vehicles and built to last with heavy duty steel constructions.

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Torin produce a range of different types of jacks and their bottle jack is by far the most popular. It is available in weight capacities that range from 2 ton for small vehicle to 50 ton for much larger vehicles.

The lifting range differs upon the model you choose but the 10 ton model has a range of 8.86 to 17.32 inches.

Other features of the Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack include:

  • Wide and rugged base for stability
  • Excellent lifting range
  • Adjustable screw top extensions
  • Forged steel construction
  • Welded structure for leak-proof performance
  • High quality hydraulic oil that withstands high temperatures
  • Meets ASME safety standards
  • Includes a 1 year warranty

The Torin Big Red is built to the highest of standards with no expense spared. From the zinc plated handle to the dual-stage harden rams, it has been built to last. Although there are cheaper examples available, this bottle jack will not disappoint.

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Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack

The 640912 model by Powerbuilt is fairly unique because it is combines a jack stand and bottle jack into one unit. It is the most expensive jack within this article but when you consider it is a stand as well, it does offer great value for money.

This particular model has a weight capacity of 3 ton, which is suitable for most passengers cars. However, the brand do offer many different models that are suitable for larger vehicles with greater weight capacities.

Other features of the Powerbuilt 640912 include:

  • Lifting range from 11 to 21 inches
  • Safety bar to lock the unit at a desired height
  • Extra wide base for additional stability
  • Suitable for unibody and body-on-frame vehicles
  • Exceeds ANSI and ASME standards

If you are searching for both a bottle jack and stand, the Powerbuilt 640912 is the best option. It does come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that is designed to tick every box.

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Pro-Lift B-012D Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Pro-Lift are another reputable brand that are known for their high quality mechanics creepers they produce. Their Pro-Lift B-012D is an affordable bottle jack that is available as a 6, 12 or 20 ton weight capacity.

To improve the longevity, Pro-Lift have heat treated critical stress areas of the bottle jack and is built using heavy duty steel.

Other features of the Pro-Lift B-012D include:

  • Lifting range of 9.5 to 18.875 inches
  • Steel lifting saddle for additional stability
  • Multiple weight capacity options
  • Includes carrying handle and extension screws
  • Built-in bypass system to prevent ram over-travel
  • Meets ANSI/PALD standards
  • Backed by a 90 day warranty

Overall, the Pro-Lift B-012D is an excellent all-round bottle jack that combines value for money and performance. It is safe and easy to use with a large lifting range that is suitable for the majority of vehicles.

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ATD Tools 7385 Low Profile Bottle Jack

If you have a sports car or one that has been lowered, many bottle jacks will not be suitable. However, the ATD Tools 7385 is designed to fit into small spaces and provide a lift range from 6 to 10.625 inches.

Unlike other cheap alternatives, this low profile bottle jack is able to provide full power in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Other features of the ATD Tools 7385 Low Profile include:

  • 2 and 3 piece handles
  • Weight capacity of 20 ton
  • ASME/ANSI-PALD certified
  • Heat treated extension screws
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Includes a 1 year warranty

Overall, the ATD Tools 7385 is the best option for those that need a low profile bottle jack. The small design is able to fit into small spaces but the smaller lift range of just 3 inches may not be enough for certain application.

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OTC 9320 Stinger Bottle Jack

OTC are a premium brand that are popular among professionals and enthusiasts. The 9320 bottle jack is available with weight capacities that range from 2 to 50 tonne and provides a lifting range from 9.375 to 18.675 inches.

The brand include a free seal kit with this bottle jack, which can be used to further increase the lifespan of the jack.

Other features of the OTC 9320 Stinger include:

  • Chrome piston pump and ram
  • Forged base and cylinder
  • Inline design for ease of use
  • Multiple weight capacity options
  • 3.25 inch screw extension
  • ANSI/PALD compliant
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

The OTC bottle jack is the most expensive but the attention to detail makes it a worthwhile investment. The brand have designed it to be long lasting and even include a seal kit, which can be used if it begins to leak after years of usage.

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US JACK D-51125 Bottle Jack

As the brand name suggests, this bottle jack is made in the USA and built to high standards. It is designed to be used for large vehicles and it can handle large loads with ease. It does come with a premium price tag but the American made bottle jack is designed to be long lasting and will not disappoint.

Unlike the alternatives that use a steel base, this bottle jack has a heavy duty ductile iron base with a wide stance for stability.

Other features of the US JACK D-51125 include:

  • 12 ton weight capacity
  • Lifting range of 9.0 to 19.5 inches
  • Fluid bypass and stop ring to prevent over-travel
  • Made in the USA to high standards
  • Included jack handle

Overall, the US JACK D-51125 is a premium option that is built to last and uses a wide base for maximum stability. The expensive price tag may be an issue for those on a budget but it will not disappoint.

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Bottle Jack Buying Guide

The bottle jack is a great choice for lifting cars with high ground clearance and trucks. Compared to a floor jack, they are cheap, easy to use, lift more weight and can be stored in small spaces when not in use.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding bottle jacks.

best hydraulic bottle jack

Floor vs Bottle Jacks

The floor jack is the most popular of the two jacks but is also the most expensive. Bottle jacks provide an affordable alternative, which is able to handle additional weight and the vertical narrow design makes it easier to store.

Compared with the floor alternative, bottle jacks are best suited for high clearance passenger vehicles such as SUV’s or trucks. There are many low profile options but they don’t provide enough lift for tackling automotive repairs underneath the vehicle.

Weight Capacity

As with any type of jack you use, it must exceed the weight of the vehicle. This reduces the chances of total failure of the jack, which can cause expensive damage. Most manufacturers provide multiple weight capacity jacks that range from 2 ton to as large as 50 ton for heavy duty vehicles.

Lifting Range

The lifting range is just as important as the weight capacity and varies between manufacturers. You will want to ensure that the bottle jack is able to lift high enough so that you can work underneath the vehicle.

Most standard bottle jacks range from 8 to 18 inches, which provides plenty of lift for the majority of applications. Many manufacturers also include extension screws, which allow you to adjust the height of the jack to your exact requirements.

If you require a low profile bottle jack, you will have a smaller lifting range. However, the trade-off is that you are able to get under small spaces, which is ideal for those with lowered vehicles or sports cars.


Due to the heavy loads and tough environment, the bottle jack you choose must consist of a heavy duty construction. The majority are made from a durable steel and some premium alternatives will even use heat treated hardware.


Due to the fact that bottle jacks use a hydraulic mechanism, it will pump liquid pressure for the lifting force. If the oil becomes low, the mechanism will not be as effective and it will need refilling.

It is also recommended that you keep the jack in the lowest position and keep upright whilst it is not in use.


All of our recommendations are suited to a range of different vehicles and budgets. It may be tempting to leave your car on the bottles jacks but the seals could leak overtime. Once you have lifted your vehicle using the jack, it’s advised that you place jack stands underneath to support the weight.

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