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The Best Blind Spot Detection System 2021

Best Blind Spot Detection System

Installing an aftermarket blind spot detection system is the best way to warn you about nearby hazards that you may not be able to see. Although it may be a standard feature in some modern cars, it’s not found in many older or basic vehicles.

The best blind spot detection system is the Brandmotion RDBS-1500, which provide a high degree of accuracy that is almost identical to OEM models.

The detection system works by using a sensor that projects a beam, which will reflect off any nearby objects. If any objects are within a specified range to the vehicle, it will warn the driver with a visual or audible alert.

Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System Comparison

Blind Spot Detection SystemActivationDetection Distance
Brandmotion RDBS-1500Speeds over 15 MPH40 Feet
Rydeen BSS2xAutomatic/Motion80 Feet
Accele BSS200Turn Signal14 Feet
Rear View Safety RVS-118Turn Signal26 Feet
CarBest RadarEngine Start49 Feet
Moretech 3-in-1Engine Start16 Feet

Although many manufacturers state that you can install it yourself, we’d only advise doing so if you are confident. Alternatively, a professional installer should only take between 2 to 3 hours to install most aftermarket systems.

The use of clever algorithmic sensors provide instant blind spot visual or audible warnings. Many premium systems also provide lane change and rear cross traffic assistance.

Below is a list of the best blind spot detection systems that can be installed to most passenger vehicles and provide instant warnings.

The Best Blind Spot Detection System

1. Brandmotion RDBS-1500 Radar Blind Spot System

Blind Spot Detection System

The Brandmotion RDBS-1500 is the brands new and improved blind spot detection system. It uses a “can-wire” connection that is only activated once the vehicle is going over 15 MPH, which avoid it constantly flashing in parking lots or other compact areas.

The detection system comes as a complete kit that includes everything you require to mount the system yourself or by a professional.

Other features of the Brandmotion RDBS-1500 include:

  • Approximate range of 40 feet
  • Bright day-night indicators
  • No exposed wires
  • Suitable with vehicle from 2007
  • Audible and visual warnings
  • Includes cross traffic detection

Brandmotion state that it’s the only system based on automaker validated original equipment. This means it provides a OEM fit, which improves the overall finish and performance. The RDBS-1500 is one of the best systems but it does come at a premium cost. The only drawback is that some drivers may require it at speeds below 15 MPH.

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2. Rydeen BSS2x Blind Spot System

Rydeen are a premium manufacturer of blind spot detection systems and the BSS2x is their flagship model. It is a continuation from the previous BSS1 model, which was highly rated and being installed by many professional garages in the USA.

The brand state that this detection system is the only self-speed sensing radar setup that doesn’t rely on GPS or connection to an OBD2.

Other features of the Rydeen BSS2x include:

  • Auto speed detection
  • Cross traffic alert whilst reversing
  • Two color options for visual LED alerts
  • Always ready setup with no manual actions
  • Equivalent to OEM systems
  • Includes a 1 year warranty

Rydeen claim that it’s equivalent to OEM systems in terms of sensitivity, performance and behavior. It’s an excellent all-round blind spot detection system that combines value for money and performance with plenty of clever features.

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3. Accele BSS200 Blind Spot Sensor Kit

The Accele BSS200 is a more affordable blind spot detection system that comes as a complete kit. It uses two sensors that can be mounted to the bumpers, two LED indicators that are installed to the dash and all of the required wiring.

A desirable feature found with this detection system is that it provides an audible warning with the turn signal activated. This means that it will indicate via a speaker if there is a vehicle in your blind spot.

Other features of the Accele BSS200 include:

  • Easy to install with just 5 wires
  • Visual and audible warnings
  • 2 LED indicators
  • Sensors use waterproof locking connectors
  • Hole saw provided for cleaning bumper drilling
  • All the required hardware is included

The Accele BSS200 is the best aftermarket solution that offers great value for the money. The brand state that it’s a simple five wire installation but you will still need to be confident drilling into the bumper in order to mount the sensors.

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4. Rear View Safety RVS-118 Blind Spot Sensor System

The Rear View Safety blind spot detection system is another kit that provides audible and visual warnings. It’s an independent system that includes everything required to install it by yourself or professionally.

It’s compatible with virtually every vehicle but the brand specifically state that the sensor cannot be mounted to metal bumpers.

Other features of the Rear View Safety RVS-118 Kit include:

  • Waterproof sensors and connectors
  • Drilling required for mounting of the sensors
  • Visual buttons easily installed to the A-Pillar
  • Instantly provides visual and audible warnings
  • Includes all hardware and wiring

The RVS-118 blind spot detection system developed by Rear View Safety is a reliable choice that ticks every box. This system only provides warnings whilst the turn signals are activated and not continuously whilst driving.

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5. CarBest Radar Based Blind Spot Sensor

The CarBest blind spot detection system uses a 24 GHZ radar microprocessor for providing instant warnings of objects up to 49 feet. Compared to many of the alternatives, it has a far greater detecting distance, which is highly desirable for highway driving.

As well as a long detecting distance, it’s also capable of detecting up to 5 objects around the car simultaneously.

Other features of the CarBest Radar System include:

  • Multi-angle adjustable radar sensor
  • Blind spot and rear cross alerts
  • Strong anti-interference capability
  • Suitable for cars up to 15 meters
  • Everything you require is included in the kit
  • Audible and visual alerts

The brand state that it uses an intelligent algorithm to accurately determine if the target is dangerous or not. Overall, it is a high performing blind spot detection setup that is compatible with most passenger vehicles.

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6. Moretech Universal Blind Spot Detection

The Moretech system has been designed to replicate the look and performance of high-end OEM systems. It uses a 24 GHZ microwave radar that provides maximum accuracy and helps minimize false alerts whilst driving.

Unlike other systems, the Moretech kit doesn’t require any drilling during the installation. Instead, you will need to remove the bumper to hide the sensors and wires.

Other features of the Mortech 3-in-1 Detection System include:

  • IP 67 waterproof rated
  • Activated upon engine startup
  • Meets all regulations and standards
  • Small and OEM-like sensors
  • Professional installation advised

The Moretech kit is a 3-in-1 system that provides blind spot detection, lane change assistance and rear cross traffic assistance. With all this advanced technology, you’d expect it to be the most expensive but in fact it’s one of the cheapest options.

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Blind Spot Detection System Buying Guide

Blind spot detection systems are found in most modern vehicles and vastly improve the drivers safety on the road. They make use of radar based sensors that can detect other vehicles or objects that are within the blind spot of your vehicle.

For basic or older vehicles, you will have to opt for an aftermarket solution, which there are many. Many manufacturers state they can be installed yourself but we recommend using a professional for the best experience and less hassle.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding blind spot detection systems.

best aftermarket blind spot detection system

Activation of the Sensors

An important feature of any blind spot detection system is how they are activated. The most popular activation method is whilst the turn signal is on but other methods include self-sensing/automatic, engine startup and when speeds exceed 15 MPH.

Turn Signals

By far the most popular method of activation by an aftermarket system is by using the turn signal. It’s the best at avoiding false detection of vehicles and it works when you most want it to because you will be changing lanes or turning into another road. The main drawback is that need to always remember to use your turn signals because it’s easy to forget.


A premium activation option that is found on high-end systems is an automatic self-sensing method, which activates upon motion. Unlike an engine startup, which is on all the time, it will not provide false readings whilst the car is standstill.

Exceeding a Specific Speed

Exceeding a speed such as 15 MPH is often used by OEM installations. The aftermarket systems that provide this method of activation is very desirable by many drivers. It avoids false detection whilst standstill and is great for daily driving. However, if you spend most of your time in bumper to bump traffic, you may not reach the pre-set speed. Therefore, it may be a pointless system that doesn’t get used as much.

Engine Startup

The most basic method of activation is when the engine is started up. This means that it will be activated at all times, which has its benefits and drawbacks.

Detection Range

The detection range varies between manufacturers with the best having the ability to sense hazards from a greater distance. Depending upon the driving you do on a daily basis will determine the best suited system for your requirements.

For example, if you spend most of your time in bumper to bumper traffic, the detection distance isn’t too much of an issue. However, those that drive on roads at higher speed such as the highway, the distance between the vehicles will be greater, which means the detection range is far more important.

False Detection

False detection are cars or objects can become very irritating as it will cause visual or audible warnings to activate. Thankfully, many manufacturers have gone to great lengths to improve their algorithms and use strong microprocessors to reduce false detection.

Higher quality sensor found in the best systems will further improve the accuracy. However, if they haven’t been installed correctly, this may cause a loss in accuracy and increase the chances of false detection whilst driving.

Warning Feedback

The majority of blind spot detection systems work by providing both an audible and visual warning. Visual warnings are usually installed to the dash or near the side mirror (inside of the vehicle), which are clear to see with no obstructions.

The audible warning usually comes in the form of “beeping”, which increases as the object becomes closer to your vehicle. They work similar to parking sensors and some premium options can link into the speakers of the car.

OEM Design

When installing aftermarket items to your car, you will want it to fit in with the OEM look and feel. Most blind spot detection kits include sensors and visual warnings that replicate those found in high-end vehicles to best suit your design requirements.

Installation of the System

An aftermarket blind spot detection system is designed to be universal for most passenger vehicles. As long as the vehicle doesn’t exceed the lengths of the wires, it will mostly be compatible and easily installed by a professional.

If you know what you are doing or confident with wiring and removing bumpers, installation may only take 2 to 3 hours for most systems.

Securely mounting the radar sensor is the most complex part of the installation. Some manufacturers may require you to drill into the bumpers whereas others hide behind the bumper, which means you will need to remove it. It’s important to note that some systems may not work with metal bumpers.


Improving your safety on the road is always advised and a blind spot detection system is one of the best methods. Due to technological advances, they have become far better than they once were and the aftermarket alternatives are relatively affordable.

All of the recommendations within this article are produced by reputable brands and are suitable for most budgets. We advise that you have a professional fitter install the system because it can be fairly difficult if you are not confident removing or drilling into bumpers.

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