best modifications to increase performance

6 Best Ways To Increase Car Performance 2019

Increasing your cars performance is an urge that many car enthusiasts will get after owning a car for a long period. The list of modifications that you can do to your car are endless and thanks to online shopping, they can be delivered to your door next day. Factors such as engine size, turbo, gasoline […]

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egr valve lots of smoke

EGR Valve Problems, Symptoms and Repairs

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (often called EGR) is present in the majority of cars post 1990’s. The purpose of an EGR is to reduce the Nitrogen Oxide by passing some of the exhaust gasses back into the engine from the exhaust manifold. EGR valves are more commonly found in diesel engines these days and […]

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car crash what to do after

What To Do After A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be very scary. In most cases, the accident happens suddenly, and you don’t even see it coming. There are many people who don’t know what to do after a car accident. The more you understand about the necessary steps to take after, the better the outcome will be. Every […]

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burnout in an automatic car rwd

How to do a Burnout in an Automatic Car?

A car burnout is an addictive act in a car that should only be performed within a safe location. Not only is a burnout illegal but it can also go horribly wrong and end up injurying passengers, spectators or yourself. A burnout is much easier to achieve in an automatic as opposed to a manual car […]

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fault finding car audio

Common Car Audio Problems

There is nothing more irritating whilst driving your car than car audio problems. You may be travelling on some country roads or stuck in traffic and all of a sudden the music will stop. I personally find one speaker broken on the other side of the car the most infuriating. Car audio problems are usually […]

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blue black white grey exhaust smoke from car

White or Black Smoke from Exhaust Problems

Exhaust smoke is a way of your car communicating with you to say what is wrong. Usually, the smoke that get emitted is black, white, grey and blue. The exhaust gases is an old school way to detect symptoms of problems i.e. large amounts of black smoke may mean the EGR is blocked and its […]

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find best car hire companies

Rental Hire Car Scams to Watch Out For

Hiring a rental car to travel during your vacation is the best way to explore the destination. However, you must beware of the tricks that many rental car companies do to take more of your money. You should always use reliable, well known and cheap car hire companies. Using a rental car abroad can be […]

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foggy headlights removed using toothpaste

How to Clean Hazy Headlights in Minutes

Foggy or hazy headlights can make cars look neglected and reduce the value of the car. For those that are worse effected, it can even cause you to fail your inspection due to safety concerns. Some people think that because a headlight has become foggy/yellow, they need to buy a new headlight lens. However, this […]

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best car washing technique to avoid swirl marks

Best Way to Wash a Car Without Scratching It

Taking your vehicle for a car wash may seem a good way of keeping your car nice and clean but actually it could be causing damage. Every car owner likes to drive a clean car but they don’t wash their cars themselves. Leaving someone else to do the wash could leave your paintwork in trouble […]

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tinted windows auto

How To Tint Your Car Windows Yourself

Car window tinting is an excellent way to add value to your car and provides many benefits. UV Ray protection is a big positive for tinted car windows as its blocks harmful sunshine from people inside the car as well as the cars interiors that can keep them looking new. Along with blocking UV Rays, the […]

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