Garage Door Opener

The Best Garage Door Opener 2019

Upgrading to a modern garage door opener will save the hassle of jumping in and out of the car to open and close the door. The latest version include features such as WiFi smart remotes, powerful motors and additional safety. The best garage door opener is the Chamberlain WD962KEV that has an impressive features list that […]

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best antifreeze for cars

5 Best Engine Coolant and Antifreeze 2019

An engine without any water or antifreeze will overheat fast and further damage will occur if it continues to overheat. You can expect gasket and seals to give way and fluids will leak out resulting in other engine components to break down. The best engine coolant is the Concerntrated Zerex G-05 Antifreeze that has a […]

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best windshield washer fluid

The Best Windshield Washer Fluid 2019

Using a proper windshield washer fluid instead of just water will make a huge difference to how your windshield is cleared. Many drivers believe that fluid doesn’t effect the cleaning but this is simply not true. The best windscreen washer is a tablet with the 303 (230371) Instant Windshield Washer that turns 1 gallon of water […]

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best windshield cover for winter

The Best Windshield Cover 2019

Spending 10 minutes or more scraping ice from your windshield or spraying deicer everywhere is not a great way to start your day. A simple windshield cover for the winter will save you all this hassle and prevent any damage to your wiper blades. The best windshield cover is the FrostGuard Premium Winter Cover that has […]

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best oil pans for catching oil

The Best Oil Drain Pan 2019

When servicing your car, you change your engine oil, which requires removing the sump plug and letting the oil drip from the engine to an oil drain pan. The best oil drain pan is the Lumax LX-1632 Drainmaster with its 8 inch opening and screw up cap that uses an o-ring seal to prevent any spillages. Without […]

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best car mats for dirty shoes

5 Best Heavy Duty Car Mats 2019

Dirty shoes and the mess that comes with them can make OEM car mats smell bad and hard to clean. A more heavy duty car mat can withstand much more punishment and will not hold onto bad odors due to the material. The best heavy duty car mats are the Armor All 78840ZN that provide all […]

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best carport canopy for outdoors

The Best Portable Carport 2019

A portable garage canopy is often referred to as a carport that shelters your car from bad weather. Not every car owner will have their own garage but a heavy duty carport can be just as good with the advantage of being portable. The best carport canopy is the Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty […]

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Best Home Breathalyzers

5 Best Breathalyzers For Testing Alcohol Level

A home breathalyzer for personal use is technology every driver should own, especially if they enjoy a drink or two the night before. At no point whatsoever you should drive your car whilst intoxicated. The best personal breathalyzer is the BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer that includes a police grade level of accuracy and many features. There […]

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signs of worn engine mounts

Signs Of Worn Engine Mounts

The purpose of engine mounts are to secure the engine to the chassis. They also reduce the vibrations and movement of the engine within the vehicle and when there is an issue with them, the symptoms are pretty clear to the driver. They are usually made up of metal, rubber and oil, which come in […]

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problems with master cylinder and symptoms

Master Cylinder Problems, Symptoms and Fixes

In the braking system of your car, the master cylinder is a hydraulic pump that pressurizes the brake fluid through the brake lines and then to the brake calipers. It is operated by the foot brake as you would expect and requires an adequate level of brake fluid to be forced to the brakes. The […]

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