best carport canopy for outdoors

The Best Portable Carport 2019

A portable garage canopy is often referred to as a carport that shelters your car from bad weather. Not every car owner will have their own garage but a heavy duty carport can be just as good with the advantage of being portable. The best carport canopy is the Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty […]

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Best Home Breathalyzers

5 Best Breathalyzers For Testing Alcohol Level

A home breathalyzer for personal use is technology every driver should own, especially if they enjoy a drink or two the night before. At no point whatsoever you should drive your car whilst intoxicated. The best personal breathalyzer is the BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer that includes a police grade level of accuracy and many features. There […]

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signs of worn engine mounts

Signs Of Worn Engine Mounts

The purpose of engine mounts are to secure the engine to the chassis. They also reduce the vibrations and movement of the engine within the vehicle and when there is an issue with them, the symptoms are pretty clear to the driver. They are usually made up of metal, rubber and oil, which come in […]

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problems with master cylinder and symptoms

Master Cylinder Problems, Symptoms and Fixes

In the braking system of your car, the master cylinder is a hydraulic pump that pressurizes the brake fluid through the brake lines and then to the brake calipers. It is operated by the foot brake as you would expect and requires an adequate level of brake fluid to be forced to the brakes. The […]

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best gps satellite navigations

5 Best Sat Nav GPS Navigators 2019

Satellite navigation is essential for a stress free car journey and there are plenty of sat navs to choose from. However, in the last couple of years smartphones have been causing the decrease in sales of the GPS Sat Nav systems. You will want to find the best portable car sat nav that is is reliable […]

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what is the point in AdBlue

What Is AdBlue?

AdBlue is the latest emission reducing chemical used in diesel cars. It comes in the form of a non toxic liquid that is colorless in appearance and made through a combination of water and urea. Car manufacturers are under extreme pressure to reduce harmful emissions and AdBlue is the latest savior. Production of new diesel […]

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what to look out for when buying a classic car

Classic Car Buying Guide

Buying a classic car is usually more than just a new car but also an investment. The right classic car is better than money in the bank and will appreciate in value continuously. As with wine, they will get better and better with age. Of course, not every car will become a classic but at […]

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smell of rubber in cabin of car

Why Does My Car Smell Like Burning Rubber?

The smell of rubber is not the most pleasant of smells entering your cabin. The most common question is what causes the burning rubber smell in the car? If you have just performed a well executed burnout, the smell of burning rubber will remain for a few days after. This is because it can become […]

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why wont my car start

Causes And Fixes Of A Car Not Starting

There is nothing worse than your car not starting whatsoever. If its turning over but not firing or you turn the ignition and nothing happens, you will more than likely end up on this article for a quick fix. There is a solution to every car related problem and its always better you fix it […]

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DIY Wheel Refurb

How To Refurbish Your Wheels Yourself

Refurbishing your wheels can be fairly expensive if you request a professional to do the job. You can pay anywhere from $100 to $200 per wheel and if you have a diamond cut alloy, it will require a professional machine to cut the alloy. The easiest method to refurb your wheels yourself is to powder […]

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