car shock absorbers

5 Best Shock Absorbers 2019

The purpose of shock absorbers is to dampen the ride of your vehicle when driving and when they are not fully functioning, the ride if very harsh. Upgrading to a new set of shock absorbers can increase your ride comfort significantly. The best shock absorbers are the Bilstein Shock Absorbers 5100 Series that provide optimal performance […]

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law on radar detectors

Radar Detector Laws By State

Radar detectors are an electronic device which is used to detect the emissions of a police radar. In this case, it is usually the frequency of the type of radar being detected. This is made more efficient and effective by the use of superheterodyne receiver that has a local oscillator which radiates slightly regarding movement. […]

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best driving sunglasses

5 Best Driving Sunglasses 2019

Little do people know, many sunglasses for driving are not suitable as they may not allow enough light to enter the eyes. The AA recommend that there should be between 18 to 43% of light transmission in order to be safe driving. The best sunglasses for driving are the Maui Jim Mens Peahi Sunglasses that […]

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jamming a laser gun

Laser Jammers – Explained

Unlike a radar jammer and scrambler, not every state make the use of laser jamming illegal. This means many drivers are still using these electronic gadgets to avoid getting speeding tickets when police use their LIDAR technology. Using a radar detector you are able to detect the laser gun but not as early as radar transmission. This […]

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radar jammer laws

Radar Jammer and Radar Scrambler – Explained

Some drivers that love speed and want to take things to the next step with a radar jammer or scrambler may find themselves in very deep trouble. They are pretty much illegal everywhere and the fines can be huge. Investing into the best radar detector for the money is a much better option than risking […]

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Police Laser Gun

Police Laser Speed Gun Complete Guide

The police laser gun is referred to as the Police Lidar, which is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. In short, when the police officer triggers the laser, it emits a highly focused infrared beam that is very accurate. So accurate that it can determine your vehicles speed to the 10th of a MPH. […]

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how does a police radar work

Police Radar Complete Guide

The police radar is not the same as a police laser as it transmits radio waves at a fixed frequency. It measures the speed by measuring the “doppler shift” of the returning transmitted frequency. The doppler shift is the minute shift in the frequency of the radar compared to the original radar beam. There are […]

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roof rack

5 Best Roof Rack Cross Bars 2019

Installing a roof rack to your car enables you to spread your luggage without the need of cramming it all in the back. There is a whole range of styles available to fit cars, large SUV’s and trucks, which can be installed and removed in minutes. The best roof rack is the Thule Aeroblade, which disturbs […]

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car hud

The Best Heads Up Display For Cars 2019

Heads up displays is more commonly referred to as a Car HUD and work by connecting with your cars OBD port to retrieve real time data. The data can be in the form of your current speed, temperature, battery voltage and much more. The best car HUD is the Autolover A8 Heads Up Display, which […]

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roof rack for bicycles

5 Best Roof Mounted Bike Racks 2019

Placing a roof bike rack on top of your vehicle allows you to safely transport your bikes and is compatible with all cars that have roof racks installed. Compared to alternatives, roof racks have no visibility or truck access issues. The best roof bike rack is the Yakima Frontloader, which comes fully assembled from the […]

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