causes of overheating car

Why Does My Car Overheat In Traffic?

Car overheating is usually caused by hot weather whilst other vehicle components are failing. If the vehicle is overheating in “average” weather, you will have a problem with the cars cooling system that will need to be investigated. However, the vehicles thermostat could be broken causing abnormal readings. Clearly, you cannot remove this part on […]

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car jerking when pressing gas pedal

Why Does My Car Jerk When Accelerating

A car that jerks or is hesitant upon acceleration is more than likely having issues with combustion from within the engine. In short, the reason a car will jerk under acceleration is due to: Blocked Catalyst Faulty Spark Plugs Defective Acceleration Cable Dirty Fuel Injectors,¬†Filter or Hoses Poor Electrical Voltage Engine Tuning Flat Spot To […]

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lowering your car best method

5 Best Ways To Lower Your Car 2019

Lowering your car is a common modification with a range of benefits and of course drawbacks. Car owners lower their vehicles for cosmetic or performance gain and there are several methods to lowering your car. The 5 methods of lowering your car are: Lowering Springs Coilovers Cut Springs Air Suspension ECU modification These will be […]

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fender inner lip for wider wheels

Replica Wheels v Genuine OEM Wheels

The difference between replica alloys and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are that replica aftermarket rims are made by an independent manufacturer. Whereas OEM wheels are made by the car manufacturer and are the exact specification to the vehicle. Often replica rims are made to fit several vehicles i.e. Mercedes and Ford. The main reason car […]

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restoring horsepower to an old car

How To Get Power Back In My Engine

It is estimated that each year, your car will lose 1 brake horsepower and for this reason, older cars feel much slower that they should. Along with a loss of power to the engine, older cars also suffer from poor fuel economy and emissions. However, the approximation of 1 BHP loss per year would only […]

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stop start technology engine wear

Does Stop Start Technology Make A Difference

A cars Stop Start System is installed on most modern cars from 2010 where it switches the engine off whilst the car is stationary. The purpose of the stop start system is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. To return to normal driving, the driver will need to release the brake or engage the clutch […]

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wrong fuel in car

What Happens If You Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car?

There is nothing more annoying and embarrassing than putting the wrong fuel in your car. Most of the time, after you have put the wrong fuel in your car, it will start and maybe move a few meters before the symptoms kick in. Even though the fuel pumps are clearly labelled and color code as […]

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benefits of using nitrogen in your tires

Benefits of Using Nitrogen in Your Tires

To the average car owner, the only way of pumping your tires up would be compressed air. However, nitrogen is becoming a popular method of pumping up your tires and has been used in Formula 1 for years. In short, the main two reason for using nitrogen instead of compressed air is for added performance […]

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used cooking oil to power a car

Vegetable or Used Cooking Oil in a Diesel Car

Driving a car on vegetable oil can be used to run a diesel car just as well as regular diesel fuel. You can even use used cooking oil, the left overs that gets left at the bottom of deep fat fryer. All that is needed to convert the used cooking oil to fuel is filtering. […]

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plastidip your car kit

Best Plasti Dip Kit For Your Car 2019

A relatively new method of changing the color of your car is by using a substance called “Plasti Dip”. But What is Plasti Dip? In short, Plasti Dip is a removable spray paint that is air dry, specialty rubber coating that can be used in a range of applications. The most common use of Plasti […]

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