how to prevent jackknifing

How To Avoid Jackknifing

Jackknifing is where the trailer spins out of control behind the towing vehicle and causes the vehicle to skid. The severity of a jackknife can begin very minor and can be stopped fairly easily but it can quickly turn nasty if not corrected. Many people that are new to towing and have just had a […]

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rated 5th wheel hitch

5 Best Fifth Wheel Hitches 2018

The fifth wheel hitch is commonly used on trucks in the USA and is used to tow heavy trailers and a range of other cargos. 5th wheel hitches are installed on the bed of the truck and the trailer hitch extends over the rear bumper, which distributes the weight between the cab of the truck and […]

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top rated coaxial door speakers

8 Best Car Audio Speakers 2018

If you want better sound quality and more bass at a loud volume, you will need to upgrade your car speakers. There are a range of custom speaker setups but straight OEM upgrades such as 6.5 speakers are an easy modification. The best car speakers are the JL Audio C5-653 Evolution C5 3-Way that provide the […]

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