Soap For Foam Cannon

The Best Soap For Foam Cannon 2019

Dedicated soap for foam cannons is an essential if you want to produce thick suds that effectively remove dirt and debris. If you were to dilute a regular car wash soap formula within your foam cannon, the foaming abilities may be poor. The best soap for a foam cannon is Chemical Guys Snow Foam Soap, […]

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Diesel Fuel Additive

The Best Diesel Fuel Additive 2019

Using a diesel fuel additive within your vehicles fuel will provide an array of benefits. These include additional performance, efficient operation, improved longevity of your diesel injection system and less emissions. The best diesel fuel additive is the Stanadyne Performance Formula, which is suitable for all seasons and tackles virtually any diesel related issue. Since […]

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Best Cold Air Intake

The Best Cold Air Intake 2019

Replacing your air filter with a performance cold air intake system will allow for more air to enter the combustion chamber for additional performance. These gains come in the form of additional power, torque and fuel economy. The best cold air intake is the K&N Performance Kit, which is designed to improve throttle response and […]

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Car Glaze

The Best Car Glaze 2019

Car glaze is the product of choice for many detailers that want to quickly hide imperfection by filling them in or to enhance the gloss of their paintwork. They are designed to be used before wax or a car paint sealant for a long lasting finish. The best car glaze is the Chemical Guys Glossworkz […]

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car air freshener

The Best Car Air Freshener 2019

There is a wide variety of car air freshener products available but finding one that actually works can be difficult. Whether you need to eliminate bad odors or simply want a pleasant scent inside your car, our recommendations should help you decide. The best car air freshener is the Febreze Car Vent-Clip, which eliminates odors […]

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Octane Booster

The Best Octane Booster 2019

Using an octane booster within your fuel system will improve the quality of the fuel, which will result in better performance. Some engines respond differently to these additives but if you do not have access to quality fuel, then they are the best option. The best octane booster is the Lucas Oil 10026, which promises […]

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Aluminum Wheel Polish

The Best Aluminum Polish 2019

Using an aluminum polish will clean away tough dirt, tarnish and oxidation with a single application. Most can be rubbed into the metal surface by hand but also by using a polishing tool for a more thorough job. The best aluminum polish is the Mothers Mag and Aluminum, which is strong enough to restore even […]

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chrome polish

The Best Chrome Polish 2019

Using a chrome polish can completely transform the finish of the chrome by restoring lost shine and cleaning the surface. Chrome is found on a lot of classic cars but many modern vehicles use the material on trim, exhausts and wheels. The best chrome polish is the¬†Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish that not only removes […]

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wheel locks

The Best Trailer Wheel Lock 2019

Using a quality wheel clamp as opposed to locking lugs nuts will further prevent theft of your trailer or vehicle. They are much larger and this makes them harder to remove as well as being a better visual deterrent to potential criminals. The best trailer wheel lock is the Heavy Duty Coocher Clamp, which is […]

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Locking Lug Nuts

The Best Wheel Locks 2019

Using wheel locks is by far the most convenient method of securing your wheels from criminals. Unlike wheel clamps, they do not require you to install and remove them each time you drive your car as they function as a normal lug nut. The best wheel locks are the Gorilla 61631 Acorn Guard Locks, which […]

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