Fender Roller

How To Roll Fenders

Whether you have lowered your car or fitted bigger wheels, the potential to catch your wheel on the arch will increase. Not only can this cause damage to your tires but it will also damage the wheel arch in the form of bending the inner fender or worse. If you fall within this category of […]

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Car Amplifier

The Best Car Amplifier 2019

For those that are serious about their car audio, installing a car amplifier will provide better performance with regards to additional power and improved sound quality. The more powerful your car speakers are, the more powerful amp you require. The best car amplifier is the JL Audio JX1000/1D, which has 1000 watts RMS and variable bass […]

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Car Tinted Windows

The Best Car Window Tint 2019

Tinted windows are an easy modification that you can do on almost any car. The window tint film is available as a specified pre-cut or a complete roll, which you can apply to your car windows and even the headlights or brake lights. The best window tint is the Lexen Computer Pre Cut Complete Kit, […]

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Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

The Best Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit 2019

Driving whilst using your phone is frowned upon and illegal in the majority of places around the world. Installing a Bluetooth handfree car kit will help overcome this issue and ensure you can keep your eyes on the road. The best Bluetooth handsfree car kit is the Parrot CK3100, which comes with an intuitive design […]

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Car Fire Extinguisher

The Best Car Fire Extinguisher 2019

Whether you drive your car hard on the track or simply want to be on the safe side, storing a car fire extinguisher is highly recommended. Cars can catch fire for a variety of reason and without a fire extinguisher to hand, it can destroy the car too. The best car fire extinguisher is the H3R […]

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tire shine

The Best Tire Shine 2019

Tire shine is the holy grail to people that love their detailing. The purpose is to give tires the wet look that makes the rim and tire look far more attractive. It takes less than a minute per wheel to apply and makes a huge difference. The best tire shine is the Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire […]

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best car dashcam for windscreen

The Best Dash Cam 2019

Mounting a dash cam inside your car is one of the best ways to protect yourself in the event of an accident. When it comes to claiming on your insurance, you will want to ensure that there are no issues with who is at fault of the accident. The best dash cam is the Vantrue […]

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best speed camera detection devices

The Best Radar Detectors 2019

Cars have become more powerful than ever and as a result, it is common to find drivers having the desire to speed especially on a straight road.  This is where a radar detector comes in useful as they detect speed radar guns and speed cameras. The best radar detector is the Escort Passport 9500IX, which provides long distance […]

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portable car battery charger

The Best Car Battery Charger 2019

Investing into a modern car battery charger will ensure you are able to keep your battery topped up whilst the car is not in use. These days, many have different modes such as maintenance or conventional charging and an engine start function. The best car battery charger is the NOCO Genius G3500, which can be […]

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Headlight Restoration Kit

The Best Headlight Restoration Kit 2019

Overtime, your headlights may become cloudy or discolored and this is due to the UV rays from the sun. If the damage is only to the outside of the lens, you will be able to use a headlight restoration kit to remove the defects caused from the UV light. The best headlight restoration kit is […]

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