tire pressure gauge

The Best Tire Pressure Gauge 2019

Correct tire pressures are critical for safety as well as performance whilst driving your vehicle. Unlike most car tire inflators, using a tire pressure gauge is far more accurate and able to withstand a far greater PSI The best tire pressure gauge is the Rhino USA Heavy Duty Analog Gauge, which is built to last with […]

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RC Cars

The Best RC Cars 2019

Whether you are buying a remote control car for adults or kids, they are a device that is certain to bring hours of fun. RC Cars have improved massively over the years with some designed for speed, drifting and even rock crawling. The best remote control car is the Traxx Mustang GT RC Car that […]

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truck tent

The Best Truck Bed Tent 2019

Camping is great fun but the bugs and debris that come with it can make the experience less pleasant. However, using a truck bed tent will lift you off the ground and is far easier to install compared with the alternative rooftop tent. The best truck tent is the Kodiak Canvas Tent, which is a tunnel […]

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clay bar kit

The Best Clay Bar Kits 2019

Using a clay bar will remove any bonded contaminants on your paintwork that cannot be seen by the human eye. The average car wash soap will not be able to remove these defects and this is where a claying your car comes very beneficial. The best clay bar is the Meguiar’s G1016 Smooth Surface Clay Kit, which comes with […]

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waterless car wash

The Best Waterless Car Wash 2019

Using a waterless car wash, which is a high lubricity spray will completely transform the way you wash your car. It speeds up the washing time and reduces the need for car wash soap and a hose pipe, which many people do not have access to. The best waterless car wash is the Adam’s Waterless […]

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car paint sealant

The Best Car Paint Sealant 2019

Using a car wax is one way to protect your paintwork but using a car sealant is an additional step that lasts much longer. They are made from polymers or acrylics that bond to your cars paintwork to form a rigid protective shell. The best car paint sealant is the Wolfgang WG-5500 Deep Gloss, which […]

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car windshield sun shade

The Best Windshield Sun Shade 2019

If you are unable to park your car in shade whilst the sun is beaming down, the interior will heat up and overtime the UV rays will cause damage. The damage mostly targets your dashboard and seats but it can be blocked by a windshield sun shade. The best windshield sun shade is the A1 Shades […]

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windshield wipers

The Best Wiper Blades 2019

Every vehicle on the road will have wiper blades installed in order to clear the windshield of rain or debris. As you can imagine, there is a wide variety of windshield wiper blades available that are constructed of a range of materials and designs. The best windshield wipers are the Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blades, which […]

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car roof top tent

The Best Rooftop Tent 2019

Installing a rooftop tent to your vehicle is the latest trend that is becoming very popular with a vast variety available. They simply connect to your roof rack and they can then be setup with ease with a ladder required to get access to the tent. The best roof top tent is the Tuff Stuff Ranger […]

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all terrain truck tires

The Best All Terrain Truck Tires 2019

The purpose of all terrain tires is to be the “best of both worlds” with tires that handle well both off-road and on-road. They will also perform well all year round without the need of switching to winter tires whilst driving on snow or ice. The best all terrain tires are the BFGoodrich T/A KO, which […]

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