license plate frame

The Best License Plate Frame 2019

Although the license plate design and font must be consistent upon your vehicle, the license plate frame can be as crazy as you want it to be.  They can add a touch of class to both the front and rear of your vehicle and they are simple to install. The best license plate frame is […]

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car relay crime prevention

Relay Crime: Keyless Car Entry Theft

Keyless car entry is a luxury that is found with many modern vehicles but it is a feature that is putting you at risk from relay crime. Car criminals are now using state of the art computers to hack into the cars computer/ecu, which allows them to start the vehicle and drive away in minutes. […]

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Engine Hoist

The Best Engine Hoist 2019

To remove an engine out of the car safely, you will need to use a suitable engine hoist that will make it much easier and safer. Car engines can weigh over 500 LBS and without the correct equipment, you will find it relatively hard to remove the engine. The best engine hoist is the Dragway Tools 2 […]

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The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner 2019

Fuel injector cleaner is a product that many car enthusiasts have doubts about. However as cars age, so does the efficiency of the combustion process that results in deposits forming inside the injectors and other engine components. The best fuel injector cleaner is the Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus that cleans, restores and protects the entire […]

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How To Remove Steering Wheel

How To Take Off A Steering Wheel

When it comes to removing your steering wheel, there can be many different types of complications. From having to remove the airbag to disconnecting the steering wheel from the hub adapter. All that is required is a socket set and patience. Not all steering wheels are the same as some may be aftermarket and others […]

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best socket set for diyer

The Best Socket Set For Car Maintenance 2019

Every car mechanic or beginner that would like to get into car maintenance will require a socket set. There is a range of socket sets from small or large that can come in a handy tool box or can be organized in multiple draws inside a tool chest. The best socket set is the DEWALT DWMT75049, which […]

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high quality best selling tool chest and cabinets for garage

The Best Tool Chest 2019

Investing into a quality tool chest for your garage will allow you to store and organize all your tools. They are built to be heavy duty with a thick steel construction that contains multiple drawers depending upon the size you require. The best tool chest is the WEN 77041 Chest and Cabinet Combo, which has […]

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best portable dvd player

The Best Headrest DVD Player 2019

Portable DVD players for car headrests are a great way of entertaining backseat passengers such as children. They simply connect to the rear of the front seats and have a range of power source options from batteries to 12V cigarette lighters. The best headrest DVD player is the eRapta Second Generation, which features a sleek […]

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Car Air Purifier

The Best Car Air Purifier 2019

Investing in a car air purifier will help improve the quality of the air inside your car by removing particles such as pollen, dust and dirt. Most purifiers function by sending streams of negatively charged particles to neutralize the air. The best car air purifier is the Philips GoPure Compact 200 with its three stage filtering […]

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Brake Rotors

The Best Brake Rotors 2019

The brake rotor is often referred to as a brake disc and is part of the braking system that works via friction. The brake pads are pushed onto the rotors, which causes the vehicle to slow down due to friction as the rotors are directly attached to the wheel. The best brake rotors are the […]

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