best portable dvd player

The Best Headrest DVD Player 2019

Portable DVD players for car headrests are a great way of entertaining backseat passengers such as children. They simply connect to the rear of the front seats and have a range of power source options from batteries to 12V cigarette lighters. The best headrest DVD player is the eRapta Second Generation, which features a sleek […]

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Car Air Purifier

The Best Car Air Purifier 2019

Investing in a car air purifier will help improve the quality of the air inside your car by removing particles such as pollen, dust and dirt. Most purifiers function by sending streams of negatively charged particles to neutralize the air. The best car air purifier is the Philips GoPure Compact 200 with its three stage filtering […]

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Brake Rotors

The Best Brake Rotors 2019

The brake rotor is often referred to as a brake disc and is part of the braking system that works via friction. The brake pads are pushed onto the rotors, which causes the vehicle to slow down due to friction as the rotors are directly attached to the wheel. The best brake rotors are the […]

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Radiator Stop Leak

The Best Radiator Stop Leak 2019

When the radiator in your car begins to malfunction, you may find yourself having issues with your car overheating. If engine coolant is pouring out from the radiator, you can temporarily stop the leak by using a radiator stop leak solution. The best radiator stop leak is the K-Seal ST5501, which mixes with all antifreeze […]

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LED Headlight Bulbs

The Best LED Headlight Bulbs 2019

Benefits of using LED headlight bulbs over halogen headlight bulbs include a long lifespan, desirable white light output and they use less power. Therefore, many car owners are using a conversion kit with adapters so they can use them. The best LED headlight bulbs are the LASFIT LED Conversion Kit, which provide a 6,000K white light output […]

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Oil Filter Wrench

The Best Oil Filter Wrench 2019

When you perform an oil change on your vehicle, its advised to replace your oil filter as the same time. Although small, the filter will require a oil filter wrench in order to loosen the filter and tighten the replacement back on. The best oil filter wrench is the Crafstman Auto-Adjustable, which is universal and […]

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Oil Filter

The Best Oil Filter 2019

The purpose of an oil filter is to remove any contaminants from the oil, which can accumulate over time as it passes through the engine. It is recommended that you change the filter each time you replace your motor oil to keep the engine clean. The best oil filter is the K&N HP-1008 Performance, which is a […]

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top gift for car enthusiast

Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers 2019

Buying Christmas gifts for car lovers can be tough as they can be expensive or something the person who is receiving the gift will not enjoy or like. Whether it is a car related Christmas present or a random gift, there are thousands of car gifts available online. If you are not a “car” person, […]

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Car Ramps

The Best Car Ramps 2019

Raising your car from the ground by a few inches can make all the difference when servicing your car. High quality car ramps can be used for oil changes or other car maintenance and is much cheaper than your conventional garage car lift. The best car ramps are the Race Ramps Car Ramp Kit, which includes […]

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Halogen vs LED vs Xenon vs HID

Differences Between Headlight Bulbs Explained

As you probably already know, not all headlight bulbs are the same as some are more powerful and produce various different colors. Another important factor is that certain bulbs will last far longer such as LED’s, which tend to last 8 to 10 times longer than halogen bulbs. Below we have put together a table […]

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