how to fix car vaccum leak

Car Vacuum Leaks Symptoms and Fixes

A vacuum leak in a car is a simple fix but the hardest part is locating where the leak is occurring. All it takes is the smallest of splits within the vacuum hose to causes issues with your cars functionality. The performance of your car can suffer from a vacuum leak with the fuel economy, […]

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debadge a car without damaging paintwork

How To Debadge A Car Without Damaging Paint

Debadging a car is the act of removing manufacturer’s emblems, model lettering/numbers and other objects on the paintwork. To debadge a car requires minimal effort and no professional tools. The reasons for debadging a car is usually for the “clean” look but also you may be removing badges that previous owners may have put on the […]

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can you fix a broken clutch

How To Tell If You Need A New Clutch

Clutch problems in a manual transmission cars are usually expensive to repair and require a professional mechanic. Determining when your clutch is going to give up on you is hard to judge and when it does break, it will leave you without any drive. It is possible that you have a problem with your clutch […]

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causes of overheating car

Why Does My Car Overheat In Traffic?

Car overheating is usually caused by hot weather whilst other vehicle components are failing. If the vehicle is overheating in “average” weather, you will have a problem with the cars cooling system that will need to be investigated. However, the vehicles thermostat could be broken causing abnormal readings. Clearly, you cannot remove this part on […]

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